Canadians Indulge In Assisted Dying At 22 Times Rate Of Americans

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In 2016, the Canadian government legalized medical assistance in dying. The program, called MAID,  was approved by the Canadian Supreme Court, which concluded that laws preventing assisted suicide eroded individual rights. 

In its original incarnation, the MAID program was fairly well defined. It didn’t take long for incremental expansion to creep its way into legislative policy.

In 2021, the criterion that natural death must be ‘reasonably foreseeable’ was lifted.   Stories began to appear describing how the Liberal government was granting access to assisted suicide to people who didn’t fit the original criteria.”

Thus began the journey of a policy misunderstood to this day. Establishment media has done their part by taking the edge off the sharpened blade that is assisted dying in Canada.

“Within just a few years, the number of Canadians dying by physician-assisted suicide ballooned. In 2021, that figure was more than 10,000, one in 30 of all Canadian deaths.”

Thus, a systematic installation of death-on-demand policy in Canada. After which CAP pick up on an annoying, ominous media trend.

Take any woke social policy entrenched within contemporary society. For our purposes, we choose abortion, transgenderism and euthanasia. We point to a particular void within media presentation in Canada.

In no manner does government, media, the healthcare industry or medical associations ever reveal recipients of these “services” as demarcated by race, ethnicity, religious community, or otherwise.

Considering our country’s aging population issue, which identifiable community do you think most indulges in MAID? Cultural Action Party go with a term familiar within our rhetoric: “Old Stock” Canadians.

Canadians are far more likely to end their lives by physician-assisted suicide than are Americans in the states where it’s legal. And British Columbians could lead the world in streaming to this form of death.”

Always nice to be the best at something. Perhaps all should go down on bended knee to give thanks and praise to the founder of Euthanasia/MAID legislation in Canada. And who, pray-tell, would be the benefactor of such praise? PM Justin Trudeau, woke liberal messiah and LGBT prophet.

“In Canada, which has a smaller population than California, physicians or nurse practitioners directly ended the lives of 31,664 people between 2016 and 2021. That compares to just 3,344 in California.”

Sounds like one-step away from an industry to CAP. Legacy media are being paid not to see it that way, which helps maximize the head count. The elderly in Canada are mainly caucasian, so it’s likely these types which make up the lion’s share. CBC say nothing.

At present, society is grappling with yet another expansion, this time widening the birth to the mentally ill. Thinking back to totalitarianism in the 20th century, we realize that European Fascists governments were big on this one as well.

“No problem,” extort Canada’s MAID mongers. We’re Liberals, so all is well in post-modern Canadaland.

Currently, provincial Health Ministers are on a tear to force religious-oriented hospitals to offer MAID to their patients. In British Columbia, NDP Health Minister Adrian Dix is off-and-running in this category.

“Most Canadians and British Columbians support exemptions from medical assistance in dying (MAID) for faith-based health-care facilities, according to polling conducted by Angus Reid Institute and Cardus.”

“Across Canada, there is little appetite to force such an institution to perform MAID,” Angus Reid stated this month.

Appetites can work both ways. Government seem intent on eating away at “non-productive” elements of society, a staple within communist societies of past and present.

Just what kind of “liberals” are the Liberals and the NDP anyway? CAP claim that they’re not liberal at all. That in reality, woke ideology exists as an inversion of authoritarian governance. “Pink Fascism” being the term we coined to define the social development.

“B.C.’s health minister is pushing a Catholic health organization to change a policy that bars medically assisted dying in its facilities.”

Stop the press. Are we understanding the implications of this properly? What is going on here should be understood by all freedom-loving Canadians. What we have here is government pushing Christians to abandon their religious principles.

In China, this comes as a standard of society. Now, the process as come to Canada. Not that Globe & Mail or Toronto Star will interpreted in this manner. They and others are absolutely gung-ho on maximizing the numbers. Just like the Feds, who proudly proclaim that:

Growth in the number of medically assisted deaths in Canada continues in 2021

  • In 2021, there were 10,064 MAID provisions reported in Canada, accounting for 3.3% of all deaths in Canada.
  • The number of cases of MAID in 2021 represents a growth rate of 32.4% over 2020. All provinces continue to experience a steady year over year growth.
  • When all data sources are considered, the total number of medically assisted deaths reported in Canada since the Parliament of Canada passed federal legislation that allows eligible Canadian adults to request medical assistance in dying in 2016 is 31,664.

Congratulations, government! In what is delivered as if they were out to maximize widget sales, the Feds proudly proclaim their accomplishments.

“Back in 2016, critics of the MAID law saw this coming. They warned that soon enough, people in anguish and near death wouldn’t be the only ones given assistance to die. That warning turned out to be understated.”

“Within a few years, Canada went from being a country that had banned assisted suicide to being one of the loosest regimes in the world.”

What has happened to Canadian society? Are we being incrementally seduced by some form of neo-communist or pseudo-fascist implementation of a New Canadian Order?

Yes, that’s exactly what is occurring. What a shame, eh?

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  1. news just in: no matter how much you preach to christian anglophones, you’re still a mortal, you will still expire eventually.

    • IMAMS preach to Muslim Canadians; Rabbis preach to Jewish Canadians, Sikh Clergy preach to Sikh-Canadians.

      So what’s your point exactly?

      • Perhaps he thinks we’re softheaded, and don’t realize that Christians eventually die; regardless of how many sermons they’ve heard. Doh! Therefore; MAID is just one more ticket to ride.

  2. Photo caption: That shameless snake Trudeau reveals the true meaning of his visit. “Granny; it will be painless. Remember to go toward the Light. Ten other residents will be joining you today. Before you go; Don’t forget your booster shot.” Under the B; 32! B32! Trudeau: “Bingo!” (Hey–Can we tax these games?)

  3. Brad you need to get on the Alex Jones show to share this crucial truths. Chris Sky has had numerous appearances on that liberty movement platform


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