Canadian Premier To Turn LGBT Parental Consent Into Law

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A week before kids return to school in the province of Saskatchewan, Education Minister Dustin Duncan announced upcoming changes targeting LGBT indoctrination in the public school system:

“Parents will have to be notified when sexual health education is happening and what will be included, and parents will have the ability to take their kids out of the class if they wish.”

“No third parties will be allowed to be brought in for sexual health education presentations, excepting from the ministry or Saskatchewan Health Authority. School divisions also will have to pause working with third parties on sex education programming.”

“Parents will have to consent before a requested name and pronoun change from a student will be honoured in the school.”

“Remember, we’re talking about a child. We’re not talking about small versions of adults. We’re talking about children,” Duncan said.

Quite right. But don’t tell that to “Minister for Women and Gender Equality and Youth of Canada,” Liberal MP Marci Ien. Judging by her actions(non-actions), she/they/them appears to have no interest in protecting Canadian children from transgender advancement in our public schools.

How do we know this? Because boss-man PM Justin Trudeau has no interest either. His position on transgenderism is clear as crystal:

‘Statement By The Prime Minister On International Women’s Day’

“We reiterate today that trans women are women,” stated Trudeau on March 8th, 2023.

“When we invest in empowering women and girls, we help entire families, communities, and societies succeed.”

But is it the typical outcome? When the transgender wrench is thrown into the family unit, is it accurate to state that LGBT indoctrination “helps families?”

Or rather, is the opposite the case in most situations? Take, as an example, the case of a father in British Columbia. Objecting to his child’s desire to transition resulted in receiving a six-month jail sentence for breaking a publication ban.  

Away from the media spotlight, a “sub-culture” loosely titled transgender regret has grown by leaps-and-bounds. Why? Because over the past few years, the transgender “industry” has been growing like wildfire.

And why is that? A darn good question it is. Is the social development “organic” in nature? Or is it the case that those behind-the-wheel of the educational sex-change bus have pushed up the numbers through incessant promotion of transgenderism for youth?

Clearly, it’s the latter. Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe has had enough. Common sense parents can hardly blame him. Under PM Trudeau, transgenderism has transitioned to a political movement.

“Controversy has been brewing in Saskatchewan since the provincial government announced three new education policies around sexual education and pronoun changes.”

“Now, Premier Scott Moe said he intends to move them from policies into law.”

What isn’t controversial when it comes to the topic of transgenderism? Everything about the social contagion stirs up controversy among members of society. The idea that it is calculated and intentional has crossed our mind more than a few times.

Meanwhile, the New York Times informs us that a mere 0.6 percent of Americans fall into the transgender category. The numbers in Canada are the same.

Why all the fuss? Whatever the reason, no political statesmen on the planet has pushed the trans-ticket like Justin Trudeau. No downside, no health risks, no minimum age, no nothing. Without approval from a single citizen, our Liberal government has morphed our nation into “transgender central.”

“We will be introducing legislation to ensure that we take away any ambiguity around just how serious the government is on ensuring that school divisions are implementing the policies that Minister Duncan put forward.”

Scott Moe is serious, and so are Premiers in Manitoba and New Brunswick. Last week, Ontario Premier Doug Ford piped in with his two cents worth:

“It’s not up to the teachers. It’s not up to the school boards to indoctrinate our kids,” said the Premier.

“It’s the parents’ responsibility to hear what the kids are doing and not the school boards. I can’t even figure out what school boards do nowadays.”

Likely it is that Justin Trudeau understands what school boards do even less than Doug Ford. His lessons in life don’t come from “street-level” society, to which Mr. Trudeau has never belonged.

Trudeau does what his higher-ups at the World Economic Forum tell him to do. After all, it is Klaus Schwab’s WEF which created the international LGBT industry.

Within western societies that is. China, Iran, Syria, India, Pakistan, Indonesia? Forget about it. Interesting to note what legacy media in Canada never point out.

LGBT/Pride/Trans is 100% focused on western democracies. Authoritarian nations, not so much– as in not at all. In Indonesia, a person could get flogged in public for indulging in homosexual behaviour. Just last week,  PM Trudeau sat down with President Joko Widodo. Unlike his meeting with the prime minister of Italy, he didn’t mention a word about the oppression of homosexuals in Indonesia.

Back in Canada, the trans-activists are out in full force:

“A community organization representing LGBTQ+ people in Regina has filed a lawsuit against the Saskatchewan government over a pronoun policy affecting school children.”

Of course they are, and of course their lawyers are thrilled about it. LGBT activism is lining their pockets with major dollars. Citing “Charter Rights,” the advocates want to smash anti-LGBT legislation in the face.

Whether they succeed or fail remains to be seen. Still, one observation remains abundantly clear:

Millions of Canadians want the trans-nightmare to end. Canadian parents have had their fill of the militant madness advanced by so-called “educators” in the public school system.

Justin Trudeau, Marci Ien, Randy Boissonnault and the rest of the Liberal MPs haven’t lifted a finger to protect our children from LGBT-mongers. Likely it is that they never will.

Thanks goodness some of our Premiers think otherwise. Along with “grass roots” citizens, millions of Canadian parents want this social scourge removed from society.

Justin Trudeau thinks otherwise. And as we know, our PM couldn’t give a flying fig what the “little people” want. Wanna-be dictators can be like that.

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  1. The courage of Scott Moe’s government and other premieres in this country to protect basic parental rights, apparently has become major rocket science for the progressive liberal freaks bent on hijacking this country’s moral compass and the foundation of the family. Thanks Honoable Moe.


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