Canadian Parents Terrified LGBT Lobby Will “Take Children From Their Home”

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Fear, paranoia, anxiety. Historically, these social conditions permeated totalitarian nations which found themselves controlled by oppressive governments. Now, under the iron-clad rule of Justin Trudeau, the phenomenon has taken root in Canada.

Wait a minute. Were Canadians not informed that “sunny ways” had arrived when Trudeau first became prime minister? How’s this for SUNNY WAYS:

According to LIfesite News, after attending a series of transgender-promoting lectures in school, A 6 YEAR-OLD CANADIAN GIRL went home and  asked if she could go to the doctor so she wouldn’t have to be a “mommy” when she grew up.

The parents  contacted the superintendent and the curriculum superintendent, to no avail.

“The school board did nothing to ensure the lessons being taught were inclusive of the female gender. When we tried to raise our concerns we came up against a one-way conversation and we were handed their policies as justification,” Buffone said.

“We were told that educators know best and that they were doing a great job. And that did not match with our understanding of the situation from our daughter’s point of view.”

The Buffones then filed a complaint with the Ontario College of Teachers (OCT) in July 2018. “The OCT dismissed the complaint, explaining that even if it were proven true, it would not result in a finding of professional misconduct,” Buffone told LifeSiteNews.

In other words, a 100% STONE-WALLING of the concerns of the parents. Sunny ways? HARDLY. In reality, it’s more  like FASCIST WAYS.

State-control of our children. Not only is this not emblematic of sunny ways, it is more representative of a post-modernist brand of socialism reminiscent of totalitarian governments of history.

Naturally, one would never read anything of this nature within the mainstream Canadian media. These folks are no longer in the news business–they are in the GOVERNMENT PROTECTION business.

The school board’s lawyers are using a similar argument in requesting that the Buffones’ complaint be dismissed, stating that the education ministry has endorsed the teachers’ right to teach gender identity as they see fit, wrote Barbara Kay in the National Post.

That’s echoed by Tanya Granic Allen of Parents as First Educators (PAFE): “I regularly hear from many parents whose children have been traumatized by the teaching of gender identity theory in classrooms,” Granic Allen said.

But the scope of the problem is hidden because “parents of gender dysphoric children are terrified of speaking out for fear their children will be removed from their home,” she said.

How Orwellian. Removing children from the home based on sexual confusion of those too young to comprehend the complexities of human sexuality. What transpires as a result? These issues becomes a battle between parents, and Canadian academia and government.

Shades of the USSR? Communist China? North Korea? Correct. And this is Justin Trudeau’s Canada. Watch as the tail-lights of democracy in Canada fade away before our very eyes. We do not see it, because media DO NOT reveal it.

The trans-fascist movement in Canada is a nasty, insidious beast. The lobby has taken hold of the sexuality of our children. Government now control the sexual identities of average Canadian citizens. A child can be taken away from parents simply for SUGGESTING a waiting period before a sex change operation.

Any hesitation, push-back or dissent by a father against the removal of their 12 year old son’s private parts can result in the child being REMOVED from the home, and a restraining order issued to prevent the parent from seeing their own child.

Sound like sunny ways to you? Representative of a free and democratic society? Emblematic of dedication toward freedom of speech?

Give CAP A BREAK! The transgender-for-children is the most outrageous and overlooked social development of the modern era. One really has to shake their head at what this sanctimonious sexual lobby are getting away with.

What does Justin Trudeau have to say about it? Try NOTHING. Provincial Health Ministers? Also nothing. Doctors, Nurses, Heath industry experts, Education Ministers, Big Pharma, Legal experts, teachers– ALL NOTHING.

What is behind this? Something HAS TO BE. CAP claim much of the silence is motivated by the money Big Pharma and related corporations are pouring into struggling media companies. Therefore, complete silence.

If this is the case, how sad it is. Turns out Canada’s power-players are willing to sit back in silence while immoral acts are perpetrated against innocent children. Doesn’t sound very sunny to CAP.

Nor does it for MILLIONS of Canadian parents. These folks don’t count, of course. What counts in Canada is the 1% who are transgendered, along with their pushy and aggressive social justice warrior backers.

This MUST CHANGE, and fast. The good news is that public and parental awareness is growing. So is the push-back. For example, a group of mothers and their allies have taken to the streets to show their opposition to “Drag Queen Story Hour.”  500 Mom Strong and its male allies rallied outside the Spokane South Hill Public Library.

READ MORE: Anti-Transgender Parents Movement Protests “Drag Queen Story Hour”

End the madness. Organizations such as Parents as First Educators, Culture Guard, Cultural Action Party  and others are organizing to effectively EXPOSE AND REJECT the transgender propaganda infiltrating our children’s mind by way of our public schools and libraries. All common sense Canadians should join our movement against transgenderism for Canadian children.

As for Liberals, more than likely they will just continue on being liberal.





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  1. Wake up Canada time is come to DRAIN THE POLITICAL SYSTEM from top down, and if
    you don’t see change not vote for the same idiot again.


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