Canadian Pub Bombarded With Hate Mail After Trudeau Appearance

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“Everywhere I go, I get slandered, libeled, I hear words I never heard in the bible.”

Little did 1960’s pop-harmony outfit Simon & Garfunkel know they would be describing the fate of a Canadian prime minister fifty years after the song’s recording.

You can’t take him anywhere in public. From British Columbia to Prince Edward Island, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is ubiquitously disliked. Naturally, it has nothing to do with his popularity as a political candidate. Trudeau won three elections in a row, and could likely win a fourth if he chooses to bless the ballot box with presence next time out.

It’s a curiosity that’s unprecedented in Canadian history. Then again, what isn’t within the world of post-modern politics?

“A P.E.I. pub has pulled photos of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau from its social media accounts after getting a barrage of hate-filled comments and phone calls. Trudeau had lunch at Lone Oak’s Charlottetown pub during a brief stop on the Island.”

Justin Trudeau is one heck of a polarizing figure. Unanimously hated by “grass roots” Canadians, our PM has proven himself to be wholly selective in community support. The PM only concerns himself with  the so-called “oppressed” of our country. His zeal is such that one would believe his goal is one of social inversion.

The idea is not complex: Trudeau is tasked with promoting racialized, homosexual and 3rd World citizens until they dominate Canada’s power structure. Sikhism and Islam are to supercede Christianity as Canada’s dominant religions. In response to the ravages of colonialism, Anglophone-European citizens are to be relegated to unspoken-of second class status. Branded racists and bigots, Old Stock Canadians are corralled into doghouse of society.

In terms of political science, this endeavour qualifies as a “social revolution.” With Canadian media under control of government, these pursuits are referred to as “social equality.”

“To see a group of individuals, who have never even visited our establishment, who are taking a political stance, to make threats against our brewery, to say that they are going to take us down, that they are going to wait until we declare bankruptcy until they finish with us, that was really hard for our staff to see,” said the Pub owner.

Translation: These people really, really hate Justin Trudeau. In Prince Edward Island, no less. Not that he is going to take it lying down. Behind the scenes, the PMO is doing what is expedient to thwart public awakening to the neo-communist agenda of government.

Trudeau is going to shut us up. The Canadian hills are alive with pending internet censorship. Call it anything you like– the Liberals do. Misinformation, hate-speech, racism, so-called “Islamophobia,” xenophobia.

Whatever the politically correct moniker, the bottom line is basic: those who speak out against government are going to be in trouble with government. Trudeau has trotted out  prime examples– Trucker Protest organizers Tamara Lich and Pat King.

“The Liberals and the NLP (New Lapdog Party) voted 174 to 146 to force the Commons Heritage committee to stop debating Bill C-11, the government’s Internet censorship bill. The Commons ‘closure’ motion also demanded members of the Heritage committee approve the bill and send it back to the Commons in under 36 hours.”

A determined bunch, aren’t they? Away from media exposure, it’s a mad race to the neo-communist finish line. Can Justin Trudeau and haircut-deprived Censorship Czar Pablo Rodriguez shut down free speech before the entire country comprehends the true nature of our PM’s quasi-Liberalism?

“Liberal Malpeque MP Heath MacDonald said the goal of the prime minister’s visit to the pub was to help out a small business. MacDonald blamed ‘right-wing extremism’ for the campaign against the P.E.I. pub.”

Can CAP get a witness?  “Miner For a Heart of Gold” Justin Trudeau pops by to encourage small business ownership in pristine Prince Edward Island. When things go wrong, the fault is found in “right-wing extremism.” 

The source article comes from the CBC, the only major media outlet covering this recent  Trudeau egg-on-his-face moment. What will transpire as a result?

CAP will go first: nothing at all. As it applies to every Trudeau-related faux pas. In fact, let’s make that the entire political structure in present-day Canada. Anyone else get the feeling that every element of federal politics is locked-in and pre-determined?

Mr. Trudeau could stand on his head on the Great Wall of China wearing rainbow-coloured socks and nothing will change. All of it indicative of political structure within a socialist dictatorship.

“Political commentator and journalist Rick MacLean said the political landscape is getting nastier in Canada and he points the finger at the U.S.” says the CBC.

Right– the problem originates with the United States of America. Nothing to do with Trudeau’s dedication to the international cult of woke warriors. Separate and apart from the PM’s stewardship as a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader. An incessant commitment to the Nation of Islam? Love and affection for China, Cuba and Khalistan?

No– according to Trudeau-funded CBC News, the fault lies with our democratic neighbour to the south. Can we not discover a country’s political orientation by which nations of the world it chooses to align itself with?

Canadian media are anti-American(democracy), and pro-China(communist). Surely a red flag should be popping up at any moment regarding this ominous political environment.

It won’t happen. With media in his back pocket, Justin Trudeau has transitioned the role of prime minister to everything his globalist masters planned for it to be.

8 thoughts on “Canadian Pub Bombarded With Hate Mail After Trudeau Appearance”

  1. Dear Brad,
    Your rant against PM Trudeau is so, so unfair to the great majority of us. Using American divisive politics by denigrating the party in power, fully elected in our democracy.

    The ability to govern a huge country like ours is, by necessity, aimed at the majority. However, a good democracy should be sensitive to the concerns, rights and obligations to all of the people. The best way to accomplish this is by supporting those in power and helping them to make the right choices.

