Canadian Media Silent As European Leaders Reject UN Migration Pact

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is facing a revolt within her Christian Democratic Union (CDU) as prominent members begin to oppose the UN migration pact recently rejected by several other countries.


6 thoughts on “Canadian Media Silent As European Leaders Reject UN Migration Pact”

  1. Why has Germany always been involved in starting almost every world confrontration? World War 1 then 2 and now at the center of the EU? The same EU who wishes to strip every nation of its sovereignty, culture and national identity? The same EU who wants to create a one world government. Sounds a lot like what Hitler wanted to do! I am glad so many nations have seen through this rouse for yet another attempt at world domination and am proud certain countries have chosen to maintain their national pride and cultural history !We will become a one world people at some point but not through rushed processes driven by leftwing politics. Everything has its time.

  2. Any and all supposedly world leaders have betrayed their country and citizens should be fully charged with high treason and public hanging


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