Canadian Schools Provide Platform For Anti-White Racism

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It’s getting more extreme by the day. We refer not only to a Liberal government attack on freedom of speech via internet censorship, but also a fast-growing social trend within PM Justin Trudeau’s “post-modern” society.

Cultural Action Party facetiously refer to this as “the running of the Anglophone.” It’s serious business– so much so that the suicide of Ontario school principal Richard Bilkszto has been attributed to hyper-aggresive Critical Race Theory propaganda dissemination in the Canadian public school system.

Not that you will hear this messaging from mainstream media. Over the past decade–in tandem with PM Trudeau’s placement on Canada’s political throne– public education in Canada has transitioned toward institutions promoting racism.

Post-modern racism has taken on brand new colour scheme. Rather than degradation of Canada’s “racialized” communities, the tables of bigotry have turned.

In 2023, the target is whitey. Virulent racism toward Anglophones and other European-derived Canadians is now the order of Canada’s educational day.

Bilkszto’s career as an educator spanned 24 years, in which time he was an advocate for anti-discrimination and public education. This month, he took his own life. He was 60 years old.

His crime? Stating that “the United States is more racist than Canada.”

It took someone called Kike Ojo-Thompson from the KOJO Institute of Canada to grind Mr. Bilkszto into the woke liberal mud. Make no mistake– these people are militant-minded.

The haters do not mince words. “Whitey” is the nemesis of society, and all challenges to Canada’s racialized communities flow from this immutable fact.

This week, a Peel District School Board teacher in the Greater Toronto Area has stated that  “he and other educators were forced to attend a ‘Diversity, Equity and Inclusion’(DEI) session containing Critical Race Theory (CRT), attacks on white people and claims that merit and objectivity are linked to whiteness.”

Upon which CAP speak of the extent of condemnation emanating from Canada’s political class. Simply put– there has been none. Not a City Councillor. Not a Mayor, MLA or MP. Not a single elected official has the guts to stand up and condemn hyper-aggressive black “educators” for spewing their vitriol at light-skinned Canadians.

Blimey– our educators feel the same as our politicians, who feel the same as media, in addition to other controlling institutions in Canadian society.

A war on whitey? Is the future of Canada staring our communities in the face, or what? A critical question it is– one in which, ironically, our largely Anglophone media industry refuse to address.

Holy Cow– they must all be in on it together. Of course, the agenda of attack couldn’t have escalated to its current level without the support of PM Trudeau and his Liberal government.

They don’t much like Anglophones either. Away from the media spotlight, Trudeau has been eroding Anglo-Canadian representation within the federal government.

Mr. Trudeau’s recently adjusted Liberal Cabinet contains just seven Anglophone males out of a total of 39 members. The rest derive from our PM’s preferred classes: Quebecois, Homosexuals, Muslims, Sikhs, Blacks and MPs from Hispanic communities.

Down in the mouth, accused of racism, the Feds are currently corralling our communities into the doghouse of society. Media breathe not a word about the phenomenon.

What it all amounts to remains unspoken: the re-imaging of Canada through systemic programs of vengeance toward the descendants of those the woke hold responsible for their problems. A white Canadian may have spent their whole life working hard, paying their taxes and staying on the right side of the law.

For Kike Ojo-Thompson, the Peel District School Board and the rest, it makes not a spot of difference. “Guilty” is the verdict, as supported by the Trudeau government, media and academia.

We recall similar phenomenon from 20th century history. Guilty for being of the wrong race. Guilty for advancing the wrong form of politics. Guilty for protesting government ideology. Guilty for having the wrong skin colour.

You would think this Kike woman might have learned a thing or two from such historical realities. Say no-go. The woke warriors don’t care. They want what Justin Trudeau wants– social revolution, an inversion of traditional power structure, their “pound of flesh” in Shakesperean terms.

Let’s all chant: together, we will solve racism in our country by shifting the racism from black people to white people. It’s the kind of jejune thinking that Justin Trudeau loves.

The panel featured four black PDSB employees, including vice-principal Melissa Wilson. In her introduction, Wilson said her academic practice “is informed by Critical Race Theory, anti-colonial education and black feminist methodologies.”

Lord help us. Can it be that nothing short of community wipe-out will do for Canada’s woke warriors? The rhetoric is as extreme as what came out of 20th century fascist Europe during the second world war.

All perfectly acceptable to Trudeau and the Liberals. Fine and dandy for Canada’s entire political class. Media go moderate on interpretation in the press.

An ominous socio-political dynamic, or what? Peel School District Vice-Principal Melissa Wilson:

“So myself as a Critical Race Theorist, even though I know there’s no biological substance to this identity as black, I do identify as a black female.”

Groan. A blithering idiot is she/her/they.

“If you identify as white, or people identify you as white in our society, then you are more likely to be seen as normal, pleasant, acceptable and really not pretentious at all.

Lord Almighty– what a crime. Whites are not pretentious. On this basis, let’s close up the country shop, and deliver Canada to China on a gold-plated platter.

The fact that this tripe remains acceptable within contemporary society tells patriots what they need to know about the future of our “Old Stock” communities.

It is to be decidedly anti-white. Leading the procession is the greatest community divider in national history, so-called son of Pierre Trudeau, current prime minister Justin Trudeau.

Wilson added that “if we are avoiding talking about things such as racism… and if we are also not talking about other structures of power, such as colonialism, patriarchy, heteronormativity and so forth, then (what) we’re left with in whiteness is this idea of individualism.”

A finer batch of woke trash talk cannot be found. And to think that government-media-academia all tow this line of hatred toward Anglophones and other Canadians of European heritage.

The crime of the century it is.

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