Canadian Premier REDUCES Immigration By 25%, Pushes For European Migrants

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According to an August report from the Canadian Institute of Identities and Migration (CIIM), Quebec Premier Francois Legault has not only fulfilled his campaign promise of reducing total immigration in his country by 20% but has actually exceeded this reduction by between 4-5%.

According to the CBCLegault specified that he would still take more French people, as well as Europeans. 

European immigrants? Never heard of them–and there are some good reasons why. Either there are none, their numbers are minimal, or the Trudeau government and Immigration Minister, MP Ahmed Hussen, have been instructed not to speak about them.

For Trudeau and Hussen, European-Canadians are an invisible people. Think about it– have you ever heard either person–or anyone else on the Liberal-Globalist-Trudeau team– ever make a reference Old Stock Canada? English Canada, Anglophone or Christian Canada?

Never. Pouquoi? There must be a reason, after all. Again, not a single Liberal MP– Chrystia Freeland, Iqra Khalid, Patty Hadju and the rest– have ever spoken publicly of any issue related to “white” Canada. How is it that the single largest identifiable community became the one least referenced? Oh,perhaps we forgot– we have been alluded to by Justin Trudeau– with every apology to Sikhs, Chinese and any other special interest group King Justin could muster up.

In other words, no Liberal politician currently holding office has EVEN ONCE made a public reference to Old Stock Canada. WHY?

CAP Moment Of Truth: Because our ruling government prefer these entities are not  part of the fabric of Canadian society. “Out of sight, out of mind” goes the old refrain. After all, the Trudeau government is a “progressive” government. As in, they are making progress on eradicating English Canada as fast as they can.

Taking a step back in history, we find several totalitarian societies indulged in a similar dynamic. When decimating a specific segment of the population, not a word was spoken in public about the agenda. Silence was indeed “golden.” Now, within modern Canadian society, total SILENCE surrounds our Anglophone communities.

What to make of the similarities? Why does Justin Trudeau want Anglo-Canadians to trans-ition to a “silent” community? CAP can only speculate on this.

Still, some light does exist for Anglophones and Francophones. The Premier of Quebec has bucked the trend. He actually mentioned the term “European Immigrants.” For Somalian refugee, MP Ahmed Hussen, this is strictly TABOO. 

Excellent– Quebec Premier Legault has done something downright heroic–he has stood up to the Trudeau globalists, the Christian-haters, the Third World-pushers, leftist immigration and refugee lawyers, Senator Ratna Omidvar, National Council of Canadian Muslims,  World Sikh Organization, and Canadian media, and JUST SAID NO.

What can CAP say about this? The man is a great Canadian. Merci, mon ami!

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A great accomplishment all-around. Well, sort of “all around.” What needs to happen–what MUST happen or English Canada is finished–is that the rest of our nation MUST follow suit. While social vulnerabilities exist within Quebec society, they pale in comparison to the decimation coming our way regarding English Canada.

Consider our state-of-affairs: Trudeau has vilified our people. Fascist governments of history did the very same. No one in government will support, or even reference our people. Silence is significant. Anglophones will trans-ition to a minority within a few decades.

Our degree of patriotism is weak(planned). Our cultural identity is weak(planned). Under King Justin, our people are prohibited from displaying any degree of PRIDE in their heritage. In an attempt to do so, we are branded racist and bigoted.

See where this is leading? Perhaps more would, if our Anglophone/Francophone media actually wrote about it. They won’t, as they now have a contract with government to tow the ideological line of Trudeau, Hussen, and the rest of the cultural assassins.

Ring any bells, brothers and sisters? “Tea With Mussolini” is a nice name for movie, but any freedom-loving individual would be loathe to live in his society.“

“The reductions that the Quebec government made as regards immigrant in-take clearly required a disproportionate cut to those in the economic category, where Quebec has jurisdiction to do so,” writes Jack Jedwab.

“It was skilled workers that faced the brunt of this cut and most came from French-speaking countries, the ones said to be the most likely to succeed in integration. Hence the reduction turned out to be little more than smoke in terms of the original purpose as described by the current government.”

Most will not be familiar with Jack Jedwab, so CAP will enlighten. Jedwab is the kind of person who rails against any variation to the status quo of Liberal-Globalism. Like NDP immigration critic Jenny Kwan, for Jedwab there is no such thing as a Canada which does not exist to serve the Third World. The concept of “populism” is anathema for those of this ilk. Ahmed Hussen , Senator Ratna Omidvar-– the entire lot of them.

Patriots think and feel differently, and these types despise patriotism, as well as nationalism. Strange– so did Pierre Trudeau, and both Justin and Alexandre Trudeau feel the same. That is, toward Canada. Ever hear one of these fellows diss nationalist sentiment in China? Iran? Somalia? Pakistan? NEVER. A motley gang of hypocrite globalists they are.

Still, there is hope. Quebec has given us new-found energy. It can be done. Of course, never will this occur with a Trudeau as prime minister, and more than likely, any Liberal Canadian government.

This is why “populism” is what it is–a movement of the people in resistance to the decision-making of government. Populism is, in fact, democracy in action. But wait a sec here– isn’t the government of a democratic nation supposed to some degree reflect the will of the public? Does Justin Trudeau adhere to this piece of political philosophy? Please–don’t make CAP cough into our Tim Horton’s coffee.

Justin Trudeau is a pseudo-dictator, and nothing more. Consider these words when heading to the ballot box on October 21st, 2019.





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