Canadian Mosque Issuing Polygamous Marriage Certificates, Illegal In Canada

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“We have no problem with the government because this is nikah [a Muslim marriage] says the Imam. Polygamy is illegal in Canada under section 293 of the Criminal Code, however it is rarely prosecuted by the legal system.


16 thoughts on “Canadian Mosque Issuing Polygamous Marriage Certificates, Illegal In Canada”

  1. Thanks to the Einstein in Ottawa, many hard working Canadian generations will be paying dearly for the refugees mess he has created and the billions in deficit wasted by his corrupt government . He has visited more mosques in the last 3 years than all the other PM combined … simply to buy votes . Polygamy and Sharia law will be next ! Watch the next rip off of the upcoming Carbon tax to finance his corruption . He can’t even build a pipeline …. complete incompetence !

  2. I agree Trudeau has all but destroyed our beautiful country. And why do they have a law that is ignored ? Another slap in the face to us by the migrants

  3. My rights are getting smaller while anyone with some Muslim religion can get exempt from playing by the rules cause Justin says so !!!!

  4. Why doesn’t this so called human take his harem and leave Canada and go back to his country rather than have true Canadians pay for this piece of shit!

  5. Blame this destruction of Canada on Trudo and those very misguided souls who voted Liberal !

    Unless Tax paying Canadians WAKE up — and SOON , Canada will have no legal religions except Islam ! This has got to be nipped . NOW !


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