School Board in Canada Excludes Whites From Attending Career Fairs, Social Engagements

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The Waterloo Region District School Board (WRDSB) in Ontario, Canada says it will be hosting a career fair restricted to non-white people.

According to Western Standard News, “White teachers will be excluded from the school board’s upcoming Celebration of Belonging to be held at the Education Centre on May 30th, 2023.”

Historically speaking, ethnic segregation took on legal form in the United States with the passage of Jim Crow laws in the 19th century, segregating black and white people in all aspects of public life, including attendance of public schools.

“In 1958, Martin Luther King, Jr., served as an honorary chairman of two youth marches for integrated schools, large demonstrations that took place in Washington, D.C., aimed at expressing support for the elimination of school segregation from American public schools.”

In 2023, the woke academic movement in Canada are pushing for a return to racial segregation. Only this time out, it’s white people who are being excluded. Irony drips from the pages of their proposal as, in theory, the so-called educated class are presumed to have learned something over the past 75 years.

The lesson in plain English: segregation by race and ethnicity is a bad thing. Results come in the form of resentment, public anger, and social conflict.

CAP wonder about the nature of  Canadian academia’s “progressive” plans to exclude specific ethnicities based on skin colour. Is their motive social empowerment, or rather,  a form of payback toward those considered the slave-drivers of modern society?

Call us simple-minded, but we say the academic motivation is found is the fine art of vengeance. The woke want their pound-of-white-flesh. Most ominously, both government and media in Canada agree.

Where is the calling out of Anglophone racial segregation at the hands of mainstream media? Why do CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail and Toronto Star hold back on condemnation of these practices?

Cultural Action Party will answer first: because the federal government of Canada want it this way. The nature of Justin Trudeau, in addition to back-up woke quarterback Jagmeet Singh of the NDP Party, being fully on-board with this social development.

These people like to play the long game. Media won’t speak of it, but for insightful Canadians, the writing is on the wall. Institutional powers in Canada are working on their post-modern model for Canada as we speak.

The tacit goal is nothing short of social inversion. Trudeau, Singh and a cabal of half-citizen globalist MP’s are pushing for a post-modern goal: the rise of “racialized” Canada to the top of our social totem pole, and the transition of Anglophone Canada to a powerless, second-class citizen community.

As we said, they are playing the “long game.” In this capacity, no entity is as skilled as the government of China. The behind-the-curtain, silent game being their political speciality.

Embracing the vision is the prime minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau. It so happens that the longer this man remains in office, the greater the exposure of China’s influence on his political success.

‘Auditor General Says She Won’t Probe Donations Made To Trudeau Foundation’

For anyone who finds this news shocking, CAP has a bridge to sell you in Vancouver called the Lion’s Gate. Obvious and apparent, the Liberals have shut the door on this investigation. Call us simplistic in our thinking, but for us, this means the Liberals are guilty as charged. Or more accurately, not charged.

Back in the woke world of anti-Anglophone hatred, the Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board (HWDSB) is “holding a party restricted to non-white workers.”

Why stop here? Why not spread the sentiment throughout the entire Ontario public school system, then Canada as a whole. In the hallways of academia, they call anti-white exclusion “social equality.” Outside the woke bubble,this is called “racism.”

Academia don’t care, nor do government. Racial division results in social conflict, and it’s exactly what the woke doctor ordered. For what purpose?

CAP has said it before, and we will say it again: when a covert plan exists for social and political re-imagining of a nation, the quickest way to get there is to cultivate racial conflict.

Founder of communism Karl Marx conceptualized it, and the forces behind Justin Trudeau’s “woke revolution” employ it. Against the media grain, CAP has always considered Justin Trudeau to be a political prostitute. Throw money his way, and he will be on his knees wearing an East Indian Sari outfit faster than you can say “Vaisakhi.”

United Nations, World Economic Forum, World Sikh Organization, Political Islam, Communist China, LGBT, Transgenderism. Pump his fist full of dollars, and Trudeau come running to tie your shoelaces.

Not once has media alluded to this factor. Trudeau is a money-hound– in addition to being a raging narcissist. The globalist powers of the world have him where they want him, and are loathe to let go. Hence, ten years of the destroyer of democracy.

With the colonial founding of Canada as a silver bullet, the woke warriors continue to inch our nation along its path toward the demise of freedom and democracy. The branding of “whitey” as ubiquitous criminal being integral to Justin Trudeau’s socialist revolution.

3 thoughts on “School Board in Canada Excludes Whites From Attending Career Fairs, Social Engagements”

  1. Forty years ago me and others like me were called conspiracy nuts and racists for warning about this. Canadians did nothing about it. Apparently it took too much effort to actually think. Then when they demonized and marginalized gun owners and made them the GREAT evil. Canadians did nothing but kneel and kiss the boots of their master hoping to make them happy.
    Now they are outraged that white people are to blame for all the evils of the world and must be marginalized and demonized for the sake of equity by the great SHINY PONY.
    Wake the hell up CANADIANS ARE 100% responsible for the destruction of our Canada their mental and moral laziness have led us to this always crying something should be done!!! But never by them. We as a people spit on the graves of those young men who stormed Juno beach to stop a tyrant and yet we kneel for our home made one. Our grandchildren will piss on our graves for giving away their birthright of freedom and liberty because it was too uncomfortable to fight for it.
    NO politician can save you as their ALL corrupt. For that matter all institutions are too.
    Hint whenever they say obey find a way to disobey. It is the ONLY way to rebuild your spine.

  2. This is a downhill slope for Canada! A slap in the face for those who built this country! USA, here we come! Who is with Alberta?

  3. “United Nations, World Economic Forum, World Sikh Organization, Political Islam, Communist China, LGBT, Transgenderism. Pump his fist full of dollars, and Trudeau come running to tie your shoelaces.”

    You forgot organized Jewry Brad, what’s up with that?


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