    Don’t whine and be constantly negative, but contribute suggestions for making things better. Ontario’s, Doug Ford’s popularity went up significantly when he praised the co-operation between the federal and provincial governments during the early stages of COVID-19.

    You might follow this tack.

    Ronald Frith

    • “The ability to govern a huge country like ours is, by necessity, aimed at the majority.”

      This is a fundamental of democracy as it applies to Canada by way of our constitution. Does Trudeau follow this creed? Not at all…he does the very opposite with his loyalty to the MINORITY…Islam, Sikh, Transgender. Our position is an immutable as Trudeau’s is.

    • Man; you took a wrong turn. The CBC doesn’t “live here.” Cold; hard reality lives here; not Trudopian ideology. BTW–Thinking positively–Canada will vastly improve when the “Woke” Trudeau gets his ass whipped. If ever; with naive people continuing to vote for this dangerous cretin. Wake up Ronald. Your freedoms are being stripped away, and you don’t see it happening. Thanks to Trudeau and his gang of embarrassingly incompetent “Cabinet” misfits–Who do the master’s bidding–The WEF almost has this country in the bag. Mark my words–If Trudeau continues to get his way; it will not end well for this desperately sick country. Refreshingly; You can disagree on a forum like Brad’s. Not so much the CBC et al. The conservative viewpoint is almost universally censored by people who allow only one narrative. The “Liberal” one. Honestly; If you want real balance; continue to read columns like this one. It may seem negative; but only if one’s ears are soft from the empty MSM candyfloss. No one is “whining.” What you disparagingly call “Whining” is actually people beyond sick of the communist direction this country is headed. If you will; call it justifiable complaining.

      If you fail to see that; some day you will wake up to full Trudopia. People won’t be whining; they will be horrified. It’s a pity that you cannot see the writing on the wall….And actually SEE what’s happening–other than what a duplicitous Trudeau feeds his “trusted” (paid off) propagandized media to say. Ronald; take some time to read other (non Trudeau paid) media. BTW–Ford? Covid-19? Really?? Ontario needs to give its head a violent shake. Increased popularity???? I guess the good sheeple of Ontario need a fat sugar daddy to whisper sweet nothings in their ear; when he locks all of them down again. (For their own good of course.) Rhetorically speaking; I guess you were in favor of all the enormous economic/societal/physical/mental/family/medical damage/deaths that that (proven; over and over) unscientific foolishness caused?

      In conclusion: Trudeau visiting a small business in PEI? Pourquoi? I thought there were no small businesses remaining. Trudeau and the feckless premiers–Ford among them–Crushed them into the dirt. “For their own good.” SCIENCE!!!!

    • What? How much did TURdeau pay you for this palavering Pollyannish diatribe?

      If the national media in this nation was actually independent and not a paid off propaganda arm of the Liberal Party (using own own tax dollars) then the talking heads in our media might well be shouting TURdeau down as well. In fact the only source independent thought at the CBC, Rex Murphy, has been shown the door over some bogus ethics scandal and he, a very balanced thinker, considers the current PM and most of his party akin to something one needs to scrape off their shoes occasionally.

      Meanwhile we have a head of government in TURDeau who has been embroiled in ethics scandals on the order of nearly 1 major scandal every year since ascending to the PMO and he has not even had his wrist slapped.

      Are you aware that the TURDeau foundation set up by his father, to be a tax shelter for the multiple millions of dollars the Pierre made LOBBYING THE CANADIAN GOVERNMENT ON BEHALF OF CHINA AND THE CCP THAT DESTROYED NORTEL WITH CORPORATE ESPIONAGE, has seen donations increase 500% since he became PM. Are you aware that that same foundation is also a MAJOR STOCKHOLDER in Acuitas Therapeutics which holds the sole patent for ‘Nano-Lipid delivery system technology’ which is a requirement of every single Covid vaccine produced by every single company that makes them? Is it any wonder that he forced those shots down the throats of as many Canadians as he could? Are you aware that the health minister of BC that approved them KNEW FULL WELL BEFORE HAND THAT THEY WERE INEFFECTIVE AND POTENTIALLY LETHAL? DO YOU NOT THINK THAT IF SHE KNEW THAT THEN THOSE AT THE FEDERAL LEVEL ALSO KNEW IT?

      There is a time to be polite and restrained when voicing ones opposition to a government and/or its leader. But this is NOT one of those times. This is a time where people need to be heard and make themselves to be heard, things have gone so far off the rails as a direct result of the actions of this hypocritical quisling TURDeau, people are suffering and dying due to his contempt for decency and integrity and those who posses and act with it that it is now time for Canad to have its own Oliver Cromwell and for the government to be aware if not fully afraid of the Canadian people…you know….TURDeau’s EMPLOYERS.

  2. Dear Anonymous

    You must be a trudope lacky. Wow. Brad’s rant is more than fair. Trudeau has proven over and over again that he does not like us Canadians. He does nothing for Canadians, he is nothing but a puppet carrying out the goblist’s plan….

  3. Cancel Culture is Really FUNNY and GOOD when it happens to a Liberal’s and/or NDP’s !
    from Cooking Lake, Alberta.

  4. Blackface has proven numerous times that he does not like Canada or the people. Blackface would much rather cuddle up to the communist regimes of china .Blackface has shown that he and his party (that includes you JASMEET) are more in line with Russian propaganda (censorship) than with Canadian values


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