Canadian Public Schools Providing Graphic Sexual Images To Young Students

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Children are being taken OUT OF SCHOOL by people who do not work for the school and taken to the houses of adults or to conferences where they are given instructions on how to PERFORM VARIOUS SEX ACTS  WITHOUT THE KNOWLEDGE OF THEIR PARENTS,  who are not permitted to know this is taking place.



3 thoughts on “Canadian Public Schools Providing Graphic Sexual Images To Young Students”

  1. Shame on this idiots !!! i hope his own kids will suffer for what he is doing to Canadian people with his ignorance, stupidity and sick sexual mind fuck you trash trudeau … you and your fucking father are both shame to Canada we should deport you to india so can keep dancing with them and shit on the street !!!

  2. So funny how every single one of these stories we hear never has the perputrator identified. Not once. False accusations and made up instances. Boulboul made it up and conspired with her family to perpetuate the lie.


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