Yellow Vest Protests Signal Canadians Unwilling To Support Trudeau Agenda

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The same arrogant government elitism that has caused so much anger in France can be seen in the Trudeau government, and many Canadians AREN’T WILLING TO STAND FOR IT ANY LONGER.

5 thoughts on “Yellow Vest Protests Signal Canadians Unwilling To Support Trudeau Agenda”

  1. Canadians should not only stand up to TRAITOR JUSTIN TRUDEAU AND HIS BANDITS.
    CANADIANS NEED TO STAND UP TO CBC, CTV, AND REPORTERS as well, for manipulating the news to suit and protect their traitor Trudeau.
    The media is the biggest problem we face each day. Patriotic should make themselves known to the media that they have had it with the media’s constant attacks on Donald. TRUMP who is not our PM. Traitor Trudeau is, and is the only one who is messing up our country not Donald Trump.

    • Canadians need to get honest in 2019 ~ It is not the politicians that are the problem ~ It is we the people that keep electing partisan governments (Liberal Conservative NDP ~ Federally and provincially) that govern with majority rule and with only 40% of the popular vote! That serves division, and that is the Globalist Agenda!

      In this election year let’s get outside of the partisan government box, and elect 338 Independent Members of Parliament to serve the Will and Leadership of a Real Majority of Canadians!

      Canadians can make history in this election year, and ownership of the decision-making powers will be transferred to a Real Majority of eligible voting Shareholders in this corporate body we call Canada!

      A people without vision will perish!

      A National Vision, a National Non-Partisan Mandate, and 338 Independent of Party Members of Parliament committed in writing to serving the Will and the Leadership of a Real Majority of Canadians is the way forward for an Independent and Sovereign Nation we call the the True North Strong and Free Canada!
      Lead with your ballots and vote out partisan governments, by electing our first True Canadian Government that will give the Governance of Canada to Canadians – not to partisans!

  2. Trudeau is a idiot and should resign and take his terrorist shitheads with him and leave Canada. The dirt bag and his wipeass string pullers are out to destroy Canada.


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