Canadian Premier Delivers Direct Hit To Transgender For Youth Procedures

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In terms of social policies forced upon Canadians by government, Euthanasia and Transgenderism are among the most contentious.

Common sense citizens shake their collective heads in terms of what has transpired. On the assisted dying front, PM Justin Trudeau is currently heading up a systemic government assault on living Canadians.

As we speak, the Liberals are contemplating a reduction of minimum age for MAiD procedures for children as young as 12 years of age. As far as government’s endorsement of transgenderism for minors, it’s even worse.

Thus far, the Feds have ignored a plea to limit transgender procedures for Canadian youth. As far as PM Trudeau is concerned, medical practitioners can begin hormone therapy and gender transition for citizens of any age.

Sound like an assault on Canadian youth to you? If it does, it should come as no surprise. Trudeau’s agenda of woke globalist transformation affects some more than others. Segmenting those affected based on community identification brings up an issue mainstream media refuse to indulge in.

Which sectors of society are most impacted by these draconian policies? It couldn’t be the millions of new arrivals coming to Canada from 3rd World nations. Unlikely it is that their religious communities indulge in any serious capacity.

No- the true targets can best be described as “Old Stock” Canadians and their offspring. Multi-generational citizens in the main, Anglophones and others of European-descent.

Irony bursts forth as concerned Canadians come to recognize a never-spoken-of paradox. On the one hand, government, media and academia rant endlessly about an “aging population and workforce.” At the same time, the Trudeau government go hog-wild on Euthanasia and Transgender promotion– both of which minimize births on Canadian soil.

To remedy the problem, Trudeau and team implement the highest per-capita immigration quotas on the planet. CBC say nothing of the rub. Globe & Mail steer clear of the irony. In the meantime, Canada’s “progressive” Liberal government pitch laws in Parliament that would not be out-of-place at a round-table of Nazi physicians during World War 2.

“Changing the name or pronoun of a child under 15 will require parental consent. If the child is older, parents still must be notified.”

According to federal government-funded trans-pushers, this is an assault on “human rights.” In the same way woke warriors claim that protecting 12-year olds from being snuffed out is an assault on individual rights.

“Promises of legal challenges appeared within hours after Smith’s video appeared on X. Former Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi voiced objections, and the current Mayor, Jyoti Gondek, called the measures an infringement on human rights.”

Well, these two would. Forgive CAP for the paranoia, but in our opinion, both of these politicians were planted into government. Tacitly, they work for Justin Trudeau and his woke Liberal army.

Ex-Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi is Muslim. Wouldn’t it be a treat to ask him his opinion on the percentage of transgendered children who come from the Muslim-Canadian community? Estimating this to be 1% of those who indulge, Nenshi and Gondek are, in fact, advocating for transgenderism for Anglo-European Canadians. Throw in a few First Nations, add the odd Sikh or Chinese kid, and that’s about it.

Naturally, the chances of media entertaining these concepts is nil. We recognize the games these people love to play. When it comes to protecting and advancing immigrant lives in Canada, they’re all over it. When it comes to protecting and advancing the offspring of multi-generational Canadian-born citizens, they’re all for an early “expiration” date.

All of which sounds positively fascist, and in truth, it is.

Alberta Premier Danielle Smith has chosen to “kick against the pricks.” For her efforts, she is to be pilloried by journalists funded by our Liberal government. A pariah fugure she shall be, dragged through the media mud for daring to defy Big Brother Justin Trudeau’s woke globalist decrees.

“Smith claims her policy is rooted in caring and love. Others see prejudice and oppression. This move will brand Alberta for years to come.”

Bollocks to this. In terms of branding Canadians like cattle, no one tops Trudeau and his crew of neo-communists. Not that this statement from media is devoid of relevancy. In fact, the statement constitutes the very essence of neo-Liberalism.

The deeper goal exists in calculated efforts to create social division.Liberal social policy consistently drives a wedge between identifiable communities in Canada. Appropriated from socialist revolutions of the 20th century, we see this play out time and time again.

Abortion: 2.5 million fetuses destroyed over a 40-year period. Founder, Pierre Trudeau. Nothing like abortion to get a population pulling out their collective hair over issues of life and death.

Euthanasia: 45,000 Canadian lives destroyed over a 6-year period. Founder, Justin Trudeau.

Transgenderism: the sterilization of Canadian youth, in contrast to government’s goal to remedy an “aging workforce and population.” The feminization of the male species, so popular among LGBT-advocates in academic circles.

“The measures go far beyond the transgender question. They require parental consent for every instance of a teacher mentioning human sexuality in the classroom,” says a journalist from the Calgary Herald.

It’s a bad-faced lie, but that’s the way Canada’s life-negating mainstream media roll. Come to think of it, it’s the same way the Liberal government roll. The synergy being some kind of bizarre coincidence– not.

“Advocates worry that children will be subjected to harassment or worse abuse by parents who don’t accept them. That is a serious concern that these rules could only exacerbate.”

Let us try to understand what Ms. He/She/They is getting at. Defaulting to the idea that, in general terms, parents in Alberta are nasty, homo-hating Philistines, a gang of LGBT zealots are out to save children they don’t know from abuse behind closed-doors.

Truth is, when it comes to sex-change for children, the trans-pushers don’t have a leg to stand on.  If a person is at an age where they have an understanding of human sexuality, let them do what they want to their bodies.

As for those too young to comprehend the nature of human sexuality, they must be protected from the wolves at the door of LGBT indoctrination.

Notice how the LGBT crowd consistently conflate these two situations? Cultural Action Party[est. 2016] can see why. The prime minister of Canada does it too– and funds the charade to boot.

Alberta Premier Danielle Smith is a great Canadian, but in no-core-identity Canada, we know what this means. She is to be dragged through the dirt like a common criminal, as perpetuated by legacy media.

Truth is, our nation is being controlled by a life-negating government. More Mao Tse Tung than Sir John A. MacDonald, at the helm stands Canada’s neo-communist national leader, Justin Trudeau.

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