Canadian Media Throw Daggers At Anti-Trudeau Hero Christine Anderson

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As can be expected from mainstream media in Canada, anti-Justin Trudeau warrior and European Union MEP Christine Anderson is currently being dragged through the mud.

What makes Ms. Anderson’s appearance one-of-a-kind involves the fact that it takes an “outsider” politician to deliver a message that all common sense Canadians should have understood years ago:

“You are a disgrace,” the European Union MEP calls out Trudeau to his face during intense speech.

For Cultural Action Party, it’s a thing of beauty. Because politics in Canada has degenerated into a state of orthodox woke globalism, you won’t be hearing this message from Canadian Members of Parliament.

No– it must come from outside the country. To which we add all forms of direct, honest interpretations of the behaviour of Canadian neo-dictator, Justin Trudeau. Interestingly, the same applies to domestic versus international media. All “direct-hits” against our PM being foreign media-derived.

Unbeknownst to most Canadians, over the past week, MEP Christine Anderson has been successfully touring Canada, meeting with like-minded citizens—of which there are millions.

Her message is anti-woke, anti-Liberal, and fervently anti-Justin Trudeau. For CAP, it is heroic behaviour which should be supported by all Canadians adverse to what we call the Liberal “Woke Revolution.” If PM Trudeau has his way, and it certainly looks like he will, our country will transition from democracy to dictatorship within a single generation.

In truth, the media buzz on Ms. Anderson is not 100% silent. An article has finally appeared in the Toronto Sun, written by political pundit Warren Kinsella.

Mr. Kinsella served as a media adviser to ex-PM Jean Chrétien‘s office, and as a strategist in the Liberal Party’s  1993 election campaign task force. Kinsella ran as a Liberal candidate in the 1997 federal election in the riding of North Vancouver, B.C.  

In it, Kinsella advances the usual bromides intended to discredit those who dare support a figure like Christine Anderson. Throwing around accusations of anti-semitism is a woke standard. Of course, she’s “Islamophobic”— another nuclear bomb leveraged by the left to silence opposition to what has transitioned to a Liberal Party Dictatorship.

Terms such as “Nazi” and “neo-Nazi” flavour the ingredients of Kinsella’s thrashing of Ms. Anderson. It’s all the “usual suspects” used by media to demonize those who stand opposed to Justin Trudeau’s assault on freedom and democracy.

Sad it is that the general population buy into it. Beneath the hyperbole lies an an attack on  freedom of speech, which Trudeau and the Liberals are about to crush via internet censorship legislation.

“Based on article 195, I would like to point out that it would have been appropriate for Mr. Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada, to address this house, according to article 144,” stated Anderson at a European Union summit last year.

“An article, which was specifically designed to debate the violations of human rights, democracy, and the rule of law which is clearly the case with Mr. Trudeau.”

Beautiful, is it not? Witness as the MEP eschews all politically correct standards to speak the truth regarding Canada’s dictator-in-waiting. Or can it be that the moment has already arrived?

No wonder Canadian media hate her. One of her efforts while standing on Canadian soil relates to opposition to the arrest of a 16-year old student who committed the “crime” of criticizing the holy woke grail of transgenderism-for-Canadian-youth.

Naturally, by way of media, his crime has become Christine Anderson’s crime. Can you imagine? Standing up for this vile, despicable young man? Within the absurdity that is “pink fascism” espoused by Canada’s LGBT industry, to do so lives next door to mass murder.

Warren Kinsella:

“So why did[Conservative MPs] Leslyn Lewis, Colin Carrie and Dean Allison meet with the AfD’s Christine Anderson?”

Why did Warren Kinsella pose this question? Because it is the written material by which Canadian media brand the Conservative Party of Canada racist, bigoted and xenophobic.

This way, Canadians will be more likely to vote for Trudeau’s Liberals. The logic– or more accurately the propaganda– being infused with the following rationale:

Trudeau may be awful, but Conservative Party leader Pierre Poilievre is even worse. This is how the Liberals, together with their paid-off media partners, plan to keep Canada’s ersatz dictator in power term-after-term, and decade upon decade.

Canada is caught in a Liberal Dictatorship vice. Each day, legacy media put the screws to any and all opposition to post-modern Canada’s version of Cuban dictator Fidel Castro.

MEP Christine Anderson is a Canadian hero. Daring to defy the authorities, Anderson is dragged through the mud in her personal quest to expose the rot at the core of Justin Trudeau’s neo-communist Canada.

She gets CAP’s vote.

6 thoughts on “Canadian Media Throw Daggers At Anti-Trudeau Hero Christine Anderson”

  1. THE LAST EXPECTATION!Made some great progress to meet expectations of Canadians! There’s only 3 weeks left to observe serve our communities with that ‘Hold Your Breath’ “Last Expectation” . . . will we uphold the Law, arrest him for corruption?
    Nah, too much paperwork!

  2. Alas; it’s just not the Kinsella types who crush Christine. Alternative medias’ Spencer Fernando took the bait. A section of his article: “Unfortunately, the broader context here is that Anderson is part of a political party in Germany that is not at all consistent in defending civil liberties, and which has sought to normalize the ethno-nationalist rhetoric employed during Germany’s fascist era.

    The party also has many links to anti-Semitism, and it’s criticism of Islam has often gone beyond legitimate debate over religious values and instead veered into outright demonization.

    And – in keeping with a disturbing and growing trend – the AFD has also pushed a pro-Putin/pro-Russia narrative, seeking to blame the war in Ukraine on NATO and Ukraine itself, in defiance of all the facts.

    So, when three CPC MPs met with Anderson, it unsurprisingly drew some negative attention to the party.

    But, CPC Leader Pierre Poilievre has responded quickly with a strong statement distancing the party from Anderson….” (Paragraph spacing in original.) Et tu spencer? Source:

  3. Has anyone ever noticed not one source can ever quote anything that Ms. Anderson has ever said that is racist? They all just parrot the same idiotic narrative without ever backing it up with facts. ‘Pu**yevre’ was no exception and now we see his true colors as a leftist neocon. Pro mass migration/immigration, pro Islamic ideology, pro abortion, pro trans ideology. He is another gutless politician that plays the anti-trudeau card for votes more than pro Canadian values that actually saves this country. Don’t be fooled again people. I have renounced my membership!!! God save our land. Beware lest anyman deceive you.


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