Canadian Race Relations Employee FIRED For Comments On Trudeau, Islam

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Canadian journalist and author Christine Douglass-Williams spoke to participants in a May 29 Middle East Forum webinar (video) about the submissive response to Islamism of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his ruling Liberal Party since 2015.

Douglass-Williams gave a detailed overview of ways in which Trudeau has created “fertile ground for the expansion of Islamism.”

Ms. Douglass-Williams is an ex-board member  with the Canadian Race Relations Foundation, a federal government agency established to counteract racism.

She was fired amid concerns over what Muslim Advocacy Groups describe as “Islamophobic commentary” and her “public association with purveyors of hateful propaganda.”

Fired from her job? A Canadian patriot can only expect this to be the case. If the purveyors of Liberal-Globalism decide she is done-like-dinner, that’s all she wrote. Within 2020 Canada, a citizen must not criticize Trudeau’s chosen communities– that’s a rule.

Based upon Justin Trudeau’s “post-modern” immigration platform, migrant intake from the Middle East and Africa is shaping up to be the most impactful social force in the past 100 years.

No wonder CBC doesn’t reveal this to 38 Million Canadians. For some reason, the globalist assault upon “Old Stock Canada” must be hidden from the purview of our citizenship. Hello, MP Ahmed Hussen? You created this–yet you never take responsibility for doing so.

Between 2017-2019, GTA 3rd World Powerhouse globalist MP Ahmed Hussen flew back and forth to Africa to total of twenty-four times.

Liberal Snowflake Interpretation: Mr. Hussen, a current Somalian citizen, went to Africa to attend a giant “White Lives Matter” event in Uganda.

CAP Interpretation: Hussen traveled to Africa to arrange immigration programs with Nigeria, Senegal and a dozen other African nations. Justin Trudeau appointed this anti-Canadian MP for one reason– he is an example of an African refugee who rose to the top of Canadian society. After which, this supremacist-type branded our nation racist and bigoted.

“You can do it too” is the tacit message delivered. Too bad CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail don’t deliver this message–or any other–regarding Hussen’s globalist schemes.

How do we know? Because media never published where the immigrants to Canada are coming from. Why not? Because it may upset millions of citizens. Trudeau doesn’t want this. Rather, this political miscreant chooses to FOOL 38 Million Canadians.

Well, not all of them. To be certain, specific MP’s, as well as multicultural organizations, know well and good what is presently transpiring in Canada:

Justin Trudeau is working to trans-forming our society for all-time. Democracy will be a thing of the past in due time. Additionally, white Canadians will morph into a minority community. Islam will become established as the most powerful religious force in Canada, while Christianity becomes an ancient relic.

Immigration from Africa and the Middle East will dominate Canada’s social and political landscape. Did you know? In the aftermath of the George Floyd murder in America, Canadians of European heritage now have limited quotas for employment at Liberal-funded CBC. Ditto for ALL major banks in Canada– globalist assassins that they are.

Degree of analysis or criticism from National Post, Global News, Toronto Star, Calgary Herald and Montreal Gazette? Nothing–not a single word.

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Turns out Trudeau’s “No Core Identity” nation is beginning to establish  a brand new core: institutionalized, legal prejudice against Canadians with light skin. In the year 2020, if you are a white Canuck, this is a major DISADVANTAGE in terms of gaining employment.

Know what the CBC call this? It is referred to as “Multiculturalism.” CAP refer to this as straight-up racism.

“Several troubling developments have taken place with regard to immigration policy, especially under the direction of then-Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship (2017-2019) Ahmed Hussen.”

Ladies and Gentleman, there you have it– the singular negative media comment CAP has ever seen regarding Liberal MP Ahmed Hussen. CAP can see why–this fellow has has been silently tasked with transforming our community into a minority. No wonder Christine Douglass-Williams was fired from her job.

Canada in 2020 is a dictatorship-in-waiting. Justin Trudeau is assigned to lead a post-modern “Silent Revolution.” His Cabinet takes from “the best” of historical totalitarian ideology to push this forward.

A piece of China here(media), a little bit of Iran there(Islam), a touch of USSR-style propaganda, a slice of social engineering(China again), a component of Castro’s Cuba over here.

This is how your nation is being stolen from the “body politic.” Trudeau wants a anti-Anglophone, anti-Christian Canada. Anyone who stands in the way of this  better watch their back– just as citizens must do in communist societies. 

Asked what Canadians can do to put a stop to Trudeau’s dangerous accommodation of Islamists, Douglass-Williams emphasized the importance of speaking out. “Don’t underestimate what one voice can do.”

CAP hope that Douglass-Williams voice can be heard from the line-up at her local unemployment insurance office.



3 thoughts on “Canadian Race Relations Employee FIRED For Comments On Trudeau, Islam”

  1. Maybe there is hope for Canada afterall…but I won’t hold my breath as long as long as that sari-swirling, curry-sniffing son of Fidel Castro is still bowing to moozlum crazies and hugging FGM advocates…let that sink in…..meanwhile release the gays to fly off roof-tops in Montreal…smh

  2. Trudeau is Canada’s Hillary Clinton It was Daddy Pierre Trudeau that start the multicultural crap in Canada in 1971 Those of us that lived through that time tried to warn everyone but know one listens to seniors If you want to hear the truth check out You Tube The Shady History of the Trudeau Foundation


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