CAP Debunk MP Michelle Rempel’s Defence Of Trudeau, World Economic Forum

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Conservative MP for Calgary-Nose Hill Michelle Rempel-Gardner has stepped out to brand a prominent news story a conspiracy theory. A video interview recently appeared on the internet during which World Economic Forum CEO Klaus Schwab delivers the following:

“What we are very proud of now is the young generation like Prime Minister [Justin] Trudeau. Yesterday I was at a reception for Trudeau and I know that half of his cabinet, or even more than half, are Young Global Leaders.”

Link to video– Schwab makes his statement at the 1:36 minute mark.

Michelle Rempel Gardner: In the last two years, a volume of conspiracy theories regarding the WEF and Klaus Schwab began to circulate on social media. They are wrong to assume that a legislator in Canada could be influenced in all matters simply by attending a conference, receiving an award, or reading a badly conceived white paper.

Colin Carrie, Conservative MP for Oshawa, believes otherwise. At the 16 second mark of this video, MP Carrie states the following:

“Klaus Schwab is the head of the World Economic Forum, and he bragged  how his subversive WEF forum has infiltrated governments around the world. He said his organization has penetrated more than half of Canada’s cabinet. In the interest of transparency, can the member please name which cabinet ministers are on board with the WEF agenda?”

The Speaker of the House then interrupts Carrie, claiming that both the audio and video have malfunctioned. He moves on to a different MP. The coincidence of a lifetime, is it? As we watch the Speaker of the House stutter and fumble around, it becomes obvious that MP Carrie’s speech was cut off intentionally.

It is apparent that the Liberal-WEF issue is a political taboo. On this basis, why is Rempel-Gardiner so convinced that an MP from her own party is barking up the wrong tree?

More From Michelle: Concerns about “The Great Reset”, the World Economic Forum, and the apparent plan to turn Canada into a communist state is one of the underlying conspiracy theories that motivated some of the protesters who participated in the truckers protest recently disbanded in Ottawa. 

Much as I do not support Justin Trudeau, I would wager a safe guess that Canadian electoral politics and personal ambition have much more impact on his policy decisions than Klaus Schwab.

Wagering a safe guess can hardly be construed as proof positive. Furthermore, why is a Conservative MP from Alberta defending Justin Trudeau? The goal is to defeat him– not excuse him.

We turn to Terence Corcoran from the National Post. In no manner does he share Ms. Rempel-Gardner’s viewpoint:

“The WEF had help in setting up their Canadian infiltration mission from Trudeau’s former chief of staff, Gerald Butts, participant in the WEF’s Davos conferences and a leading backroom organizer of the Trudeau government’s ideological gambits.”

Klaus Schwab was the first global personality to jump on the pandemic as a vehicle for the imposition of his new world order. As a result of the COVID-19 crisis, he saw major opportunity. The Trudeau government jumped at the opportunity.”

Not a speck of ambiguity flows from the pen of Terence Corcoran. While the Calgary-Nosehill MPwould wager a safe guess,”  Corcoran is entirely bullish on the theory. Rempel-Gardner is entitled to her opinion. No one is refuting her right to negate what she so flippantly refers to as a “conspiracy theory.”

Rempel-Gardner: Believing that Klaus Schwab has the ability to materially influence the Canadian government is preposterous.

Terence Corcoran: “His[Trudeau’s] reaction is an attempt to divert attention away from the failure of the WEF-shaped model he adopted. He saw COVID-19 as an opportunity for greater government intervention. Trudeau is now attacking his critics on other grounds, claiming they are racists, subversives, yahoos and Trumpian yobs funded by foreign agents.”

If degree of earnestness served as a deciding factor, Corcoran would be the victor. It doesn’t. The conundrum is not so much an issue of right versus wrong. The question is why a well respected, long-standing Alberta MP would to any extent defend Justin Trudeau. After which Ms. Rempel poses a pertinent question:

So who’s to blame that conspiracy theories and related angst are so rampant, and what’s to be done about it?

It is but one step short of unbelievable how Justin Trudeau perpetually finds an escape route from his shortcomings. Obviously, paying media to assist helps. Already we see this happening regarding the Freedom Convoy. The media are moving on. The Russia-Ukraine conflict has begun to supersede Trudeau catastrophic Emergencies Act screw-up.

As sure as you’re born, it will pass– just as SNC Lavalin, WE Charity and the Winnipeg-Wuhan controversies have before it. The result is more of the same: the pseudo-dictatorial rule of PM Trudeau continues.

Rempel-Gardner: In the video, Trudeau was quoted as suggesting the pandemic could provide for a “reset.” This was the proof point that made the theories believable for many.

Call CAP crazy, but we conclude that Trudeau’s statement is an exercise in political folly. Talk about perceiving the world through pink-coloured glasses. To extract any form of upside from the pandemic catastrophe is spurious wishful thinking. Considering that Schwab and the WEF coined the term “Great Reset,” Trudeau’s motivational source is obvious.

Curious it is to note an omission within Michelle Rempel-Gardner’s defence of Justin Trudeau and the WEF. In 2016, Rempel was herself selected as one of the World Economic Forum’s Young Global Leaders.

