Canadians Reject Internet Censorship, So Trudeau Is Bound To Do It

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has an annoying habit of doing what the majority of Canadians do not want. Immigration policy, refugee policy, citizenship for terrorists, carbon taxation.

We could continue, but we won’t. Instead, CAP put forth a proposition:

PM Trudeau’s decision-making has nothing to do with what Canadians want for their country. If a modicum of decision-making synergy exists, it can only be found at the fringe of society.

Transgenderism is an excellent example. Despite the fact that transgendered Canadians account for less than 1% of our population, Trudeau and the Liberals have gone hog-wild over the issue. Promoting it in full abundance, the PM appears to have some form of fetish for the movement.

If Canadians don’t want it, or don’t care, why is the issue front-and-centre within society? Logic says someone other than our general population are the purveyors of transgender passion.

The same can be said for internet censorship. No doubt the Liberals want it. Together with media, the Feds make a claim for censoring the internet in Canada. Away from public knowledge, the censorship model is based on China’s Great Internet Firewall.

Critics state that if successful, Canada’s free speech censorship will be the most extreme of western democracies– if our country can still be considered one. Freedom of speech is vital to a free and democratic society– the very reason why Team Trudeau are about to give it the axe. Let CAP cut to the chase:

In truth, Canada does not have a Liberal government. What we have is accurately described as a Liberal-Globalist Occupational Government filled with a questionable cast of characters.

One of whom is haircut-impaired Pablo Rodriguez, Federal Minister of Heritage. A typical Trudeau selection, this MP has that “flew in from Davos” quality our PM so admires.

Ever read the mandate of the Federal Ministry of Heritage? It reads like a pre-meditated assault upon Canadian heritage. How typically Liberal. The rest of Cabinet is dominated by half-citizens and MP’s from Trudeau’s home province of Quebec.

Pablo Rodriguez is an immigrant from Argentina. Ahmed Hussen is half-Somali. Omar Alghabra is half-Syrian. Did you know? Only 23% of Trudeau’s Cabinet qualify as Anglophone, while our general population is 58% Anglo-Canadian.

Talk about under-representation. Or don’t. Establishment media have never pointed this out, so how would general society come to know the truth?

“The federal government should not be responsible for regulating content for Canadian audiences,” said the report. The April 22, 2022 report was completed as cabinet prepared for debate on Bill C-11, An Act To Amend The Broadcasting Act.”

But they will be. Call it a gut-feeling. While media disguise the truth, internet censorship is top priority for our Liberal government. Pourquoi? The reason is not complicated: Canadians have discovered the fraudulent nature of our prime minister, so now government is going to shut us up.

All for the benefit of the people of Canada, of course. When in truth, every bit of it is for the benefit of the Liberals and their ideological pursuits. After all, a neo-dictatorship can’t grow with a gang of anti-government thugs thrashing the PM on a daily basis.

“This Act does not apply to what individual Canadians and creators post online,” Heritage Minister Pablo Rodriguez told reporters February 2, 2022. The bill is currently before the Senate transport and communications committee.

Oh, absolutely, Sir Pablo of Argentina. Since when does a quasi-communist government unleash the entire kit-and-kaboodle in one go? The Soviets didn’t, nor any fascist government from the 20th century.

No–the key is incremental elimination of individual rights. Next on the list will be user-generated social media content. As sure as were born, Canadians will be placed on a level where free speech laws equate with those found in communist China.

“Rodriguez called regulation of Netflix and YouTube videos an “absolute priority” for cabinet. “We have very little time,” he said. “I cannot overstate the urgency of this. The bill must move ahead.” 

So says the neo-fascist from out of town. It’s panic-city as government drives to the free speech elimination finish line. CAP recall the method in which another Liberal-Communist zinger– assisted dying– unfolded within society. In the beginning it was physically challenged citizens who had to give personal approval. Next came the mentally challenged whose families could decide for them. Finally, euthanasia-on-demand for those with depression and diabetes.

Think the same won’t apply to Trudeau’s eradication of free speech? Perhaps the snowflake-types do– their naivete being up there with Cinderella. Serious students of history understands how authoritarian governments seduce society with incremental application of law.

This is what Justin Trudeau is doing to our country. He will shut us up in the long run. With their cancellation of freedom of speech, our Liberal-Globalist Occupational Government brings us one step closer to their form of woke Nirvana.

Canada’s destiny as a socialist dictatorship awaits.

3 thoughts on “Canadians Reject Internet Censorship, So Trudeau Is Bound To Do It”

  1. Quebec ain’t such a bad place, Brad. Come and visit us some time, see for yourself. Vous serez toujours le bienvenu chez nous.

  2. “Only 23% of Trudeau’s Cabinet qualify as Anglophone, while our general population is 58% Anglo-Canadian.”

    In 1970; Canada’s population was ninety-seven/ninery-eight percent Euro/Euro descended. That was the year the reptilian Pierre Turdo ascended out of the abyss, and forced multicult on a “Trudeaumania” Canada. (Incredibly; They kept voting this beguiling; poisonous asp back into power.)

    Talk about masochism. Not much has changed. Fifty-two years later; multicult is turbocharged. We now constitute a withering shadow of our former strength….Fifty-eight percent original stock, and dropping.

    Note: Until now; my source for the ethnic makeup of 1970 Canada (97% White) was Statistics Canada. As of this writing; A Google search comes up empty. Different browsers; same result.


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