Canadian Premiers Turn Their Backs On Trudeau’s LGBT Agenda

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Three strikes and you’re out? It may apply to baseball, but it will take more–likely much more– to strike out Liberal government-backed transgender promotion for Canadian children.

Why our federal government support this odd-ball agenda, to which critics apply terms such as “physical mutilation,” is a tough call. To this day, Cultural Action Party is unsure of what the actual upside is, if anything.

Three Canadians provinces and the Premiers who run them have now taken a stand. First came Blaine Higgs of New Brunswick, who initiated Policy 713 earlier in the year.

“Despite blowback from the legacy media and leftist politicians, including Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, New Brunswick’s Education Minister Bill Hogan says he’s committed to the decision to require parental consent for gender transitions at school.”

So PM Trudeau is in love with transgenderism. So what. Does this mean our entire country must bend to the will of a gang of pseudo-intellectuals working to systemically brainwash our children into going “trans?”

CAP has alluded to the phenomenon in the past. We look at it as a binary condition: either parents are in charge of the family unit, or the role goes to government.

Within authoritarian societies of 20th century history, government maintained jurisdiction over the family unit. It was like this in the former Soviet Union, as well as during the period of Nazi occupation of European nations.

Like it is in China today. Interestingly, not once has media mentioned so much within articles published on the topic of LGBT, and the promotion of transgenderism within the Canadian public school system.

Now, two additional provinces have gotten in on the action. According to True North News, Saskatchewan’s Education Minister Dustin Duncan has announced  that they will be standardizing pronoun and naming policies by requiring consent for students under the age of 16.

“Parents must be included in all important decisions involving their children,” sayas Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe. 

“Our government has heard the concerns raised by Saskatchewan parents about needing to be notified and included in their children’s education.”

Oh boy– the Feds won’t like this move. Minister of Gender Marci Ien is borderline fanatical regarding LGBT/transgender promotion. Add to this uber-LGBT pusher, MP Randy Boissonnault, who in 2016 was appointed by PM Trudeau to be ersatz “Minister of LGBT.” The position has since been cancelled.

Along with Trudeau, these Liberal Cabinet Ministers are the top people-kind on the transgender totem pole. Make no mistake, it’s a daunting structure, inclusive of dissemination of LGBT “education” for children of all ages.

Somehow, someway, a critical point is being perpetually omitted by government, in addition to media and Canadian academia.

CAP set up the scenario:  let’s say a group of school trustees from the Toronto District School Board made a proposal for teaching theoretical physics to students in Grades 3-5.

Chances are it would be denied, based on the fact that student cognition remains below the level of comprehension of such material.

Do tell, snowflakes of Canada– why is it a different situation when speaking of human sexuality? How well do children who have yet to reach puberty understand the concept of sexual identity? To what extent does a 9-year old child comprehend the nuances and complexities which make up the sexual realm?

The answer is nothing. How then do you, Ms. “She/Them/They,” justify an indoctrination of our children on this basis?

Answer: They don’t– because they don’t have to. This movement is supported by the federal government of Canada. Their endorsement means that feeble-minded elementary school teachers can usurp parental input on the subject of a child’s sexuality.

Add to it a plethora of pushy LGBT advocates and their constant whining about “homophobia,” “transphobia” and the rest of the post-modern malarky.

“Manitoba Progressive Conservative Premier Heather Stefanson also pledged to enhance parental rights if re-elected this fall, saying parents should be informed if their child is wanting to identify as a different gender at school.”

New Brunswick, Saskatchewan, Manitoba. Three strikes and you’re out? Not likely.

One must understand the way the LGBT lobby roll. They’re a nasty, self-righteous bunch who enjoy hiding behind a piece of fluff they call “inclusivity.” It’s a lie, of course. Attempt to defy their will, and see how inclusive they really are.

Upon which CAP summarize our feelings:

“Listen up, Team Trudeau–we would like our children back, thanks very much.”

The Feds won’t budge. When it comes to “woke” ideological policy, they never do. Climate Change. Carbon Tax, LGBT, Abortion, Euthanasia, Transgenderism.Cast-in-concrete, written in stone it is.

All of it pushed by the leftist cult, every bit of it endorsed by Justin Trudeau and his crew of neo-communist Liberals.

Suffer Little Children? A Christian principle it is, so you won’t find it emanating from Trudeau, Marci Ien, or any other top-level Liberal politician.

In Canada, by way of the LGBT industry and its government backers, our children are theirs for the taking.

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  1. (1) It’s time to call this faux “ministry” by its true mutilation colors: Marci Len; “Minister for the Advancement of Youthful [Testicle; Penis; Ovaries, and Breast Removal]”.

    (2) “The Feds won’t budge. When it comes to “woke” ideological policy, they never do. Climate Change. Carbon Tax, LGBT, Abortion, Euthanasia, Transgenderism. [CCP infiltration/CCP Election Interference] Cast-in-concrete, written in stone it is.”

  2. this place is an echo chamber, you provide an argument and no matter what, the conservatives are better, not allowed to debate.

    christians+conservatives > all of humanity


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