Canadian TV Host SLAMS “White Canada” After Don Cherry NHL Incident

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Hypocrisy. Where would Canada’s liberal-left movement be without it?

Example # 1–

The Danforth Child Killer Syrian Refugee incident. Despite tangible evidence to the contrary, CBC and establishment media in Canada claimed the killer to be a “mentally-ill” lone wolf. Never mind the fact that his brother had a full arsenal of semi-automatic machine guns in his apartment, as well as ample ISIS-type propaganda information.

The Danforth Refugee Killer has absolutely no connection to militant Islam--case closed.

In contrast, consider the mass murderer in Christchurch incident in Australia in March, 2019. You may have heard of it–this is the case where media claimed 51 people were murdered, without a single photo of a dead body  being posted in the media.

What was the reaction? There is a direct connection to the Quebec City mosque shooting perpetrator, Alexandre Bissonnette. The mass murder proves the validity of “white privilege.”  From there, media expands into a generalization that white people are intrinsically racist.

Example # 2- The Don Cherry incident. Here, Hockey most colourful personality calls out new Canadians, immigrants and the public in general for not wearing poppies on Remembrance Day.

Conclusion: Don is a racist sob, after which he is promptly fired from his job.  Several days later, CTV Television Host Jess Allen informs our nation that “white boys” are spoiled brats who perpetually benefit from “white privilege.”

Condemnation from CBC? Nothing, zero, zilch. How doe we know this? Because CBC has not covered the Jess Allen Story period. Why not? Because the Trudeau government instructs them not to.

Conclusion: Total, unabashed hypocrisy. A surprise? Of course not– we now live in Justin Trudeau’s post-nationalist nation. Within this social structure, white Canadians are racists. Non-white Canadians are the oppressed, and nothing shall change this liberal-globalist assault upon Anglophone Canada--at least while King Trudeau still wears his crown.

Bottom Line: Mainstream media trans-fer the Don Cherry incident into a racist generalization against white Canadians. Who would expect anything different?

CAP wouldn’t. Justin Trudeau, along with commie advisor Anglo-Canada hater Gerald Butts, have trans-sitioned Anglophone and Christian Canada into the nemesis communities of Canada.

For what purpose, you might ask? It’s very simple–this is in preparation for stealing Canada away from our people. Once this is accomplished, the globalist destroyers will rationalize the theft by way of stating that “whitey stole the land in the first place.”

This, fellow patriots, is our ruling Liberal government. This is immigration minister from Somalia, MP Ahmed Hussen, as well as Trudeau advisor Gerald Butts. Additionally, this is international banking, media powerhouse George Soros, United Nations, as well as geo-political Sikhism and Islam.

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This propaganda project is perfectly  illustrated by the Don Cherry/Jess Allen debacle. CBC ignore the whole thing, while CTV, Globe & Mail and Toronto Star spin the story in the direction they always do in contentious cases regarding racism in Canada.

It’s all white Canada’s fault. Racism is a one-way street of Anglophone on non-Anglophone bigotry. There is no such thing as, for example, Muslim on Christian bigotry. Sikh Canadian prejudice against Hindus? Doesn’t exist. Religious supremacy among militant Islamics–sorry not covered within  University of Toronto’s “social sciences” departments.

Speaking of education, patriots would be wise to note the following: Canadian media, and Canadian academia, are literally joined at the hip in an approach to racism in Canada.

McGill, York, Ryerson, UBC–regardless of location, Canada’s leading universities are anti-Anglophone. Try searching the various social sciences course descriptions at these institutions. Search on religious studies or gender theory and the like on their websites.

Here is what you will find: A litany of anti-Anglophone racism. Dozens and dozens of visiting foreign professors teaching Canadian children to hate their identity, national heritage, and basically, to hate themselves.

Media are the same. Why the coincidence? Simple answer: Because none of this is a coincidence. It is, in fact, a covert government mandate.

Government. Media. Academia. All 100% aligned in ideological viewpoint– white Canada bad, everyone else good. What is the purpose of this ubiquitous Anglo-bashing brigade?

To steal Canada away from the descendants of the founders of our nation. To steal the country from those whose predecessors established freedom, democracy, rule of law, governance, habeas corpus, jurisprudence, and our justice system.

Now, under so-called “normal” circumstances, what would be the proper action for the leader of our nation to take? You guessed it–to PROTECT Canada from this imposition.

How does Justin Trudeau respond? Simple– he is leading the decimation!  Was it not King Justin who tacitly branded our people racist by way of his plethora of grovelling apologies to Sikhs, Muslims, Jews, Gays and Transgendered? Damn right he did.

This, in turn, established Anglophone and Christian Canada as malevolent racists. Outcome? Events such as the Don Cherry/Jess Allen debacle.

Now, as Old Stock Canada are forced to endure another four years of bashing and trashing white Canada, the time has come to reflect–particularly for the citizens of Western Canada.

Should the west throw all this in the trash bin, and separate from Trudeau’s nascent Third World Canada? Perhaps. After all, Justin Trudeau has thrown the West into a trash bin–so why not “fight fire with fire?”





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