Canadian Doctors Association Works To REDUCE Anglophone Applicants

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According to the Globe & Mail, “Medical schools used to say their job was to find the best and the brightest. But the selection method, based on grade-point averages, the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) and a face-to-face interview, has resulted in classes that fall short of some universities’ goals for racial and socio-economic diversity.

So the Canadian Medical Industry has decided to get into the racial oppression business and prevent certain candidates from medical school admission based upon factors such as a citizen’s racial profile. If they are white, they are impeded from acceptance. How racist of them.

After all, if points are reduced for an applicant based on being  Anglophone-Canadian, then this person has been discriminated  against based upon skin colour. According to the Liberal-Trudeau-Globalist ethos, this would be classified as racism. Yet, because in this instance the candidates are white, the typical racist accusations are OMITTED.

In the real world, this is known as hypocrisy, and racial prejudice. Within Liberal-Globalist non-reality, this is multiculturalism. A sensible Canadian would be hard-pressed to logically deny this accusation–but of course, the multicult-diversity bandits will push forward, defending their policy as a measure of social equality.

It is always fascinating to witness social justice warriors absolute negation of the negative impact on those who are impeded based upon having white skin. Notice how these reverse-racist activities NEVER mention a downside–the fact that while some are advanced, others are PREVENTED from advancing based upon being an Anglophone Canadian.

“Across Canada, medical schools are taking steps to shape incoming classes by offering advantages to applicants from certain demographic groups.”

See how media deliver this kind of messaging? Advantages for some applicants are a detriment to others. But of course, the leftist-globalist Globe & Mail will never position the story in this manner

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Bottom line: Prejudice against Anglophone-Canadians is hereby sanctioned to be acceptable within Canadian society. Government, media, our education system, libraries, medical institutions– all of them endorse anti-white public policy.

They decided to add a section to the application that would elicit the information they sought. They came up with more than 30 questions, many of them deeply personal and revealing, including factors such as visible minority status, sexual orientation, involvement with the child-welfare system and living with family members who suffer from addiction.

So how will this play out? Perhaps a well-qualified student with top marks will be scratched from the acceptance list because a transsexual with average marks won the bid. Is this a fair and equitable scenario? Hardly.

“We in medicine have generally been white, socio-economically advantaged and male. That’s NOT who we serve.”

 You don’t serve white people? Meaning what–if whitey walks through the door you will not serve him? In Jim Crow America, restaurants in Mississippi and other southern states hung up signs stating “we don’t serve black people.” One would think the Canadian medical industry in 2019 would have moved on from these types of policies.

So whites are being refused entry to medical school based on having light skin.  Conclusion? Diversity and multiculturalism are ideological weapons damaging one specific identifiable community in Canada- WHITE people.


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  1. All modern day capitalist democracies were created by White, right wing (mostly) Christian conservatives. If you want to turn us into a communist country what must you do? Well you have to attack the democracy creators. That’s it that’s all. It’s that simple.


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