Canadians “Seething With Anger” As Hate Mail To Liberal MP’s SKYROCKETS

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Sunny, sunny ways fellow Canadian patriots. A recent CBC article describes the result of four years of the Trudeau-Globalist Propaganda Campaign of Public Deception.

Here are some of the ramifications:

Liberal MP Melanie Joly accepted RCMP protection after receiving death threats over M-103, a non-binding motion condemning Islamophobia and religious discrimination, according to a spokesperson at her office.

Liberal cabinet minister Catherine McKenna is the most high-profile target of online threats and harassment in the current Parliament. A vandal defaced her campaign office almost two weeks ago with a sexist slur. The RCMP tasked a protective detail with keeping her safe after she was publicly threatened while she was out with her children.

NDP MP Jenny Kwan had a “panic button” installed in her Vancouver constituency office. Kwan is a female politician, a member of a visible minority (she was born in Hong Kong) and an immigration critic(not a critic, but rather a fanatical refugee pusher).

The vitriol she receives online, she said, comes in waves that can hit multiple times a day — mostly in the form of racist screeds and misogynistic attacks.

How sweet. From this point on, the CBC source article continues on along the “torrent of abuse” line. Never once do they reference why Canadian society has found itself in a state of social consternation–to the extent that death threats  targeting Liberal MP’s are a common occurrence within Trudeau’s “post-modern” Canada.

What does this tell informed Canadians? CAP will guess– it tells us that CBC and establishment media never place the responsibility for this social chaos at the feet of the individual most responsible.

This is, of course, the prime minister of Canada–Justin Trudeau. It is he more than any other Canadian who is responsible for the massive degree of social division which has trans-pired since King Justin assumed his Canadian crown.

Want to hear something even more mystifying than what is thus far expressed? These Liberal MP’s are the most hated politicians in modern Canadian history–yet they continue to win in their ridings over and over. Strange, eh?

CAP Guesswork: Minister of Environment, Catherine McKinnon, is possibly the most hated MP in history. Yet she won her riding once again. MP Iqra Khalid, founder of M103(working with National Council of Canadian Muslims), is not far behind. One article informed us that she received 50,000 pieces of hate email after Trudeau blessed her Islam-centric M103 motion.

Did she win in October, 2019? Of course she did. Hated and despised MP’s winning in dozens of Canadian ridings–how “no core identity” this is!

Still, according to mainstream media, the fault does not lie with Trudeau–it is racist and bigoted Old Stock Canada which is responsible. You know what CAP have to say about this? Poppycock–it’s a stone-cold lie.

The responsibility resides squarely on the shoulders of our reckless, mania-infused PM. It was this man who tweeted to the world that illegal refugees should rush the Canadian border by the tens of thousands to begin receiving tax-payer funded welfare cheques within 30 to 60 days.

It is Justin Trudeau who threw Anglophone Canada is a trash bin by way of branding our people racists and bigots. And in fact, so did MP Iqra Khalid, a half-citizen who presently hold Pakistani citizenship.

Media say not a word about any of this–yet, in truth, it is obvious as heck. Talk about our people getting shafted. Justin Trudeau perpetually ignores the will of Canadian citizens, including the democratic principle of the importance of the will of the Canadian majority.

As a result, his Liberal MP’s are despised. CAP would be remiss not to point out that most of the targets are female Liberals. We won’t spin away from this one. What we will claim, however, is that Elizabeth May, Catherine McKinnon, Jenny Kwan and others position this situation as specifically misogynist and anti-female.

Why? Because this way Justin Trudeau is indemnified from responsibility. CAP call bollocks on this one. It is merely a media spin to ensure King Justin wears his crown in perpetuity.

The true hatred is against the Liberal-Third World-Globalist Government of Canada. Yes, the “haters” go after females more than male MP’s–but this does not tell the entire story.

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MP’s staffers often feel personally protective of their employers. That, said Eindiguer, can make it even harder for them to cope with threats of cruelty and violence they wouldn’t think of sending to their “worst enemy.”

“It’s exhaustion, it’s heartbreaking and it does indeed make you lose a little bit of hope in society,” she said.

See how government and media slaves roll? They blame “society”–thereby obscuring the greater truth that four years of Justin Trudeau has  resulted in unprecedented anger, consternation, and yes–real,live HATRED.

This is the true Canada. What government and media present in regards to social and ethnic communities in Canada is a lie. Constantly blaming white Canada for a rise in racism, bigotry and xenophobia is the way they roll.

Result? Old Stock Canada continues to be vilified and branded like cattle as virulent racists and bigots. According to CBC, this is the singular reason for all of Canada’s troubles as they relate to Justin Trudeau’s ineptitude regarding society’s degeneration into a hateful nation of angry citizens.

Founder, Pierre Trudeau. Facilitator, Justin Trudeau.




3 thoughts on “Canadians “Seething With Anger” As Hate Mail To Liberal MP’s SKYROCKETS”

  1. Insight and honesty from leftist MSM no longer exists. Remove government subsidies and eventually there would once again arise objective reporting and analysis.

  2. Is Justin in the middle of a mental breakdown? Not surprising as his life has been luxurious, adored, came from dysfunctional family with mental illness on mother’s side, appears to be in midst of separation, drinking a lot. Now he is despised, jeered, called out on his bad behaviour – no fun anymore. Let’s flood him with letters asking him to resign for personal reasons and give him opportunity to save face. We don’t need to destroy him, just get him away from politics where he is destructive and such a puppet of the Islamic state. His intentions may have been ideological and harmless, but it has backfired as it often does when evil forces are involved.


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