For what reason was this omitted from her diatribe? Curiosities abound regarding Michelle Rempel-Gardner’s polemic for the defence of Klaus Schwab and the elites from the World Economic Forum.

19 thoughts on “CAP Debunk MP Michelle Rempel’s Defence Of Trudeau, World Economic Forum”

  1. I’m not surprised that Terence Corcoran was cut off by the Speaker – his case was perhaps the first of the “technical difficulties” that the Speaker conveniently ‘had.’ In the case of the Patterson mess up, she referred to her “technical difficulties” with Patterson’s online participation as “we have technical difficulties AGAIN.”

    So it appears that any time a Senator speaks a word the Speaker does not like cutting the Senator off with claimed “technical difficulties” is the ‘grade one’ control over everything said in the Senators’ debates – just more shades of the convenient Trudeau “quarantine”.

    And I did see a video online some time ago that presented Trudeau supposedly receiving the shot. In that video the administration of whatever he was shot with was improperly administered!

  2. Great link – here’s a copy/paste from it (Wikipedia), my bold highlighting did not copy, but Canadian Notables number eight, including Senior Counsel, Supreme Court of Canada —

    Members and alumni
    Notable members and alumni of Young Global Leaders include:[9]

    Present and former politicians and civil servants:

    Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada
    Chrystia Freeland, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Canada
    Sean Fraser, Ministry of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, Canada
    François-Philippe Champagne, Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry, Canada
    Elissa Golberg, Assistant Deputy Minister for Strategic Policy, Canada
    Karina Gould, Minister of Families, Children and Social Development, Canada
    Jagmeet Singh, Leader, Canada’s New Democrats, Canada
    Renée Maria Tremblay, Senior Counsel, Supreme Court of Canada
    Emmanuel Macron, President of France
    Jacinda Ardern, Prime Minister of New Zealand
    Alexander De Croo, Prime Minister of Belgium
    Sanna Marin, Prime Minister of Finland
    Carlos Alvarado Quesada, President of Costa Rica
    Annalena Baerbock, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Germany
    Jens Spahn, former Federal Minister of Health, Germany
    Sebastian Kurz, former Chancellor of Austria
    Annika Saarikko, Minister of Finance, Finland
    Mark Boris Andrijanič, Minister of Digital Transformation, Slovenia
    Amélie de Montchalin, Minister of Public Sector Transformation and the Civil Service, France
    Lea Wermelin, Minister for Environment, Denmark
    Niki Kerameus, Minister of Education and Religious Affairs, Greece
    Irene Tinagli, Member of the European Parliament
    Karien van Gennip, Minister of Social Affairs and Employment, Netherlands
    Mamuka Bakhtadze, former Prime Minister of Georgia
    Peter Buttigieg, Secretary of Transportation, USA
    Vera Daves de Sousa, Minister of Finance, Angola
    Gila Demri Gamliel, Member of the Knesset, Israel
    Martín Guzmán, Minister of Economy, Argentina
    Kojo Oppong Nkrumah, Minister of Information, Ghana
    Leo Varadkar, Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment, Ireland
    Zhu Xiaoxuan, Deputy Director, China Science and Technology Exchange Center, Ministry of Science and Technology, People’s Republic of China
    Haakon, Crown Prince of Norway

  3. Wow, awesome hit the nail on the coffin, excellent article Brad.

    So I was being sent disturbing news thru contacts that Pierre Poilievre was also a student, I debunked because I don’t think so , until more came. I sent Pierre an email asking him directly, yes or no, because if this is no you need to nip it in the butt, yes Michelle Rempel-Gardner the ministry of health, never once did she question the PCR Test, the flip flop on masks, never fought the lockdowns I watched her, shame, but she needs to go.

    I picked a good senator that gave a powerful speech that gave hope to Canadians, I sent him asking how do we get rid of these agents in our parliament. So the letters are working all of you keep writing them, they are working. We need to stop all mandates. We especially have to stop all gene therapy jabs especially these boosters and children is beyond disgusting.

    • I sent a message about all this to all the senators 1 senator emailed me back told me I needed a doctor that I was mentally sick. Another one was more helpful but after all his comments didn’t believe me either. I think there are a few good ones in there but most of them need to go. I did find Michelle’s father or uncle in the wef website under archives back years ago and he was part of the government then.

  4. Interesting. This is the woman who publicly apologized for her privilege; heterosexuality, and whiteness. “Calgary Nose Hill MP Michelle Rempel-Garner has profusely apologized for being privileged and white. “Yes. I humble myself and ask forgiveness, and seek to make things right,” she stated in a June 8 Tweet.

    “I have privilege; I am cis/straight/white. But I am also a woman who works in a system dominated by white maleness. But no excuses. I will do what I can. That is all I can do, but it is much.” Source: Feigning ignorance about Schwab/WEF, and defending Trudeau–Just a small step for Rumple. (sic.) I suspect she’s a Con in name only. A latent Trudeau style Globalist. Better she resigns, and joins her oil executive hubby in the USA. She’s been in federal politic$ long enough to have her long term financial reward. A gold pension for starters.

