Canadians Didn’t Elect Trudeau To Work For The World Economic Forum

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Lack of comprehension of a fundamental in Canadian governance has for decades eluded our citizenship. In terms of what political science refers to as “Classical Liberalism,” our country simply does not meet the standard.

Year after year, decade after decade, democratic governance in Canada has been under a process of erosion. The signs are obvious and apparent. Yet, because honest media reporting declines within the process, general society has difficulty recognising the transformation.

“In a democracy, a government of the people, for the people, should govern for the greatest good of the greatest number.”

 — Laws Of Government: Legal Foundations Of Canadian Democracy

If Canadian media did their job properly, they would reveal the manner in which the above principle has degenerated into a condition of neo-communism. If so, authentic political analysis would read something like this:

As a federation, Canada functions as a true democracy for one day every four years– federal voting day. Upon political victory, working on behalf of the majority is then fed through a post-modern shredder.

In this regard, no government in history–as well as no prime minister– can touch current Justin Trudeau. Never in history has there been a national leader with such disdain for the will of the majority. In simple terms, he does exactly what he wants to do.

If not for media obfuscation, Canadians would have a much better idea of the agenda being perpetrated by Mr. Trudeau. For example, if enlightened on the topic, residents of Canada would come to understand the relationship between the Trudeau government, and the World Economic Forum.

Under these conditions, citizens would begin to understand a fundamental truth: the agenda of our Liberal government and that of the WEF are one-and-the-same. Not in a peripheral manner, but rather in a condition of full replication.

Canada views the 2030 World Economic Foundation agenda as “a comprehensive framework for responding to and recovering from the Covid-19 pandemic, and building more inclusive, resilient and sustainable societies that can help to prevent and better withstand future crisis and shocks.”

Verification is found within a World Economic Forum brief entitled– “Global Action Group On The Post Covid-19 World”

Within its contents readers will find(unfortunately blurry) validation of a profound truth: the agenda of the Trudeau government replicates the WEF agenda from soup-to-nuts. Climate change, sustainability, racial equity, LBGT advancement, digital ID, diversity. You name the Woke WEF tenet, and the Liberal government of Canada is advancing it.

“Canada is committed by doubling our efforts toward inclusive cooperation to create a post-pandemic world that delivers on our priorities to deliver on our priorities around peace, sustainability, and inclusive growth.”

What all this has to do with the will of the Canadian majority is anybody’s guess. The idea is, in fact, non-existent. Any readers recall the following election campaign promise as Justin Trudeau campaigned across the country in advance of winning three consecutive elections:

“I, Justin Trudeau, promise to fulfill every ideological tenet espoused by Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum.”

If it is factual that Liberal government policy is a full-scale emulation of WEF policy, then it is fair to ask the following question:

Is the ruling government of Canada working for the World Economic Forum, or the Canadian people? Another critical question: if establishment media do not expose this dynamic, does it mean that they too are working for WEF?

In fact, the Liberal-WEF connection has been a long time coming. Such is the way within Canadian society. First the damage is done in a covert fashion. Then, at the point when nothing can reverse the process, the public begin to comprehend reality.

There can only be one reason why this social condition plays out over and over within society. Because government and media are coordinated in their methodology.

Canadians elected Justin Trudeau as prime minister of Canada. Not as a disciple of Klaus Schwab. Then again, this sort of thing is a recurring pattern. So many examples of exist it would make a citizen’s head spin–if they understood the nature of the condition.

Immigration policy. Refugee policy. Multiculturalism. Carbon taxation. Federal deficit. Diversity. Critical Race Theory. LGBT rights. Assisted dying. You name it, and Canadians did not vote for it. No referendums, no public input– no democracy?

As individual citizens, our democratic rights consist of a single privilege: a right to vote in a federal election once every four years. From there, one might conclude Canada today exists under a condition of neo-communism.

Now for the bad news: one day this smidgen of democratic freedom is going to disappear. Better get your votes in while you can.

