Canadian Society Infiltrated By Muslim Brotherhood Says Court-Recognized Terrorism Expert

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The report is “intended to focus public attention on the requirement to have a national level discussion(it has never happened) on the Muslim Brotherhood and its role in Canada,” said Tom Quiggin, the former Privy Council intelligence analyst who authored the study.

Mr. Quiggin, a court-recognized expert on terrorism, wrote the study without government or private funding. “Questions need to be raised about the accreditation, public funding and charity status of the organizations involved,” he said.

If one cares to try this simple exercise, do a google search on the words “Canada Muslim Brotherhood.” If your experience is like ours, readers will find not a SINGLE Canadian media article which references the Muslim Brotherhood.

In 2016,  British Prime Minister David Cameron ordered an investigation into the Brotherhood’s activities in the U.K. and alleged links to violence and extremism.

In Canada, the government has not taken action directly against the Muslim Brotherhood.

 Surprised? Don’t be ridiculous– CBC have yet to expose anything related to this nefarious situation. The original article from National Post appeared in the year 2014 –as in, previous to “Supreme Leader” Justin Trudeau. Believe CAP when we tell you that 2020 media in Canada will NEVER publish an article of this nature.

What changed? In CAP’s humble opinion, media control in Canada has shifted to the United Nations, Communist China, and Nation of Islam. The common thread, you ask? Even if you don’t, we say it is billionaire banker George Soros, his international media empire, as well as his democracy-eroding Open Border Foundation.

Also in our opinion, these are the exact entities which in 2020 employ PM Trudeau. As in, his “boss-men,” the folks the “fakir” must report to in terms of his progress on the job.

“Ihsaan Gardee, executive director of the National Council of Canadian Muslims, declined to comment on what he called a “foreign political organization.” But he said the NCCM was not affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood.”

Writing in the Winnipeg Free Press, Mr. Gardee called an article about the Muslim Brotherhood co-authored by Mr. Quiggin a “conspiracy-laden diatribe that, in a sweeping stroke, smeared our long-standing Canadian organization as ‘terrorists’ and despicably suggested we intend to destroy Canada from within.”

As CAP supporters know, we think NCCM have a direct connection to the highest levels of the Trudeau government. From this uber-power playing not-for-profit, into the ear of half-Pakistani MP Iqra Khalid. From this founder of M103, into the ear of half-Somalian Cabinet Member, MP Ahmed Hussen.

 Finally, from Hussen into the ear of another Canada-basher, boss-man Justin Trudeau. Then, not-for-profit organizations inform society  that “white privilege” is a dominant force in Canada.

But who actually maintains privilege in this regard? John Smith, automotive mechanic  in Orilla, Ontario--or NCCM and their direct connection to the office of the prime minister?

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It’s all so absurd as PM Justin continues to walk Canada down a path towards our domination by way of United Nations, China, and geo-political Islam.

On this basis, CAP believe the days of democracy within our society will soon be coming to an end. The destruction began in 1968 with Pierre Trudeau, and the end-game is being forced upon our country by son Justin Trudeau.

— BRAD SALZBERG, CAP Founder(est. 2016)

3 thoughts on “Canadian Society Infiltrated By Muslim Brotherhood Says Court-Recognized Terrorism Expert”

  1. Your comments are so true. Wish more people would wake up to this. So where do we start what can we all do to work together to change this.We cant even get a trader PM out as of yet.

    • I believe once the conservative party has a new leader that there will be a non-confidence vote. I have to believe because the alternative would be war on our streets. Also Dave, I believe you meant to say Trudeau is a traitor not trader. Take care.

  2. With all the moslem refugees the PM brought in he has started the HIZRAH the immigration occupation of CANADA by Islam. He subscribed to the U.N. SYSTEM OF moslem immigrants in turn supplied BY THE organization of ISLAMIC COOPERATION who sends only moslems.AS THE PM IS A COMMIE AND IS PROISLAM Too there is further influx of moslem refugees. As a consequence CANADA is now on the path of becoming an islamic state.ADD IN THAT CANADA IS NOW ALSO CORRUPT WE HAVE A PERFECT STORM For canada’s destruction especially as no one seems to care.


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