  5. Jag meet Singh he’s the one some people actually trusted,calls himself a People’s party.Maybe Justin will still let you polish his shoes and cool him with big palm leaves in the summer.Jag what you don’t want to meet Singh anymore.I don’t blame you.

  6. The warning message was on the wall quite clearly ages ago – prior to the last election, of which there REMAIN thousands of votes uncounted today – now I ask you, was Trudeau really elected?

    And since even that time Trudeau has put up even clearer warning – take a look at HOW fast he turned on his previously praised ‘heros,’ the truckers. Do you think Trudeau has one ounce of respect for anyone who cast a vote for him in his snap-election. Do you believe that Trudeau ever intends to call a real election?

    And the crowning warning on the wall is the fact that Trudeau very clearly and easily breaks the law with impunity – his vaccine mandates were ILLEGAL before he enacted them. But don’t expect the Supreme Court of Canada to uphold the law against Trudeau, with its Senior Counsel, Renée Maria Tremblay in the membership of the WEF beside Trudeau and many other ‘rulers’ in his dictatorship. These warnings from them show clear enough that they are not doing anything good for the citizens – they are in it for themselves. And the very second you decide to claim your rights under the law, if you have identified yourself electronically, they intend to hunt you down and grab your bank accounts, your ‘truck’ and all your property under a government CREATED ’emergency.’

    And for any reader who even likes the Bible these days, this lawlessness at the top of the globe was predicted in it well over 2000 years ago – the question is how did its author know these crooks so long ago? For the time you are here on earth, the obvious message in it is to ready yourself because that lawlessness is not peaked out yet. How you does anyone ready himself you might ask, the answer in the Bible is for you to trust the REAL ruler of this whole universe to protect you from the lawless until you go HOME. You have the favor and promises of the absolute top ruler who has gifted you with everything you have here and now – THAT means that Trudeau and his ilk are not stealing YOUR property, they are stealing HIS property. And for their crimes against humanity (GOD”S property), they will be judged by HIM in HIS court – I for one would not like to have Trudeau’s ‘shoes’.

  7. I am not supposed to discuss military secrets outside of the military, but when Trudeau breaks the law, I rest my case before it even gets to court.

    When I joined the Canadian military, first lesson in bot camp was, “Bull Shit baffles brains.” Next lesson was B.S., followed by more B.S. And then more B.S. I soon found myself target for expecting honesty from my superiors – they ‘punished’ me for fabricated cause with orders to go out on the parade square and full march around its perimeter until told otherwise. The weather was sunny and quite warm, but I love such weather, actually look forward to it every year. The ones trying to baffle my brains with B.S. Miscalculated – while I was alone full marching in the sunshine, the rest of the recruits were stuck indoors getting their brains baffled all day long – my superiors who thought I was being ‘punished’ failed to realize that punishment must be considered punishment by the punished.

    I still watch the Canadian government ‘punishing’ their voters, but I am no longer young and vulnerable to any of their ‘punishment,’ I never was their victim – THEY offered me a release every single night during boot camp – literally toured the barracks yelling, “Who wants a release?” No doubt that was ‘reverse psychology’ B.S. designed to humiliate and further baffle young brains. Some of the recruits with as yet unbaffled brains got free train transportation to anywhere in Canada – but had to sit in “Dispatch” daily until the “Release” went through processing. And from “Dispatch” we were loaded on trucks to go off base (while all other recruits were still “Confined to Base” week after week). I thoroughly ENJOYED base camp in spite of discovering wholesale dishonesty practiced in high offices.

    So what do Canadians expect from the HEAD of the Canadian military – huh? But I have to say that the Trudeau government has been unique it the efforts of government to baffle citizen brains with Trudeau’s B.S. on such a wide scale.

    Have they succeeded in baffling your brain yet? They seem to have baffled the government-funded media quite well, as long as one forgets those ‘reporters’ get their paycheck from Canadian tax-payers historically. The peaceful Truckers’ Convoy which got rid of ONE swastika and ONE confederate flag very early in the convoy, suggests that Trudeau’s B.S. failed to baffle most brains in Canada AND around the world, but then he is obviously incompetent to be a prime minister, as is very obvious in his string of B.S. against patriotic Canadian citizens.

    • Why can’t the military arrest him and conduct a military tribunal? There could be any number of serious charges. Votes of non-confidence aren’t working and we dont seem to have any other avenues to get rid if him.

    • Remple Garner…must be cut loose…C.P.C. can not have her in their ranks. She must be charge for treason against OUR country. What a disgusting sell out..all the actions of a true political imbecile…Canadians did not vote to have our country taken over by globalists…Fascists/Communists.

  8. We are absolutely screwed! If Canada doesn’t wake up the this blatant defense and to others non commital ,nonresponsive attides,we are done! Maybe not this week but certainly by 2030. We have one chance only to begin to turn this around and a generation of hard work ahead of us. PERIOD!

  9. That’s too bad. I liked her and knew about her WEF involvement some time ago. Things seemed OK but her denying the great Reset as conspiracy theory, and sticking up for trudeau – she has let her mask slip! Her WEF involvement is a big stain on her resume!


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