Canadians Lose Trust As Establishment Media PLUMMET In Market Share

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Despite Justin Trudeau’s billion dollar payouts, the CBC and the Toronto Star no longer have the political impact they once did.

The numbers tell the story, and it’s not a happy one. At the Toronto Star, “revenue (has) continued to decline sharply year-over-year — especially in terms of sales of print advertising space to national accounts.” The source? None other than the Star itself.

Just this week, the once-mighty Star reported a whopping $17.4 million loss in the second quarter of 2019, as its revenues plummeted. That’s even after closing up operations in Hamilton, and slashing jobs.

In 2015, CBC’s president stated that the public broadcaster was at risk of “extinction.”  Justin Trudeau got the message. Once installed in power, Trudeau forked over $115 million to CBC. 

But despite that, CBC’s national impact continues to shrink. Its flagship news program —  one that used to literally determine what topics were covered in Question Period — is failing. In the past two years alone, its viewership has nose-dived a mammoth 24%.

Why? Establishment media come up with a number of fancy theories to rationalize market share decline. The piece they perpetually omit is that the plummeting of mainstream media popularity is commensurate with a rise in market share for conservative, alternate and social media.

One major thorn-in-the-side for the MSM is that alternate media are exposing news events which perpetrate a lack of trust in establishment media. Within contemporary society, CBC, Globe & Mail and the rest can no longer place a silo around these news events. In this manner, these media companies no longer have a “monopoly on truth.”

This is bad news for Justin Trudeau. It is also the very reason King Justin set out to control alternate and social media in Canada. The good news is, thus far he has not succeeded. CAP are of the opinion that Zillionaire Zuckerberg doesn’t give a damn what the virtue-signalling globalist fraud has to say. Smart.

“A few weeks ago, even the CBC’s editor-in-chief Jennifer McGuire was forced to admit that The National isn’t all what it once was: “Are we pleased with the overall state of The National? I think the answer is no.”

“She shouldn’t be pleased with the overall state of CBC’s relevance to the federal political scene, either. Despite being the recipient of hundreds of millions in tax dollars — and despite being allowed to use that unfair advantage to compete in major markets with private-sector media competitors — the CBC simply isn’t breaking big national stories like it used to.”

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One interesting point to be made is the manner in which media indemnify PM Trudeau from all responsibility for the decline in media market share. CAP theory maintains that CBC etc spent so much time attempting to spin Justin’s idiocy into digestible pieces that it has led to a back-lash against mainstream media in Canada.

But of course, media will never posit this theory. Just as they will not hold Trudeau accountable for his contribution to a RISE in racism in Canada. No, the fault must ALWAYS be found among average citizens, and not the prime minister of our nation. Media do this because it increases PM Trudeau’s chances of winning a second term in office.

For Justin Trudeau’s Liberals, facing a hotly contested election in just over 90 days, it isn’t good. In the past, the Star and CBC could always be counted on to light the way for Grits, and help secure wins.

Those days — like the national political impact of CBC and the Star — are long gone. Excellent. Much it is due to the deceptions of Justin Trudeau, Gerald Butts, MP Ahmed Hussen, Cabinet Member Bill Morneau, and the rest of the Liberal-Globalist deceivers.

Together, these Liberal-Globalists shot themselves in the foot. Trust in media has dissipated, and media in Canada are exposed for what they truly are: a monolithic pro-liberal-globalist house of government propaganda and public deception.

Never has this dynamic been more extreme than under the iron-clad grip of “dictator-in-waiting,” King Justin Trudeau of Canada.



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