Canadians Want Pierre Poilievre And That’s Why Jean Charest Will Win

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In a society branded “post-modern” by government, unprecedented circumstances in politics become the norm. In Justin Trudeau’s Canada, transformation of media epitomizes  such a development.

The scenario has reached a point in which election winners can be predicted based on the degree to which media support their candidacy. Nowhere is this more prevalent than in federal politics. So much so that the trend has become an election barometer– particularly as applied to Canada’s Conservative Party.

Candidates perpetually bashed by the CBC, Globe & Mail and Toronto Star lose elections. Stephen Harper in his final term, Andrew Scheer, Erin O’Toole. Once media slings and arrows of discontent have been unfurled, there is slim hope for success. These arrows should be well-known to the general public. Accusations of racism, “Islamophobia” and bigotry lead the pecking order. Backed up with anti-abortion, anti-vaccine and homophobia.

Sling this mud at Conservative candidates long enough, and they transition to political dust-in-the-wind. As pundits know, a curiously long-winded campaign to select the next CPC leader is underway. It’s early in the process, so the thickest of mud-slinging has yet to arrive.

Thus far, the leading candidates are Pierre Poilievre and– back from the Le Brea tar pits–  ex-Liberal Premier of Quebec Jean Charest. Regionally, Charest is favoured among voters in BC and Quebec, while Poilievre leads in Alberta.

We uncover our first clue. Quebecers want Jean Charest. Roll out the brownie points– la belle province is epicentre of federal political power. Albertans want Pierre Poilievre. Bad news– Alberta is a nemesis of eastern-centric Laurentian Mountain elites.

More ominous signs emerge. It is on countless occasions that Canadian media refer to Mr. Poilievre as a “populist candidate.” Those who understand politics know what this means. As a rhetoric jab, the move is designed to associate Poilievre with right-winger Donald Trump.

Apart from this, criticism has thus far been media-light regarding candidate Poilievre. Keep in mind the timeline– it is early in the game. Media strategy– or more likely Liberal Party strategy– is to accelerate the hate-branding as election day gets closer.

We continue to darker signs. They arrive in the form of an ominous circumstance: establishment are not condemning Jean Charest. Where’s the slamming of the CPC candidate? What this tells us is no laughing matter. It means that former Liberal Charest is media’s choice for party leader. Therefore, it tells us that Charest is the Liberal Party’s choice. Building in intensity, this means– gasp– that Mr. Charest is the World Economic Forum’s choice.

And why wouldn’t he be? Along with Justin Trudeau and NDP Party leader Jagmeet Singh, Mr. Charest is a card-carrying WEF member. Our observations begin to crystalize. We come to understand the plot inherent in the “big picture.” All three major parties leaders are to be WEF affiliates.

Then, we have Pierre Poilievre, the “people’s choice.” Do tell, fellow patriots–which party generally wins in a battle of the Public David against the Globalist Goliath? Enough said.

We move to a key reason why the new globalist order do not want Pierre Poilievre to lead the Conservatives. It is discovered within in the world of Cryptocurrency.

“In a pitch to cryptocurrency investors, Poilievre says he wants Canada to be the blockchain capital of the world.”

“Blockchain” is security technology related to cryptocurrencies. Those thinking this to be a peripheral issue should think again. Cryptocurrency is decidedly anti-government– for  good reason. It exists outside the jurisdiction of government. Enter stage left, Justin Trudeau’s propaganda team. They will permit this on a cold day in Hades.

“Conservative leadership candidate Pierre Poilievre said Monday a government led by him would do more to normalize cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and ethereum in Canada to decentralize the economy and reduce the influence of central bankers.”

Poilievre said that, if elected prime minister, he’ll “keep crypto legal and reject a China-style crackdown.” The Chinese government has banned cryptocurrencies because Bitcoin could destabilize financial systems, as well as fuel acts of fraud.

“Canada needs less financial control for politicians and bankers and more financial freedom for the people. That includes freedom to own and use crypto, tokens, smart contracts and decentralized finance.”

In the words of songsmith Gordon Lightfoot, “so long Pierre Poilievre, it’s been good to know ya.” The general public want you– those who control Canadian society do not. In order to become prime minister, a politician must function like a “Justin Trudeau.” As a made-to-order sycophant, one must administer the will of “sugar daddy” Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum, and others elites of the global order.

The irony flows like Okanagan ice wine: it is the Liberal candidate for leader of the Conservative Party who holds the edge in achieving victory. This is, to be sure, the real post-modern Canada.

Justin Trudeau, Jagmeet Singh, Jean Charest– all three party leaders as WEF members. Open Society Foundation CEO George Soros will believe he has died and gone to heaven. Unless CAP is wrong–which will be discovered in due time.

10 thoughts on “Canadians Want Pierre Poilievre And That’s Why Jean Charest Will Win”

  1. Ai yi yi. Tales from the Crypt. Charest? May as well have a four year *Weekend at Bernies* event. Prop up a corpse for the highest office. At least dead Bernie wasn’t a washed up; Laurentian political hack.

    May as well bring back Lyin’ Brian Mulroney; the unctuous father of the hated GST. (In retrospect; those were the good old days.) I find this whole scenario infuriating–If the majority of Conservative leadership balloters want Poilievre–How in the world would Madame Tussaud’s candidate win? Apart from fraud; that is. The WEF may want this coifed doofus; but remember: Trump upset the apple cart establishment–Crushing the “99%” certainty that Billary Clinton would be the next president of the USA.

    It can happen here. All the odds were against Trump. The voters were sick to death of “business as usual” politics. If this revolting politician becomes leader of the Cons–They may as well follow in Singh’s footsteps–And join the Liberals. Why even pretend?

    It seems that this country has signed a covenant with death. The prospect of Charest becoming a contender for the Con leadership–Is part of the prolonged death rattle.

  2. You know what , there can’t be more than 1,000 of these wef characters in our country , hmmm , I’d better not go any further

  3. My Dad in Quebec is happy to see this loafer in the lineup – they think Poilievre is “too radical”. FYI – my Dad is from Alberta (and was a member of the Reform Party) but has been brainwashed by Quebec Liberals for over 10 years. Very sad state of affairs.

    • Marcie–Speaking of the Reform Party….I wonder what Preston Manning thinks about this mess? We have so many former leaders; people who–at heart–loved this country. Why are they so silent? Fear of the MSM? Their voices need to be heard. Sorry to hear your father crossed over into the Twilight Zone.

  4. The long timeline for the CPC leadership really disturbs me, as well as their “ranked ballot” concept. What is wrong with a 30-day campaign? Why the amazingly stupid ranked ballot? Horgan tried this idea a couple of years ago and it was flushed as it should be. I have one candidate I prefer. Only one. The others can go home.

    Who is really running the CPC? My suspicion is part of the reason I didn’t renew my membership.

    • Yes– why was the campaign time line drawn out so long? Not to Pierre Poilevre advantage. A snap election and PP would win. Now the Liberal candidate Jean Charest has MONTHS to change the momentum. Its a WEF setup for sure.

  5. Charest’s performance in the last two debates was abysmal. Everytime he tries to take on Pierre, he gets his ass handed to him. I think it’s near impossible for Charest to take over. He will be the last leader of the federal Conservatives. If by some chance he wins. People will move to Bernier or someone else and leave charest hanging. He’s likely paid by the Laurentien Elites to take a wrecking ball to the party and bury Pierre. Trudeau and his zombies are scared shitless of Poliviere.


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