Canadian Military Leadership Crumbles Under Trudeau Government

The Trudeau family has never cared much for the Canadian military. After all, the institution’s mandate to protect and defend Canadian interests is antithetical to Trudeau Dynasty political philosophy.

In a Globe & Mail article from 2009, Pierre Trudeau is described as a “draft dodger.” He was fiercely opposed to conscription(military draft) as a young man during World War 2. At the time, Trudeau was attending Harvard University, where his interest interested in Marxist ideas led to his dissertation  on the topic of communism and Christianity.

Trudeau was greatly influenced by Nikolai Berdyaev, particularly his book Slavery and Freedom. Trudeau authority  Monique Nemni argues that Berdyaev’s book influenced Trudeau’s REJECTION of Nationalism.

As prime minister, Pierre Trudeau cut the size of the Canadian Forces, sparking concern among Canada’s allies that the country was not pulling its weight on defence matters.

VIDEO: Justin Trudeau Invests $2 Billion Of Canadian Pension Plan In “Stressed Assets” In India

Fast forward a generation. Son Justin Trudeau is now prime minister. Under his watch, the top brass in the Canadian Military are being sued by government, while the general public are SHUT OUT regarding the details.

First, it was Admiral Mark Norman. Now, it is Lt.- Gen. Paul Wynnyk, second-in-command. Some analysts have pointed the finger at Chief of the Defence Staff Gen. Jonathan Vance, but Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer on Wednesday laid the blame squarely at Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s feet.

CAP have little doubt of the validity of Mr. Scheer’s comments. The Canadian military is not a globalist institution. Generally, our military VALUE Canadian heritage and identity. The degree of patriotism within tends to be high/ Our military tend to take PRIDE in Canadian values and traditions.

Therefore, SAY NO GO. The Trudeau family HATE this kind of thing. Pierre disliked nationalism–within Canada. Not so for totalitarian and communist nations such as Cuba and China.

Justin Trudeau and commie brother-in-the-shadows BOTH express admiration for communist Cuba and China. For Alexandre, add Iran to the mix. In the past, he worked as a documentary film-maker for their government. What are the chances his films expressed a dislike of  nationalism in Iran? ZERO, of course.

The Canadian military are not the Trudeau Dynasty’s bag.  For this family, Canada is a colonized nation populated by anti- Aboriginal and anti-Third World racists and bigots. No PRIDE shall be taken in our country on this basis. Military represent traditional, Old School Canada–making the institution by default a secondary concern for Justin Trudeau.

Did King Justin personally sabotage the leadership of the Canadian military? CAP do not know the answer. However, after careful observation of Justin’s decision-making over the past four years, we would not put it past him. At the very least, our PM remains indifferent to the welfare of the Canadian military. After all, these people  are generally Canadian-born soldiers from traditional Canadian families– so they DON’T COUNT.

From day one, the Trudeau government have placed Canadian veterans on the back burner. A Global News article entitled “Are the Liberals Turning Their Backs On Canadian Veterans” speaks volumes:

“Why are we still fighting against certain veterans’ groups in court?” Trudeau began after being confronted by a veteran during his stop in Edmonton. “Because they are asking for more than we are ABLE TO GIVE right now.”

In 2016, at the NATO summit, Justin Trudeau committed $465 million to Afghanistan, including $270 million for development assistance and $195 million for security support from 2017 to 2020. This is just one example. Trudeau has also delivered hundreds of millions to Syria, Iran, and Iraq.

Simply put, if the issue is not aligned with the globalist intentions of the Trudeau government, it is rendered a secondary, incidental concern. This applies not only to institutions, but also to CANADIAN PEOPLE. Much of Old Stock Canada oppose the Trudeau-Liberal-Globalist ethos. They recognize its socially destructive nature, preferring Justin Trudeau is voted out as prime minister.

Outcome? Take your place as second class citizens. Government render you disposable. They will outnumber you by way of immigration, and keep you in check by way of accusations of racism, bigotry and xenophobia. This will remain in place until Anglophone Canada transitions into a minority community. Once this occurs, this minority will NOT be privy to the minority rights Canada’s Third World communities maintain.

In this regard, the Canadian military are inconsequential. The only element of our military Justin Trudeau cares about is how they are PERCEIVED on the world stage.  What Trudeau cares about regarding our military is MEDIA OPTICS. Second to this, the PERCEPTION of our fighting forces within the United Nations.

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The goings-on with the top brass in the Canadian military are further indications of the  Justin Trudeau’s lack of concern for traditional Canadian institutions. If it isn’t about China, Islam, Sikhism, Gays and Transgendered, Justin doesn’t want to bother with it.

After all, trans-forming Canada from democracy to dictatorship is a big job. Undermining the military and other traditional entities takes a lot of effort and energy. Who cares if our military leadership is falling apart. That’s all so “2015” for King Justin Trudeau.







2 thoughts on “Canadian Military Leadership Crumbles Under Trudeau Government

  1. Trudeau knows that he cannot truly enforce the dissolution of Canada if there is a strong patriotic military in this country. He knows hat Canadian soldiers would never obey orders to put down protesting Canadians with lethal force but will turn against the oppressive government he runs. The CAF a danger to his globalist agenda so they have to be emasculated ASAP in his warped mind. Watch for more and greater powers going to the RCMP whose leadership is staunchly backing liberal policies

  2. si l armee canadienne sait ce quil faut faire en cas de crise majeure c tand mieux mais comme dit le message precedant il n agiront pas sou l ainfluence du gvt qui est sans distinction un gvt fantoche
    a mon avis la pauvretee des fc en materiel on saits tres bien d ou sa vient et sait un fait quil naime pas les fcsjai comme un peut hontes d avoir fait les fcs mais au moin j ai donner pour mon pays

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