Canadian Refugee Lawyers Cry Foul over Legislation to STOP Illegal Border-Jumpers

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In a case of mistaken irony, the Canadian Association of Refugee Lawyers are up-in-arms not about illegal border-crossers, but rather pending legislation intended to impede ILLEGAL ENTRY to Canada.

“Janet Dench, executive director of the Canadian Council for Refugees, says substantial changes to immigration laws ought to be given a full hearing in Parliament, rather than being slipped into a fast-tracked budget bill.”

“Dench says her members — including more than 100 Canadian organizations that work directly with refugees and immigrants — are in a STATE OF SHOCK  over the proposed changes, calling them a devastating attack on refugee rights in Canada.”

These people are always in a state of shock when anything stands in the way of Canada serving as an international repository for the troubled of the world. Regardless of the fact it is the Canadian TAX-PAYER who pays room and board for the illegals, people like Dench believe Canada exists to improve the lives of non-Canadians– funded, of course, by Canadian citizens.

— B. Salzberg



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