Canadian Media Downplay Immigration Quota Reduction In Britain

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Referencing negative impacts on healthcare and housing, the British government has announced new immigration rules it says will reduce the number of people able to move to the U.K. each year by hundreds of thousands.”

While a similar negative effect can be applied to Canadian society, don’t go looking for the Liberal government of Canada to follow suit:

“Why Immigration May Need To Rise Again”

“Immigration targets are set to normalise at 500,000 immigrants per year, until at least 2026. While this is a record-breaking number of newcomers welcomed annually it is not enough to stabilise Canada’s population.”

What else is new? For decades, successive federal governments in Canada have been preaching the gospel of low birth-rates and an aging workforce. What CBC and corporate media have failed to reference is that government had decades to remedy the problem, yet took no action to stimulate domestic birth-rates.

What should have occured is obvious. Anticipating our aging population, incentives should have been offered by government to Canadian parents to motivate them to have additional children. The more children, the higher the monthly dollar payment to parents. Simple, and effective.

For example, the Liberals could have cut away a percentage of the billions of dollars they ship to so-called “developing nations,” transitioning the funds to a federal family incentive programs.

Instead, they relied on a panacea called “immigration policy.” Today, we experience the outcome:

“Canada has one of the world’s oldest populations, combined with a low-fertility rate (1.40 births per woman). This combination of factors makes it impossible for Canada to replenish its population with just natural-born Canadians—making immigration crucial.” 

It’s all-but impossible to underestimate the negligence involved in this breach of fiduciary duty. Fortunately for the Feds, having media in their back-pocket means that few Canadians comprehend the situation in its historical context.

At the time when our demography was 90% of European extraction, government failed to take steps necessary to ensure a reasonable median age among our citizenship. Instead, they created the largest per-capita immigration program on earth.

The result? In 2023, a rapidly shrinking Anglo-European population, based on both birth-rates and new arrival intake from 3rd World countries.

Welcome to the obliteration of “Old Stock” Canadian society? Over the past 50 years, and even before, the Liberal Party has formed a government a majority of the time.

“The Conservatives believe cutting immigration will shore up votes ahead of an election next year, because many voters see immigrants as adding to pressure on already overstretched public services and worsening a housing crisis.”

That’s in Britain, not Canada. While the social issues exist in replication of the U.K., PM Justin Trudeau wouldn’t call for a reduction in immigration numbers for all the snow in Nunavut.

“The new measures would reduce by 300,000 the number of people eligible to move to Britain in future years.”

By any standard standards, that’s a pretty serious cutback. Returning to the topic of the family unit, CAP reference the Liberal’s magnanimous dedication to families of the foreign variety:

“Family class immigration is the second most popular method of immigrating to Canada after economic class immigration.”

“Under the Immigration Levels Plan 2023-2025, Canada will welcome 118,000 permanent residents a year through family class sponsorship by the end of 2025. This includes spouses, partners, dependent children as well as parents and grandparents.”

What a wonderful service it is. Just to think, landed immigrants from China, India, Pakistan, Iran, Nigeria and other top sources of migration to Canada can full benefit from the policy.

What media fail to articulate includes several poorly understood factors:

“The family sponsorship program allows for the sponsorship of spouses, common-law partners, conjugal partners, dependent children, children to be adopted, parents, grandparents, and other eligible relatives.”

On this basis, a single new Canadian over time can end up bringing dozens of so-called relatives to Canada. In turn, government understand what average observers are likely to be unaware of.

In general, new arrivals to Canada vote for the party in power at the time of entry to our country. Additionally, new arrival families tend to vote in unison for the same party.

On a broader scale, the same can be said of entire ethnic communities. It’s one reason that Trudeau and a succession of Liberal immigration ministers love regions like Brampton, a white-minority riding located in Ontario.

Meaning that immigration policy translates to hundreds of thousands of votes for the Liberals. Trudeau knows this, and so do long-term schemers like advisor Gerald Butts and chief Liberal strategist Katie Telford.

Seeing as media refuse to reference these concepts, they are also freed from informing Canadians that family reunification is largely focused on importing non-English/French speaking elderly and unemployable migrants to Canada.

The whole thing costing tax-payers billions of dollars. Because the elderly burden our medical systems, additional pressure is placed on our healthcare industry.

“The[U.K.] government is raising the minimum income for those bringing family members to the UK on a family visa to £38,700 from spring 2024. The minimum income currently required is £18,600.”

“An estimated 70,000 people came to the UK on family visas in the year ending June 2023.”

As opposed to Canadian family reunification policy, which the Liberals have increased each year since Trudeau took office in 2015.

Sound fiscal policy? Or a ploy to transition Canada to a country with a permanent Liberal government? At a “street level,” family reunification results in hundreds of thousands of votes for the Liberal Party, nearly all of it drawn from migrants from the 3rd World.

Simply put, it’s the Liberal way. Behind every venture positioned as a positive for society, some vote-grabbing schematic can be discovered.

Beyond basic elements of fiscal prudence, something quite sinister lingers in the shadows. Cultural Action Party are not afraid to get caustic about the circumstances.

Behind the curtain of Liberal Party leadership lies the great shafting of Anglo-European communities of Canada. Naturally, Justin Trudeau wouldn’t have it any other way.

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