Canadian Media’s Communist War Against The Christian Religion

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It’s a paradoxical situation which has yet to be understood by Canadians. Within our post-modern society and the institutions controlling it, chances are strong that it will never come to be comprehended.

CAP so desperately wish to understand: why is it that Canada’s controlling institutions– government, media and academia– maintain hostility toward the Christian faith?

Our prime minister certainly works out of this bag. Beneath the surface, Justin Trudeau’s primary social concerns maintain a commonality:

Abortion, Homosexuality, Pride Parades, Rainbow Socks, Euthanasia, LGBT, Transgenderism. All stand in contrast to principles of Christianity; all are the apple of Trudeau’s eye. In turn, mainstream media reflect the will of government.

Why, within a country rooted in Anglo-Christian heritage, would government, media and our academic world maintain malevolency toward Canada’s  largest religious community? Why, in direct contrast, do media ubiquitously support the Islamic faith, which at this point in time, comprise a mere 4% of Canada’s total population?

Toward a Hopeful Future: Facing Down Religious Hate, informs us that  “hate crimes against Christians jumped from 43 to 155 cases between 2020 and 2021.”

Canadian media say nothing.

“71 Christian churches in Canada were vandalized, burned down or desecrated since the announcement of the apparent discovery of graves found near a residential school in British Columbia.”

Justin Trudeau couldn’t give a damn.

How is it that Canada came to be converted to an anti-Christian society?  Can  the development be purely organic– a natural outflow of societal changes which occur with the passing of time?

Or rather, is the answer found in a systemic assault on traditional values? No surprise that Cultural Action Party go with the latter. The development of this social dynamic is unnatural. In no way is the seduction of our country and its dominant institutions coincidental.

We turn to Karl Marx and his political theory of communist revolution. To be certain, Christianity is antithetical to the socialist values espoused by the founder of communism. It therefore comes as no surprise that Canada’s anti-Christian ethos has reached its apotheosis under Justin Trudeau.

He’s a communist, and if not for legacy media, Canadians would know this to be the truth. As for the roots of our seduction, CAP attribute the phenomenon to another communist, so-called father, Pierre Trudeau.

It was he who brought Chinese communism to Canada. CBC won’t say it, Globe & Mail won’t print it, but it’s the truth. Thus began the silent seduction of our nation, of which prejudice toward Christian principles is fundamental.

Over the decades, the political philosophy of Marxism has been absorbed by media, entertainment industries, as well as government. Today, “Cultural Marxism,” aka woke political correctness, rules Canada’s political roost.

It’s pure Justin Trudeau. Abortion, Euthanasia, Transgenderism– all stand in opposition to Christian values, all are adhered to by our PM. Media say nothing. Not once have Canada’s leading journalists alluded to the Liberal-Christian dichotomy.

Upon which we recognize an incredible irony— our controlling media institutions are presently run by “Old Stock” Canadians. Publishers, editors, journalists– with few exceptions, these people derive from an Anglophone, Francophone or Christian heritage.

What gives? Why would it be that on this basis, Canadian media are so frightfully anti-Christian? Considering Islamic community animosity toward LGBT, abortion and euthanasia, one would figure CBC and the rest would be giving these communities a hard time as well. It never occurs. In terms of religion, the Christianity is an exclusive target of our press.

Why? The answer is to be found in political ideology. In communist societies, media reporting must reflect the ideological will of government. The objective of a government-controlled press is not honest news delivery, but rather an advancement of government-sanctioned propaganda.

This is why Canadian media are the way they are. Somewhere along the way, Canadian media became a branch of Canadian government.  The same dynamic exists in China, Cuba, and other communist societies.

Now, it’s part of Canada. In PM Trudeau’s “no core identity” society, media exist to shape the minds of the masses. Hence, hatred for Christianity, fundamental to Canadian society for its first 150 years.

Justin Trudeau’s “post-modern” Canada is a communist slow train coming. Christianity and its moral principles exist as a thorn-in-the-side of the successful seduction of our nation.

Globalist in orientation, western media work toward the dissolution of free and democratic nations. Historically speaking, Christianity embodies these values.

Therefore, by way of Justin Trudeau, they have got to go.

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  1. So after 3 years of the farce I am stilling waiting for even one body to be exumed. Graves with wooden crosses that burned in prairie fires with bodies from the entire local community’s that also lived and died of multiple diseases with no vaccines available during an era of a pioneering country like Canada. It hardly makes it a mass unmarked genocidal grave the lieing media would have you believe. But grievance grifters and the victim industry made billions and trudoo is a culpable moronic ingrate with his asinine remarks.


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