20 thoughts on “Canadians Didn’t Elect Trudeau To Work For The World Economic Forum”

  1. “Peace, sustainability, and inclusive growth.” Arrrrgh!! I want to throw up my insides. The lying; empty; globalist/Trudeau buzzwords make me sick. Especially “inclusive.” These sulphurous mutants need to have their heads on a sp*ke.

  2. “You name it, and Canadians did not vote for it. No referendums, no public input– no democracy?”

    I am afraid that you are wrong sir. Canada is a Republic not a direct democracy. Canadians knew what they were getting with Trudeau. They knew he was for equity, advancing a radical LGBTQ agenda, killing carbon-based energy, and so on. Canadians voted for this mess.

    • So in your opinion, once Trudeau gains office it is fair and equitable for him to make very political decision independent of the will of the majority?

    • For starters we are under UK rule.the 1982 constitution acts were not finalized.This government was corrupt from the start.The elected officials left the door wide open. If you know anything about history in every country every constitution should read WE THE PEOPLE! Now go to You tube type in the swearing in of Justin Trudeau and listen carefully. He pledges his alegence to the Queen not the Canadian people. He’s broken every law you can think of but it’s not over its just beginning and the collapse of the great reset has begun.

      • not 30% perhaps closer to 27%

        Almost 380,000 unaccounted for, or lost/late ballots through StatsCan
        would have made a huge difference in where Canada would be today.

        Trudeau appears to be illegally in office and loyal to foreign interests.
        It’s not Ok…

    • I am not afraid… you are misinformed – Canada is not Republic! *Canada is a constitutional monarchy and a parliamentary democracy…* Canada is a constitutional monarchy and a parliamentary democracy, founded on the rule of law and respect for rights and freedoms. The government acts in the name of the Crown but derives its authority from the Canadian people.

      Canada’s parliamentary system stems from the British, or “Westminster”, tradition. Parliament consists of the Crown, the Senate, and the House of Commons, and laws are enacted once they are agreed to by all three parts. Since Canada is a federal state, responsibility for lawmaking is shared among one federal, ten provincial and three territorial governments. The judiciary is responsible for the interpretation and application of the law and the Constitution and for giving impartial judgments

  3. I am puzzled at how credence is given to this group identifying themselves as a World Economic Forum. A group that should be more referred to as the Club of Rome redux. The Church of the Latter Day Econologists. Scientology has greater credibility than this assemblage of over remunerated social busy bodies whose goal, we presume, is to make the world a better place. Unfortunately in the better world they would create only those things of which they approve would be permitted. And that is a very long way from being a better world.

  4. The irony here is the fact that those who did vote for him have no idea of what’s coming.

    They know nothing of Trudeau’s connections with the WEF, what that means or what it means for their future. They’re fine with just listening to his talking points, which are generally a mix of woke ideology, divisive rhetoric, and blown up commentary about their achievements. They don’t bother with what policies his Government has implemented.

    It’s particularly galling for those of us who know what the plans are because it doesn’t seem that we can do anything to change our fate. We saw what he’s capable of when people try to practice their democratic right to protest. I’m using democratic pretty loosely since it’s more than clear that that particular concept has slipped away without his voters noticing. For us to have any chance of stopping any of this, we need full hands on deck.

    It doesn’t seem that will be achievable since far too many are still clueless as to what’s going on and where it will take us. Not only that, but we can’t make them aware since they’ll just be called conspiracy theories. I have no doubt they’ll wake up someday, maybe when all of Trudeau’s policies affect them.

    Unfortunately, by then it will likely be too late to do anything since we won’t be functioning as a democracy anymore.

  5. We the people, for the people, by the people. We the elite, by the elite and for only the elite. We the people never referred to the citizens…but we all fell for the double meaning. Same way the Charter was written for them as well.

  6. “Full hands on deck” is never happening. Too many sheeple rendered lethargic and apathetic, and it was decades in the works.

    “Slipped away without his voters noticing”? More like, do they even care about it?

  7. Do you really believe that? He covered up his associations, and no voting canadian asked for what he has done. Who would think that democracy could be undermined by one asshole?
    Hes a traitor to canada…pure and simple


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