Canadians Want Jagmeet Singh Removed As NDP Party Leader

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A majority of Canadians believe Jagmeet Singh should be removed from his position as leader of the New Democratic Party of Canada. An even larger percentage of those polled believe that PM Justin Trudeau should no longer be prime minister of Canada.

Canadians who closely follow political developments will know why Trudeau is not gone. At a basic level, our PM is in power because Jagmeet Singh holds the card which keeps him on his political perch.

If not for both men signing a “confidence and supply” agreement in 2022, our current PM would likely be vacationing on the billionaire Aga Khan’s yacht, or some such thing.

In terms of demographics, the pollsters weave a familiar story. The more “educated” a Canadian is, the more they support Singh and Trudeau. It’s an interesting dynamic– for reasons never alluded to by mainstream media.

Over the course of the past 40 years, educational institutions in Canada have morphed into what may best be described as “woke indoctrination” centres. Animosity toward the founding of our nation– the colonization element in particular– is front and centre in social sciences departments within our universities.

Critical Race Theory, “systemic racism” and other pejoratives are the order of the day on the Canadian campus. In 2023, “black-only” social gatherings are common at our institutions of “higher learning.” Homophobia has rocketed to the top of Canada’s social charts, rendering Canadian-born citizens “homophobic” and “transphobic.”

Justin Trudeau and Jagmeet Singh have been on board with Canada-bashing “wokism” since day one. Not only are they partners on a pragmatic level. These two are ideologically aligned in a serious way.

All of it filtering down to an educational level, as well as general society. We uncover the zeitgeist of our times: national humiliation, hatred of historical identity, and additional acts of self-immolation. No nation on earth beats itself up like Canada does. As promoted by government, media and academia– as opposed to actual Canadian citizens.

In terms of age bracket, they all want Singh gone. 40-year olds through to 80-year olds, the message to the NDP Party is consistent. Mr. Singh has been an ineffective leader, taking his party on a downhill slope from 46 seats to 25 seats over the 5-plus years he has been leading the party.

On a geographic level, the recent poll focuses on the Greater Toronto Area(GTA). Highlights include immigrant-rich Markham, Ontario, where 70% of those polled stated they want the NDP Party leader to step down.

Sudbury, 66%. Mississauga, 65%, municipality of Toronto, 65%. Ottawa came in at 58%.

Translation: the twilight years of Jagmeet Singh are upon us. Yet, in terms of getting overly excited by poll results, Canadian patriots would be wise to exercise caution.

Reasons why relate to an unspoken transition within Canada’s federal political arena. What the people want, and what government do, today exist in independent silos.

Over the course of nearly eight years in office, Canada has been transitioned from a functioning democracy to a nation-state controlled by what Cultural Action Party refer to as “neo-communism.”

Largely a result of the government of China’s influence on society, democratic underpinnings within Canadian governance are being chipped away at like a beaver chewing on a hollow log. Just because mainstream media refuse to be forthright about the transformation doesn’t mean the transition has not taken place.

Trudeau and Singh are the captains of our nation’s conversion to pseudo-communism. Though branded “conspiratorial thinking,” international socialist organization World Economic Forum lingers in the background. Both Justin Trudeau and Jagmeet Singh are WEF affiliates.

Truth is, Mr. Singh was fast-tracked into his position as MP, as well as his placement at the top of the NDP totem pole. Most of the funding came from Sikh political stronghold, Brampton, Ontario.

Degree to which the NDP leader maintained any form of connection to his Burnaby, B.C. riding– a cool 4000 km away from his home in Brampton? Nothing– basically, he was parachuted into the Vancouver suburb riding, and bang zoom– three months later he is to top man in NDP-land.

Fascinating, isn’t it? While Sikhism placed Mr. Singh as party leader, critics are now attributing Justin Trudeau’s previous election victory to the government of China.

Globalism abounds. The Punjab and China are on the political move in Canada. Both Trudeau and back-up quarterback Singh support a push for an independent Sikh state known as “Khalistan.”

In return, they receive the support of the World Sikh Organization, in addition to the communist government of China.

Pray-tell– what ever happened to the “little people?” Here, we refer to an ancient relic known as the Canadian voter. Where’s their place among the “multicultural” mix that powers Canadian politics.

Eventually, we are going to find out. The Trudeau-Singh neo-communist lock on  governance will not last forever. Election time will surely arrive one day.

If the status quo is maintained– Trudeau and Singh as party leaders, coupled with a Liberal Party victory in a forthcoming election, we will have our answer.

Conversely, if 40 million Canadian voters successfully knock off the Liberal-NDP socialist axis, then perhaps Canada has a fighting chance at freedom after all.

3 thoughts on “Canadians Want Jagmeet Singh Removed As NDP Party Leader”

  1. “…[T]he pollsters weave a familiar story. The more “educated” a Canadian is, the more they support Singh and Trudeau.” Really? Show us the polling methodology. This poll doesn’t square with the current; country-wide; vehement dislike for both “leaders.” One thought: Are the pollsters intimating that the vote-rich Sikh community is uneducated? The GTA Sikh core previously voted for the NDP en masse; they are now the most vociferous at wanting the Singh/Trudeau hydra out of office. Not that it seems to matter–Democracy is currently on hold in Trudopia. May the latter be on its deathbed.

  2. Silliness, all our leaders do this. May be woke today tomorrow it’s something else. System is broken, how do we change it? Not with violent behavior, nor bullshit lies through media…. just maybe some proper troubleshooting and get away from partisan garbage. There are a lot of educated people in this country. Use your brains and try, it’s better then back and forth causing distrust, hatred, anger. Really come on. We all want pretty much the same. Lose the career politicain. Probably not. But maybe use regular folk as juries I’d guess. Don’t let them have total control of how they blow our money and it’s just a oops. Garbage. We are still a democracy and can institute change but back fighting and whining doesn’t do it.

  3. People that voted for the NDP last election got a sour surprise when Singh paired up with the liberals. Jagmeet only did that for himself and didn’t care who voted for the party. Basically, he committed an act of treason to his political followers. Doubt many NDP voters will ever vote for that lame party ever again, no thanks to him.

    Singh just wants to hold on to power so he can collect a full pension. Period. Yeah, good riddance jagmeet but also say bye bye to the federal NDP. Both are at their Waterloo moment. So will the liberals!


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