Canadian Media Label Pipeline Protestors A “Racist, Right-Wing Menace”

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This is of concern to me because any form of racial intolerance affects ALL PEOPLE OF COLOUR. White supremacy masks itself as anti-immigration, anti-First Nations and anti-people of colour. It’s a dangerous, divisive movement and it thrives on people EXPERIENCING HARDSHIP AND ALIENATION.



3 thoughts on “Canadian Media Label Pipeline Protestors A “Racist, Right-Wing Menace””

  1. What is racist is that the government constantly accuses the people of Canada because they love their country…….they disregard the fact that they have freedoms and rights…..they do not respect the fact that we are children of immigrants and our families are multicultural……and we welcome people from all nations that want to be Canadian and accept us as Canadians ….…..we believe in orderly LEGAL immigration……believe in preserving our borders…….believe in Canada and those that have fought for Canada…..we believe that we are a Nation that can determine our laws and do not need that laws of an unelected body imposing laws upon us…….we want to believe that Canada has a future…..and that we can maintain that future from within……..because we are Canadian……


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