Canadian Politician Ties Justin Trudeau To Pandemic Profit-Making

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In a video interview, Rick Nicholls, Conservative MPP for Ontario, delivers allegations regarding a connection between elected government officials and bio-tech companies based in British Columbia.“

“I always say ‘follow the money’. I know that there is an individual who was a campaign manager for Doug Ford who is a lobbyist, and is the founder and one of the chief principles of his strategies company here in Ontario.”

“They represent Pfizer, just to name one, but even Johnson & Johnson. There are about six pharmaceutical companies that his lobbying company represent.”

MPP Nichols then shifts focus to federal political players:

Justin Trudeau, he’s not a doctor at all. And so what gives him the right to go ahead? I heard something the other day that he has interest in a company that produces some of the particulates in the vaccine. I’d heard it’s like a 17% interest. So he’s making money hand over fist.”

Let us be clear: this is not a revelation of fact. It is an opinion– an accusation by one elected official toward another. Responsible journalism calls for this distinction.

But seeing as we have gone down this path, a second video interview reinforces some of Mr. Nichols messaging.

A YouTube interview with Dr. David Martin–an individual criticized for his Covid opinions by media– speaks of something more specific:

“Most Canadians do not realize that Canada itself, but specifically University of British Columbia(UBC,) realized in 2005 that if it was going to be relevant in bio-tech space, it had to be the research hotbed for establishing the delivery mechanism whereby mRNA vaccines could be developed.”

In the video interview, Dr. Martin claims that two British Columbia-based bio-tech companies are “the reason why both Moderna and Pfizer have the ability to deliver the [vaccine program.]”

Martin continues: “Most people would be shocked to find out that when you have the PM of Canada telling the world that the only way  to return to a ‘new normal’ is through the vaccine…that Justin Trudeau did not tell the public was that he had a financial stake in the outcome of that being the selected pathway forward.”

“Without the Canadian contribution of Lipid nanoparticles technology from British Columbia, we would have no meaningful response in what are being called vaccinations.”

Again, we interject with a caveat. One man’s opinion verifies nothing. Secondly, YouTube videos have been known to be taken down, hence the potential for a future broken link in terms of information contained herein.

What we have here are opinions of two Canadians– one an elected provincial MPP, the other a medical doctor.

As a corollary, let us reference what has been labelled the Winnipeg-Wuhan Covid Scandal. A brief review informs us that the opposition Conservative Party spent the last two years pushing the Liberals to divulge why two Chinese nationals were fired from a government-funded Winnipeg bio-tech lab.

How did Justin Trudeau respond toward a legislative procedure to investigate the details? The Liberals launched a lawsuit against one of their own MP’s– House Speaker Anthony Rota–  asking a court to block an order to produce relevant documentation.

How much more “sketchy” can the world of pandemic politics get? Cover-ups, Big Pharma, unexposed bio-tech deals. All of it eschewed by Canadian media as the strong-arm of government continue their inoculation agenda.

11 thoughts on “Canadian Politician Ties Justin Trudeau To Pandemic Profit-Making”

  1. This whole sordid affair reminds me of a scientist’s eureka moment: He discovered the molecular shape of benzene–In a dream. In his dream; he saw a snake chasing its tail.

    From there; he worked out benzene’s ring shape (hexagonal) configuration. Relevance (sort of) to todays’ article: The WEF/UN/WHO/Big Tech/Pharma control world governments. (Example; Trudeau.) Trudeau seems to control the courts/provinces. Local authorities try to bend us to the larger will. We close the circle; the majority bowing before the “mandates” of the Feds/Provincial health lords. The courts rule in favor of Trudeau; “Charter” be damned.

    We’re the tail; with the head trying to devour us. What this monstrous hydra can’t see; or comprehend–A house divided against itself will not stand. Those with eyes will see; those with ears will hear, and understand.

    The deceivers and the foolish will go on deceiving, and being deceived. It won’t be pretty. Big Pharma and a Canadian biotech company–With Trudeau enriching himself at our expense. Who would have thought?

    • I’ve followed Dr David Martin since the beginning of this pandemic. He has followed very specific ‘trails’ of breadcrumbs and evidence which is his ‘gift’.

      No way does Justin not fantasised about having the same level of power as his dictator father. He will not back down and his arrogance is palpable. In order to be successful you must have followers who are obscenely arrogant and motivatable by power and money.

      They groomed Trudeau beautifully. Think on this. He is convinced he will be successful and be the leader of Canada forever!.. like his father. His arrogance seeps from him!

  2. Dr Martin is correct and if you dig deep enough there are 2 private foundations who have benefited greatly (Clinton&Trudeau) from big pharma.
    Also the Shermans paid the ultimate price with their philanthropy but were an obstacle for big pharma rolling out COVID19 vaccines.

  3. The so-called Canadian Government has lied to the people on the Covid plandemic from the start!

    Why has Mexico cancelled ALL covid restrictions, yet Canada continues to implement draconian measures and will only increase punishment of the unvaccinated! Why is Canada prepared to pay for deaths by covid, yet have allowed the drug companies a free pass.

    If we were to charge the drug company, it would result in loss of profit. For the government to pay, limits liability and the cost is taken on by the public purse in the way of TAXES. GOVERNMENT HAVE NO MONEY– THEY ARE A CORPORATION THAT LIVES OFF THE BACKS OF WORKERS!

    Just think. You can’t go to work if you don’t have the jab and you are terminated!! Yet if you are up to date with your jabs and get covid, YOU CAN STILL GO TO WORK and SPREAD COVID!!!. How does that make sense??

  4. They’re all crooks with all the insider trading how can this be made up why push a vaccine that does not stop the virus supposedly it makes the effects not so harsh how is this proven and could it be from natural immunity.


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