Canadian Media Silent As Iran Plans To Execute Pro-LGBT Activists

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“Iranian judicial authorities prosecuted Zahra Sedighi-Hamadani and Elham Choubdar and notified them that they had been convicted and sentenced to death by the Islamic Revolution Court of Urumieh.”

“The appeal comes as the country is engulfed in protest over the death of Mahsa Amini, who was arrested by so-called morality police, on 13 September 2022, for allegedly violating strict dress codes.

Meaning Amini committed the unholy crime of refusing to cover her hair in public. While this issue splashed across the pages of Canadian media, the LGBT execution case has gone under the radar in Canada.

CAP did a Google search on the name Zahra Sedighi-Hamadani.” At least 25 articles on her pending execution came up. Not one of them is sourced from Canadian media outlet.

Why would this be? What’s with the picking and choosing of social issues deemed relevant to report on?

In case readers aren’t aware, CBC News has transitioned to a news source for 3rd World Canadians and our Gay communities. Stories in support of LGBT and transgender rights are delivered on a weekly basis. Yet, for an unknown reason, the CBC decided to bury a critical example of anti-LGBT activity in Iran.

It is, in fact, a perfect story for the woke media collective PM Justin Trudeau purchased to promote his “progressive ideology.” Yet, when a choice has to be made between two of his cherished political vehicles–LGBT and Islam— the cards fall on the side of a benefit to the Nation of Islam.

“Iran’s legal system explicitly prohibits homosexuality, which under the country’s penal code is punishable by death.”

What a perfect vehicle for PM Trudeau to denounce homophobia. Yet, because it occurs on Iranian soil rather than Canadian, the Liberal Cabinet sit in silence. Including fundamentalist holy roller MPs Ahmed Hussen and Omar Alghabra.

It’s a quirky element of the equation. Some folks never criticize their own. Meanwhile, PM Trudeau leads a contingent of society– the woke liberal snowflake types– who never cease to criticize their own for historical racism and homophobia.

Ever witness Justin Trudeau and his neo-communist cabal state flat-out that making homosexuality illegal in Iran is a flagrant violation of human rights?

“The women were convicted on charges of ‘corruption on earth’ and trafficking.”

Corruption on earth? Talk about a nebulous a legal conclusion. What kind of backward, archaic sentence is this?  The answer is basic: the kind that occurs within a society in which government do exactly as they please at all times. How jealous Justin Trudeau must be.

Under the influence of our communist-enthusiast prime minister, Canada has became one heck of an odd-ball country.

Ostensibly democratic in nature, the Trudeau government and media partners support governments antithetical to historical Canadian governance. China, Saudi Arabia, Iran to name three of them.

In the Trudeau Part 2 era, mainstream media take the edge off negative reporting on authoritative nations. Could it be because a day is coming when Canada will be one of them?

“While the judicial decision and sentencing order are not public, the experts were informed that the charges concerned speech and actions in support of the human rights of LGBT persons who face discrimination in Iran based on their sexual orientation and gender identity.”

How much more blatant does it have to be? The government of Iran is violating every element of the sacred woke creed so valued by PM Justin Trudeau. He says not a word against their behavior.

Of course, he’s a hypocrite. In 2022, it goes with the territory. Cherry-picking the incidents which fit Trudeau’s ideological pursuits is a standard of media propaganda.

Iran hates homosexuals. Within their society, homosexuality is illegal and punishable by death.

Yet according to our media, Canada is a homophobic society. Don’t believe the hype. Behind every mainstream media publication lies the Liberal government, their funding, and the pursuit of an ideological agenda for national transition.

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  1. Maybe that photo of the latent Turdo should find its way to Iran….With an explanatory note. I guess they know what’s going on in LGBTWhatever Trudopia; but turn a blind eye. (If they care at all.) It’s a competition between the Chinese and the Muslims–Which nation will gain the upper hand, and eventually possesses the land. Meanwhile; They’ll put off w/ this pixie stuff….Until they don’t.


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