Canadians WANT Internet Free Speech Crackdown Say Canada Race Relations Foundation

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A poll has been commissioned by the Canadian Race Relations Foundation that surveyed 2,000 randomly selected Canadian residents  from January 15 to 18, 2020.

“Of those describing their politics as being on the left, 81 per cent said they were more worried about hate speech and racism than limiting freedom of speech.”

Cultural Action Party of Canada has written a number of articles which speak to the issue of recent Canadian public polls. Permeating the messaging is  skepticism regarding the accuracy of recent political polls.

For example, a recent Angus Reid poll informed our citizenship that Justin Trudeau may well heading toward a return to a majority government if and when a future federal election occurs.

In no way does CAP buy their finding. For our money, Justin Trudeau is likely the most hated politician in Canadian history.

Indeed, bias oozes from a proclamation that Canadians are actually choosing internet censorship in any capacity. To be caustic about the situation, what else would a sensible Canadian expect from the Canadian Race Relations Foundation?

All the power-players within society are on board with the general concept. The Liberal government, of course. If Trudeau’s Liberals desire censorship on the internet, than by default so do CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail, National Post and Toronto Star.

Why wouldn’t they, when social and alternative media are direct competition?  Moving to a third globalist power-player, there is no doubt at all that the “experts” within Canadian academia feel the same. Likewise for Canada’s multicultural industry, which due to decades of tax-payer funding via multicultural policy, expect everything to go their way. Frankly, they are damn used to it.

“Hate speech and racism are things that have always been with us, but social media platforms allow them to be disseminated under the veil of anonymity to much wider audiences,” said Mohammed Hashim, executive director of the Canadian Race Relations Foundation.

“The fact that most Canadians see this as a problem is all the more reason why our government needs to make online hate speech regulation a policy priority,” Hashim said.

The Question No One Will Ask:

Within this impediment upon freedom of speech, will the following historical pattern regarding racism in Canada be maintained:

The fact that racism is a “one-way street”— an exclusive social dynamic of white on non-white prejudice. Or, will Canada’s controlling institutions move to a “progressive model”– one in which racism from non-white entities toward Anglophones and Christians become part of the racism and bigotry dynamic within 2021 society?

In other words, Mr. Mohammed Hashim, will your endevour degenerate into a veritable “witch hunt.” Considering the fact that these social conditions have been for the past 50 years cast-in-stone, CAP are not getting our hopes up.

Of course, two can play at the game of immutable belief systems. Through this entire debacle, we cling steadfastly to several concepts.

One being that the number one force in society that perpetuates racism in Canada is Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Another is that the ultimate goal in all of this is a transition of “Old Stock” Canadians into a demonized community within society.

It remains to be seen if the crackdown on democracy-based freedom of speech achieves an equilibrium among all  identifiable ethnic and religious communities in Canada. CAP recommend our Old Stock communities peoples do not spend their time holding their collective breath.

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder(est. 2016)



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  1. No way Canadians want Free Speech crackdown, this is what the government wants so they are pushing it on us, as usual. Is this not how communism begins.


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