Canadian Schools Brainwashing Students With LGBT, Transgender Propaganda

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The LGTBQ indoctrination never ends. Children in schools must be brainwashed. According to Lifesite News, In the latest edition of Professionally Speaking, the June 2019 publication of the Ontario College of Teachers has another article pushing once more the inclusive classroom.

It’s written by Lisa va de Geyn and titled, “Teaching LGTBQ Students: Six steps to creating an inclusive environment for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, two spirit and queer learners.” There seems to be no end to this sexual and student-confusing propaganda that is being pushed in society and forced upon Canadian children.

The teacher must not QUESTION in any way the LGBTQ ideology. The teacher’s role is to  SELL the sexual alphabet agenda to the staff and students.Teachers are to embed LGTBQ content in their lesson plans. Students are to be sexually brainwashed and given good marks for demonstrating that they have been solidly indoctrinated.

Teachers are also told to check out resources from the activist group Egale Canada: “The Every Teacher Project on LGBTQ-Inclusive Education in Canada’s K–12 Schools Final Report, “Supporting Your Gender Diverse Child: A Guide to Support Parents, Guardians, Trans, Intersex, Two Spirit, Gender Diverse Children” and “Youth in the Ontario Education System Report.”

What an enormous waste of taxpayer money and resources. In Justin Trudeau’s Canada, transgenderism has been pushed to the forefront of society. While transgender demographics are unknown in Canada, south of the border in the USA a mere 1.6% of the population are transgendered.

The numbers are bound to be similar in Canada. So why the FULL COURT PRESS to indoctrinate our nation with transgenderism? How does this benefit society in general?

Answer: It doesn’t. In fact, it undermines the moral fabric of our nation. It also opens the door to psychological and physical abuse of Canadian children. What does Canada’s Minister of Women’s Affairs, Middle Eastern import MP Maryam Monsef have to say about these ALARMING social trends?

NOTHING. How odd. Our Minister of  “Women & Girls” has nothing to say about injections of dangerous hormone drugs into the bodies of teenage Canadian girls. Perhaps one should not be surprised–Monsef also has nothing to say about the Islamic practice of female genital mutilation–CONFIRMED to have occurred upon Canadian soil.

What an oddball of a Minister she is! Of course, she was appointed by Justin Trudeau–therefore, we know straight away that choosing her was nothing more than multicultural optics intended to capture the Third World vote.

What a strange,strange government we have. The Liberals are a giant mass of contradictions, lies and deceptions.  Speaking of these “qualities,” no leftist movement deals in hypocrisy more than the Trans-pushers.

Transgenderism for children is a social abomination. Canadian education systems advance LGBT dogma like it is gospel truth. It is nothing of the sort. The mindset of this movement is CAST-IN-STONE. They do not listen, they do not compromise, they do not CHANGE.  Kinda reminds a person of the Nation of Islam.

Unlimited abortion, they DEMAND. No-age-barrier sex change surgery in Canada. No discussion or debate permitted.

Frankly, these elementary school principals and teachers are coming across as FANATICS. Parents of their students have NO SAY in the sexual education of their children. Put up, SHUT UP, and back off, say these sanctimonious school-teachers.

It is obvious Canada’s elementary school system has morphed into a sexually totalitarian institution. This is the TRUE post-modern Canada. Government now have the ability to extend their reach into the family home, and if they are not happy with what they see regarding LGBT issues, they can PULL THE CHILD out of the home, thereby throwing the family into chaos.

This is Justin Trudeau, and his Liberal government. Sunny Ways? Oh, for sure, eh? Equality amongst ALL Canadians. Don’t think so, Justin Timberflake.

Transgenderism for Canadian children is a sign of a sick society. The Trudeau government advocate ON BEHALF of transgenderism. Professors, Principals, Teachers and school  boards ENCOURAGE sex change for children. Media dare say NOT A WORD.

This is the real world of transgenderism in Canada. The rest– indoctrination, propaganda, obfuscation of truth, child abuse, psychological abuse BE DAMNED. 

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in Ontario, the parents of a 6-YEAR OLD student filed a lawsuit accusing a teacher of psychologically DAMAGING this young child. What did the school and school board have to say?

No surprise– they took the sanctimonious HIGH-ROAD, while bringing in leftist lawyers to deal with the legal fall-out. There was NO CONDEMNATION of the teacher whatsoever.

Compromising bunch, aren’t they? What a farce. A perfectly healthy child is TRAUMATIZED by LGBT indoctrination. She ends up on a child psychologist’s couch. Degree of empathy from the school principal–ZERO. Degree of understanding from the school board? Not a DROP.

This is Justin Trudeau’s Canada. No surprise, our Globalist King of Kings is fully on-board with transgenderism, INCLUDING sex change for children. At the very least, MR. HUMAN RIGHTS is neglecting human rights abuses in the name of the LGBT industry.

This is what occurs when an incompetent person becomes prime minister. Lacking training in the core components of the role of PM– education in law, economics and political science, Trudeau’s only option was to trans-ition into an IDEOLOGUE.

The ideology is globalism. Globalism advances transgenderism, along with the entrenchment of Islam into western society. Massive debt is critical to the agenda. Justin Trudeau has created the largest federal deficit in HISTORY. Globalism promotes a “no border” agenda for democratic nations. See Justin invite ILLEGAL refugees to Canada.

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Truly, the examples are ENDLESS–the very reason you won’t find ANY of them exposed within establishment media in Canada.

Sex change for children is a societal SCOURGE. CAP predict this industry WILL FALL–despite the prime minister of Canada’s FULL endorsement of any and all aspects of the LGBT assault upon society.




15 thoughts on “Canadian Schools Brainwashing Students With LGBT, Transgender Propaganda”

  1. This is misogyny; Drag queens are very offensive to women. They are grotesque hypersexualized caricatures of women. They mock women and debase womanhood and femininity. A drag queen is no different than a racist donning black face.
    They teach our sons that women are just sexual objects and it teaches our daughters that they must be overly sexualized to be desired. Enough is enough. We say NO more to a political agenda aimed at degrading women and sexualizing children. We say no to gender appropriation!

  2. Well our society in their weaker moments have opened the Pandora box and let out all 16 letters out into our society, what I find so difficult is how does our school boards approve of this acceptance and teaching and prompting LGBT, now we want to let our 6 year old children decide what they want to be Unbelievable, and the bigger disgrace is where is the parents to stop this in our schools, I guess they just want to make big money. We will never applaud the consequences Drag Queens in our schools we need to give out heads a shake and stop this before it getrs further out of hand.

  3. The world does not have to change to accommodate the 2%. The 2% must compromise and fit in with the other 98% All you need to teach kids is to have RESPECT for ONE ANOTHER

  4. Keep politics and sex far away from children until they are 19 old!!!!!!! At young ages they have no idea what are you talking about it!!!!!!

  5. Canada is one sick degenerate society now. Trudeau is the poster boy for the film annihilation of the West. How Canada voted this globalist fool into government is astounding. Trudeau thinks abortion is wonderful, too. No discussion permitted and those actually showing what abortion is are labelled intolerant.

  6. Its just sad the delusion that these people have fallen into. Satan rejoices over the fallen state of man, and the angels weep over it. It is up to us to pray for these people that are obviously ill of mind and for the leaders that legalize things like this. Lord have mercy.


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