Canadian State Broadcaster CBC Promotes Transgenderism For Children With Film Clip

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Stephan, Nemis, Bracken and Jason are very different kids living in very different parts of the world, but they’re united by a deep love of drag.

Child star Nemis (a.k.a. Queen Lactatia), 9, lives in Montreal, and with the help of his “momager,” he loves pushing boundaries, from selling his merch at a local fetish store to judging a vogue ball in a downtown bar.

The four children in Drag Kids have never met, but they’re coming together for the first time at Montreal Pride to perform a group number to Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” and to compete in an all-ages vogue ball.

Why is the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, a government-funded institution, (meaning tax-payer) so fervently dedicated to the promotion of sex change for children? As may be expected, Cultural Action Party Of Canada has an opinion on the topic.

Transgenderism is a component of a globalist agenda. This particular element focuses on trans-forming males into passive sissies. Why would they do such a thing?

One reason is purely business. Sissies purchase more clothing than real men, as well as spending major dollars on cosmetics. The cosmetic industry is a GIANT business controlled by international globalist types.

There is more: switching up the sex of male children also serves to sterilize these people. No more babies, at least not natural ones. Adoption, yes–but within Canada most adopted children are originally from the Third Word. Which component of the Canadian demographic indulge in sex change most? Of course, this question has NEVER been posited within Canadian media. There are no published studies available, there we must guess.

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Based upon what is seen on the streets of urban Canada, 90% of transgender are Anglophone or Francophone Canadians. Generally, our Third Word communities do not indulge.

Bingo–there’s your answer. It’s about population CONTROL. Trans-form males into passive(and and Liberal-voting) sissy types, rendering them incapable of reproduction. This is the true agenda at play. Naturally, Justin Trudeau is all-in on this one. Therefore, so are the media institutions he controls–none more so than the CBC.

You will NEVER READ this within establishment media in Canada. Transgenderism for children often results in depression, confusion, regret and suicide– not to mention three times the risk of heart attack and stroke.  Still, media say nothing. Treating transgenderism like a walk in the park, everything is coming up roses as far as state-controlled CBC is concerned.

As responsible parents, Canadians must push-back against this insidious form of globalist propaganda. If not for ourselves, for our children, and their children.


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