Canadians Say Catholicism, Islam Damaging To Society

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According to a new Angus Reid poll, 56% of evangelical Christians say they feel shut out of society for their beliefs, with Muslims at 26%.

“All religious groups surveyed viewed evangelical Christianity as more damaging to society than beneficial, while Islam was also perceived in a largely negative light.”

Rania Lawendy, former Muslim Association of Canterbury spokesperson, says that Islamophobia remains rife in Canada because Muslims are made to feel that their religion is “not conducive to the universal values of Canada.”

Lawendy says that Canadians have a “misperception of what Islam is, often believing it to be a violent religion founded on extremism, due to how it’s portrayed in the media. If Canadians actually knew what it meant to be Muslim, they’d be encouraging Muslim immigration,” she says.

Ms. Lawrendy knows not of what she speaks. Canada doesn’t maintain the highest per-capita immigration quotas on earth based on public opinion– it comes from the will of federal government.

If Canadians believe this to be the extent of government and citizen divergence on religion, they “ain’t seen nothing yet.” To exemplify, we turn to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s attitude on religiosity.

“I have met Justin Trudeau three times,” said Pastor Steve Long, a Canadian Baptist minister. “Sadly my last meeting with him in his office was very disappointing. He told me that evangelical Christians were the worst part of Canadian society.”

In reaction to a discovery of residential school graves in 2021, Mr. Trudeau referred to the burning of Canadian churches as “fully understandable.” We contrast our PM’s attitude toward Christianity with his feelings on Islam:

“I’d like to recognize the incredible contributions of Muslim Canadians who stepped up to help those in need over the past two difficult years. This month is also a reminder for us all that we have a collective duty to reject Islamophobia and fight discrimination in all its forms.”

CAP has a simple question for Justin Trudeau: why should Canadians do so, when you behave in an opposite manner?  An animus toward a religious community– his own– is a Trudeau speciality. For over six-years our PM has advanced the virtues of Islam while  at the same time running down the Christian faith.

Why? There must be a reason. Fascinating to note media analysis — there has been none.For what purpose has Justin Trudeau worked to ostracize the Christian faith, while attempting to elevate Islam to the top of Canada’s religious totem pole?

It should come as no surprise that multicultural and woke Canadian activists are dissatisfied with the progress. “Not good enough” being the perpetual calling card of woke Canadian academia.

“Broader society still is not fully comfortable and fully clear about what to do with religion, and therefore they show some signs of discomfort,” says Abdie Kazemipur, a University of Calgary sociologist and the chair in ethnic studies.

“There are different dynamics behind the kinds of sentiments that are expressed for these different groups,” Kazempiur explains.

There certainly are. Canadians are unimpressed with government and media favouritism. Islam is handled with “kid gloves,” while secular and religious Anglo-Christians are held responsible for trials and tribulations of migrant communities.

A basic concept underlines the dynamic: who shall adapt to whom. The presumption of 3rd World community leaders is a sight to behold. As Canadians, we must “educate ourselves,” they say. We must understand that religious ritual is to be accommodated under all circumstances. That it is fully incumbent upon “unenlightened” Canadians to adapt to unenlightened religious principles. Thoughts of inversion– in which so-called “minority” communities adapt to the majority–  never enters their consciousness.

As Canadian media wax philosophical regarding the 40th year celebration of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, our narrative is nowhere to be found. The general sentiment among people like University of Calgary’s Abdie Kazemipur is typical: “it isn’t good enough, more must be done.” One has to wonder if the insatiability isn’t entirely calculated.

We consider reasons for the social dynamic. One of them has been mentioned– Charter Rights. The remainder is found in the theory of Multiculturalism. Together, these statutes transitioned society into one in which the minority control the majority.

The father of the phenomenon is ex-Liberal PM Pierre Trudeau. It was he who kick-started Canada’s social inversion. Forty years later, we witness the presumption and privilege of “special interest” Canada. In modern times, no one has exacerbated the phenomenon like Justin Trudeau and his agenda of religious favouritism.

Canada as institutionally anti-Christian. It’s obvious as the back of one’s hand. The same exists within the communist societies Pierre & Justin Trudeau have so highly valued. All of it a giant coincidence? CAP think not.

8 thoughts on “Canadians Say Catholicism, Islam Damaging To Society”

  1. “Rania Lawendy, former Muslim Association of Canterbury spokesperson, says that Islamophobia remains rife in Canada because Muslims are made to feel that their religion is “not conducive to the universal values of Canada.””

    And then we get reports on Muslim shootings in mosques even here in Canada. In the counties of the Middle East that are predominantly Muslim, the Muslims are killing each other and have done for ages.

    Import more immigrants and with them their traditions, factions and wars, but Trudeau seems either blind to this repetitious scenario plaid out in the history of Canada as he welcomes (unvaccinated) refugees by the score. Not to worry, just send in the Canadian government troops named the RCMP and other police state organizations and help shoot up the country along with the Islamic “Islamophobes.”

  2. “All religious groups surveyed viewed evangelical Christianity as more damaging to society than beneficial.” Trudeau”: Evangelical Christians the “worst part of Canadian society.” Wow. I’d like to probe that survey. “All” religious groups.” Name them. Likely liberal; mainline denominations. “The worst part”–In what way? Please explain. Do these anonymous people have first-hand experience? How many “evangelicals” do they know personally? The “worst part of society” No; that dubious distinction belongs to Trudeau. How familiar are these (surveyed) people with the ACTUAL New Testament? What the Bible–Jesus–Actually teaches. Not what someone else says. I’d wager that some of those surveyed had a negative experience with an “evangelical.” I have, and I’m an “evangelical.” I placed that in quotes; because even many “evangelicals” are now denying the faith–As it is written; so it has come to pass. (A noticeable apostasy; or falling away from the teachings of the faith.) The entire Bible has withstood the onslaught of thousands of years of attack. These people are long dead; the Bible lives; stronger than ever. The Bible is like an anvil. Its attackers hammer/yammer away. The hammers wear out; the Bible–and its message–remains.

    People don’t want God in their lives. Keep him at arms length; not too close. Evangelicals have this gosh darn habit of bringing him closer; too close for comfort. They want a Santa Claus god; not one who has sovereignty over their lives. The clay says to the one who formed him; “What are you doing?” Has not the Potter the right to shape as he wishes?

    Yes; but he also allows his creatures to go their own way; everyone doing “what was right in his own eyes.” There are consequences. Canada under godless; communist Trudeau(s); Exhibit A.

  3. yeah but really look again
    they are surveying as many non-Christians and non-whites as possible to get that fearmongered result for anything Christian.

    the funny part is the Jewish and Muslim belief that only their religion is positive for the world. Supremacists that way.

  4. The Romans did their ‘survey’ of the first Christians and by it determined, LIKE trudeau and his cronies in Canadian secular view as ‘canibals’ and ‘atheists’ as their excuse for killing them. Trudeau has a distance to go before copying the ignorant Roman surveys of Christianity.

    Secular surveys are always scewed to secular beliefs, and that is really interesting as Canadian secular society has been trying to promote a ‘no-religious’ religion. And if one wants to watch a real heated show of the ignorance, just try to show an atheist that atheism is a RELIGION.


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