Post-Modern Planet: How Covid-19 Functions As Disguised Method Of Communist Control

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“Power is in tearing human minds to pieces and putting them together again in new shapes of your own choosing.”

— George Orwell

Within this statement, visionary thinker and author of 1984 tells the story of the seduction of Canadian society, 2015-2020.

In order to best internalize this philosophy, it helps to understand the meaning of the word “subterfuge.”  As in “sub”— to substitute a primary goal with a secondary element. No surprise–this form of propaganda is rooted in the communist theories of Marxism.

In terms of specifics, CAP believe this is exactly what is occurring within present-day society. Consider what CBC neglects to piece together: China is both the source–and solution for the worldwide pandemic.

An oddity of sorts? Not for establishment media in Canada. Speaking of such, common sense Canucks may be picking up on media obfuscation regarding this form of biological aggression:

Justin Trudeau is so very dedicated to having as many human beings in Canada–as well as who he truly cares about– the rest of the world– shot up with the CoronaSolution.

More That Media Never Publish:

What are the actual contents of the “remedy?” Witness as not a single sentence exists within any form of media output that mentions one simple fact:

The manufacturers can add any illicit element to the vaccine they choose. A solution manufactured in communist China— Justin Trudeau and Liberal Health Minister Patty Hadju believe their is no need to question China in terms of what may be included in their “magic elixir.”

Think about it– government, CBC, McGill University, CTV, Dalhousie University, Toronto City Council, National Council of Canadian Muslims, Globe & Mail, Chinese Benevolent Association of British Columbia. 

Not one institution of this variety has even once questioned this most sketchy situation. For CAP, is seems that China is in full control here. Here is what Health Minister Hadju has to say about the matter:

“Canadian Health Minister Patty Hadju says the federal government has no reason to believe the Chinese government is hiding the full extent of novel coronavirus infections and deaths in that country.”

CAP Salient Question Time: By way of Liberal Cabinet Member Patty Hadju, which entity is more trustworthy?

A) Communist China.

B) Snow White of the Seven Dwarfs community.

It’s all so absurd as CBC and corporate media in Canada work on behalf of the Trudeau family’s eternal “hero-nation.”

For CAP, Covid is an incremental step by the government of China toward global control of western nations. Therefore, Canadian patriots know the Trudeau family must be thrilled with the whole affair.

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder( 2016– ?)

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  1. From what you have described it appears that Justin is suffering from an acute perspectual Handicap, ‘He Doesn’t Know His Ass from A Hole in THE GROUND!”


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