Canadian Media Say Refusal Of Pandemic Vaccine Could Result In LOSS Of Employment

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According to CTV News, research suggests racialized Canadians are at higher risk than white Canadians of having pre-existing conditions that could put them at risk of severe outcomes from COVID-19.

“There will inevitably be a period of time in 2021 when the limited supply of vaccines will create a society of haves and have-nots. Those months will be challenging, says Alison Thompson, an ethicist with the University of Toronto.

“This is very concerning because then we have a society that is really a two-tiered society that is based on some kind of biological grounds,” she said.

So can you hear it, fellow Canadian patriots. It appears that within 2020 Canada, there is no aspect of society which cannot be broken down into an issue of privilege for Old Stock Canadians over 3rd World Canada.

Employment, Health Care, Covid 19, even biology in general– you name it, and Canada’s establishment media can attribute it to so-called “white privilege.” As if Covid is not affecting all of  society in relatively equitable proportions.

Indeed, misguided media narrative regarding all-things-Covid is a standard in the fight against the pandemic assault. An incredible amount of pertinent information is also being omitted.

Here’s one example: what shall transpire among Canadians who refuse to receive the vaccine? It took until November 28th, 2020, for mainstream media to broach this issue.

CTV is the first to indulge, publishing the following commentary:

Kerry Bowman, a bioethicist and assistant professor at the University of Toronto’s faculty of medicine, said the lack of clarity on a number of key issues  involving Canada’s rollout is “beginning to make people very anxious.”

“Because we don’t really have a clear plan yet. Or if we do, it’s not available and transparent to the majority of Canadians,” Bowman told CTV News.

Here we discover that an “expert”  has informed us that after a full year of Covid chaos, the Trudeau government do not have an organized plan for the dissemination of the precious pandemic vaccine.

Even more ominous is the following:

“People that don’t want the vaccine have an absolute right not to have it. It is their bodies without question,” Bowman said. “But that is an ethical concern because what will likely happen to people within that group is more and more opportunities may slowly be shut off to them.”

“For instance, individuals who aren’t vaccinated may miss out on returning to the workplace or could face other restrictions involving group gatherings.”

Bingo–there you have it, fellow Canadian patriots. This is the very outcome which CAP postulated from the day Covid began to permeate Canadian society. What are the tangible results of refusing the Covid vaccine?

Now, as astute followers of Canadian politics understand, our government are one in which social policies are rolled out incrementally.  When it comes to the Great Reset, a “one step at a time” is Justin Trudeau’s mantra. Dramatic, nation-transforming agendas are best swallowed in “bite-sized” portions–as card carrying globalists understand is the most effective manner.

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Meaning that more of this variety will surely unfold as time passes on. Draconian measures are already “state-of-the-art” within Trudeau’s post-modern society. No doubt the screws will only tighten with the passing of time.

CAP Interpretation: Canadian workers may well end up on Mr. Trudeau’s pseudo-socialist welfare plan as a result of this scenario. From what CAP can see, based upon Covid 19— maintaining employment may well become tenuous as heck for those who refuse the pandemic “elixir.”

Frankly, within Justin Trudeau’s “no core identity” nation, CAP has an excellent track record of predicting the ramifications of government decision making. We will not stop now.

We have already suggested that the ultimate goal of Covid is not so much an erasure of the virus. Rather, the goal is the inoculation of citizens. How far will government, media, health authorities, and Corporate Canada go to insure as many citizens as possible are hit up with the pandemic solution?

The “sky’s the limit” say  Cultural Action Party of Canada.

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder(est. 2016)



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