Canadian Province Rejects “Anti-Hate” Policy Of Trudeau Government

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In early 2022,  the Canadian Anti-Hate Network was criticized by a newspaper columnist for including the Canadian Red Ensign, our country’s flag until 1965, as a potential hate-promoting symbol.

The document states the flag has been “appropriated by white supremacists to symbolize their desire to return to a time when Canada was whiter.”

How absurd it is. Have patriots heard the news? The westcoast city of Vancouver, Canada’s third largest, has recently transitioned to a white-minority city. Let us lay it on the line: it is virtually impossible for our country to return to a time “when Canada was whiter.”

The Canadian flag as white supremacist agenda is the brain-child of Minister for Multiculturalism, Liberal Cabinet member Ahmed Hussen.

Mr. Hussen, half-citizen refugee from Somalia, has never cared for Canadian society. In boss-man PM Justin Trudeau’s Canada, branding our country racist and white supremacist has transitioned to the order of the day.

MP Hussen is in good company. Half-citizen of Syria and Minister of Transportation Omar Alghabra is cut from the same cloth. So too M103 “Islamophobia” founder and half-citizen of Pakistan, Iqra Khalid.

Together with National Council of Canadian Muslims, Ms. Khalid fashioned a critical piece of post-modernism. M103 is designed to protect Muslim-Canadians–and no other community– from racist behaviours in our country.

From this seed was born federal government programs like the “Anti-Hate” initiative. Now, it turns out the government of the province of Saskatchewan hate the Anti-Hate program.

“Canadian Anti-Hate Network executive director Evan Balgord said the organization stands by the content in the toolkit, which is meant to prevent bullying, violence and keep kids from “being recruited into hate movements.”

Does such a condition validate what is in essence an anti-Anglophone federal government campaigns implemented from coast-to-coast in Canadian schools?

For CAP, hate is in the “eye of the beholder.” This point is fundamental to the discussion, and therefore omitted from media narrative. Under the Trudeau government, racism is a one-way street.

The so-called anti-hate curriculum declares racism against whites to be an impossibility. A presumptuous pile of tripe it is. Are Canadians to believe that prejudice towards “Old Stock” Canadians cannot occur in 2022 society? One could argue that CBC, a division of our federal government, maintain anti-white policies as we speak:

“I, John Doe,  have submitted a request to police to investigate statements published by the CBC. The statements, originally authored by Ms. Sandra Inutiq in her February 17, 2019 op-ed Dear Qallunaat (white people) (“the article”), I feel, have likely breached section 319(2) of the Criminal Code by amounting to a willful promotion of hatred against European Canadians.”

The case went nowhere, but the point is well taken.

According to CBC’s statement, throughout the years 2021-2022:

Invert the hiring policy, and what do we discover? How about the potential for Anglophones to be refused employment based on skin-colour and ethnic identity?

Media couldn’t give a damn. In 2022, CBC, CTV and Globe & Mail work for the Trudeau government, who in turn work for 3rd World Canadians, migrants and refugees.

Anti-Hate, or Anti-Anglophone?  The government of Saskatchewan are unimpressed with MP Ahmed Hussen and his hypocritical anti-racism campaigns. Will other provinces join the campaigns? Apart from Alberta, chances are slim.

The irony continues to flow through the veins of Canada’s body politic. Branded “systemically racist” by Justin Trudeau, Multiculturalism Minister Ahmed Hussen’s Anti-Hate program is systemically prejudiced against Canadians of European extraction.

5 thoughts on “Canadian Province Rejects “Anti-Hate” Policy Of Trudeau Government”

  1. “I soooo enjoy dancing with you; my anti-White soulmate. Hold me closer Ahmed. Darling; When you become pregnant; I’ll chestfeed our spawn.”

  2. Ahmed, the poster boy of immigrant/refugee ingrate fomenting hate towards white Canadians that let him in to the most welcoming country in the world. I think we need to re-examine who we let into this country and who the hell we let into government to lecture us on how racist we all are because of our white skin color. He ought to be grateful for all that ‘whiteness’ that Canada is that he is even considered an actual Canadian citizen and a MP in our woke parliament no less.

  3. This is a disgrace why can’t old stock white Canadians cry racism. The Muslims are the most rasist ever and Islam has vowed to kill us how stupid can we be. Omar sack o shit is a low life abuser


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