Canadian Pleads Guilty To Uttering Death Threats Against Trudeau

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On November 14th, 1997, Canadian pop chanteuse Celine Dion released her smash album, Let’s Talk About Love. In 2022, Cultural Action Party don’t want to talk about love. We are far more interested in discussing the album title’s antithesis– “Let’s Talk About Hate.”

It’s a topic which should be of interest to Canadians fed up with our Liberal Government’s brand of politics. Simply put, the degree of anger, hatred, and resentment among Canadians has never been more acute than at present.

Why is it the case? While mainstream media eschew the topic, CAP has definite ideas, beginning with a basic concept: Justin Trudeau’s need to control society has stirred up more anger among Canadians than at any point in modern history.

June 20th, 2022 — Liberal Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino says he is now looking into giving Members of Parliament panic buttons to increase personal security.

In a recent interview, Mendicino states that “he has been subject to death threats in recent weeks.”

Speaking to Canadian Press, the public safety minister said “he and the police, as well as Parliamentary Protective Services, are reassessing the security of MPs after a series of threats and intimidating incidents.” 

In case interested parties believe death threats are limited to Liberal MP’s, let’s think again:

In 2017,Saskatchewan man was found guilty of uttering death threats against Justin Trudeau after posting expletive-laden comments on social media:

“If the Canadian liberal voters won’t stand up for all Canadians and demand better conduct by the Trudeau government I’ll c*t off the head of the snake myself,” said Christopher Hayes.

In August, 2021, Raymond Tatto, of Wal-des-Montz,Quebecwas arrested on charges of making death threats against Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

“Mr. Tatto threatened Justin Trudeau on social media and had real weapons at home said he was ready to die and talked about civil war.”

Just this week, a Kitchener, Ontario man  pleaded guilty to threatening Prime Minister Trudeau during a campaign stop in nearby Cambridge last summer.

“An assistant crown attorney with the Waterloo Region Crown Attorney’s Office confirmed Thomas Dyer was charged with uttering threat to cause death[to Trudeau] and uttering threat to cause bodily harm.”

“Dyer pleaded guilty to the threatening death charge, court documents confirm.”

Such a popular prime minister he is. Away from individual contempt for our PM, hatred has risen like wildfire to burn up Canadian society as a whole.

Statistics Canada recently released a report showing a drastic increase in hate crimes from 2019 to 2021. The report shows a 72 percent increase largely across religious, racial or ethnic, and sexual orientation lines.

“The study reveals an alarming 293 percent increase in hate crimes against East or Southeast Asian people between 2019 and 2020, which continued to rise from 2020 to 2021.”

From Sunny Ways to a Nation of Hate. While government, media and multicultural non-profits attribute the increased to prejudices of “Old Stock” Canadians, CAP has different ideas on the topic.

The fault, of course, lies with the federal government. Desperate to re-invent Canada as a post-modern “woke” society, the program is backing firing in a most profound manner.

Old Stock citizens hate Trudeau. Trudeau hates working class Canadians. Trudeau favours Sikh and Muslim Canadians. Old school Canadians resent his community preferences.

Is it supposed to be a coincidence that the greatest degree of public consternation of modern times developed in the wake of Justin Trudeau’s ascendancy to the throne of Canada?

According to media, yes it is. Or rather, it’s a topic rendered taboo by the establishment. Instead, all blame is off-loaded to Canada’s “grassroots” citizenship.

“Court documents show Dyer was identified in media reports and a video posted online during the Aug. 29 campaign stop. A Liberal Party staff member also captured video. Footage shows Dyer holding a poster depicting a hangman leading the prime minister to a noose.”

During the video, Dyer “expresses violent, anti-government thoughts,” court documents said.

We come to an impasse. One has to wonder what’s next on the checklist in Justin Trudeau’s neo-totalitarian Canada. Could its incrementally-applied agenda one day result in a negation of the “violent” element in the equation? Is a day coming when “anti-government thoughts” are all that is required to charge citizens with hate-crimes?

“Never say never” is our recommendation for this one. Justin Trudeau’s sunny ways have transitioned to the neo-totalitarian. Did you know? By way of the Liberal’s “social credit” application ArriveCan, citizens have been placed under house arrest for failing to properly fill out the app’s request for personal information.

How sunny is this? Not very. In fact, not at all. These are social dynamics that exist as standards within the authoritarian societies Justin Trudeau admires. In fact, security insiders say that ArriveCan is a manifestation of China’s “Social Credit” system within Canadian society.

No wonder common sense Canadians resent Trudeau’s virtue-signalling sentiments. Why wouldn’t they, when behind the veil of his support for “suffering minorities” lies a systemic loss of personal freedom?

Behind the mask stands the real Justin Trudeau. Control-fanatic of the highest order, our PM enjoys strong-arming the general public into submission. That many Canadians hate him for doing so should come as a surprise to no one.

Justin Trudeau is a hater who has created a hateful society, and as such, should pay the cost to be the boss.

6 thoughts on “Canadian Pleads Guilty To Uttering Death Threats Against Trudeau”

  1. I feel that PM Trudeau has uttered many death threats to Canadians, including imposing the Great Reset and the Green New Deal that calls for mass murder and starvation. Yet, the police do not act on these threats because the Attorney Generals won’t let them.

    It is a certain death threat to remove a person’s ability to warn others of imminent danger and to be able to defend themselves against that danger.

    • Trudeau castro is a DICK tator, who is racist ,corrupt,sex offender who committed treason against our country of Canada…Do DNA on him and you will find he is part Cuban “Fidel”….He’s the biggest welfare case in Canada…We the taxpayer pay for his residence his vehicles his food his kids private schools,his vacations ect,…We are the employer of him and all politicians, …So I say to Trudeau Castro ” Your FIRED”!….Trudeau castro can kiss my ASS! …Come yo my house and I will put him across my knee and spank his baby ass!! …That’s not a threat just a promise…Same with that lieing ,snaughty bitch freeland….The whole liberal party is a bunch of criminals along with tiger jeet singh.

  2. ArriveCAN. A Trojan Horse; minus the trickery aspect. It’s an unmistakeable; size-seventeen foot in the door–For the genesis of a social credit system. At least we haven’t (yet) arrived as a Western clone of the Chinese Communist Party. There’s still a glimmer of hope; if Pierre P. manages to blow Trudope out of his gay colored socks. And–Stays true to his convictions. I’d certainly like to see Maxime Bernier in the PM’s seat. Sadly for patriots; that ain’t likely to happen. Poor guy can’t even win a seat in the (mostly empty) House of Commons. a man w/ a solid; democratic view of Canada–And he can’t even win a seat. That indicates where we are as a nation. Apparently; too many Canadians favor having government lord control their lives. Disunity in Canada has never been greater. Thanks to one J. Turdo; champion of all things destructive to our well-being. His hatred of us is having a predictable effect. “Canada Falls to New Low on World Happiness Ranking”.

  3. Don’t Do Arrivecan, and Don’t Quarantine. If you happen to be ‘singled out’ for a Random PCR test, just refuse ! I KNOW THE LAW ! All I listed are ILLEGAL in Canada

    People are Getting FED UP with Fuhrer Trudope !

  4. If they are gonna be Jailing everyone that wants our current POS in the Prime Ministers office They gonna have to be Building a lot more Jails… Ruining our once great Country.


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