Canadians Elected “Admirer of China’s Dictatorship” Says Opposition Leader Scheer

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In retaliation to accusations of admiration for China’s communist regime, Trudeau retorted that “It’s ridiculous for anyone to suggest that I OF ALL POEOPLE would trade our rights and freedoms for ANY OTHER system of government.”

Cultural Action Party of Canada disagree–EMPHATICALLY. We claim Trudeau has indeed engaged in this very thing. Whether or not a conscious effort on his part, Justin is incrementally STEALING AWAY freedom of expression, as well as  divesting Canada of its democratic foundation. 

And why wouldn’t he? After all, Pierre Trudeau held communism in high esteem. Fidel Castro was a pall-bearer at PET’s funeral. Trudeau senior was the first western leader to visit China and meet with dictator Mao Tse Tung. Additionally, brother Alexandre has made films glorifying Islam, as well as written a book professing admiration for China’s system of government. When Castro passed away, both Justin and Alexandre heaped lavish praise upon Cuba’s long-time dictator.

Should Canadians view this as so much chopped liver? Media encourage this, as they have YET TO ARTICULATE  the Trudeau family’s dedication of all-things-communist.

In truth, what Justin Trudeau wants MORE THAN ANYTHING in the world is to become the Fidel Castro of Canada. By way of an assault on free speech and breaching of Canadian rule of law, Justin has shown his true communist colours to the people of Canada.

Fortunately for him media play along with the game by SEDUCING Canadians into believing Trudeau’s virtue-signalling obfuscation of the true agenda of our present government.


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