Canadian Media Demonizing “Anglo-Canada” To Help Establish 3rd World Domination

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“Everyone’s doing it these days” is a refrain known to many a Canadian. When it comes to 2020 Canada, CAP place this “on steroids.” When it comes to the coordinated Liberal Government/CBC/Socialist Media propaganda wars, there is indeed a “new game in town.”

This slippery slope has been manufactured with an intention of punishing our country, thereby further eroding the clout of Canadians of European Heritage.

What is slightly incredible is how the following has been overlooked. The Liberal-Globalist-3rd World whiners and moaners forgot to mention that for the first 100 years out of 153 years in existence, the people of Canada were 95% Anglophone/European.

We know the prepared response from the left by now–it’s because Canada restricted immigration to white nations. The omissions for propaganda purposes are manifold:

First of all, Canada’s was infinitely more open to immigration than Iran, Pakistan, China, India or the other countries from which our current crop of 3rd World journalists derive. In truth, these countries have minimal immigration–if any at all.

Shanifa Khan from CBC has failed to point this out. Here’s one for you– how could major institutions in Canada– government, media, health care, law— worship the hallowed ground of “multiculturalism” when:

— The term multiculturalism did not exist in 1958. No one in Canada, nor anywhere else on the planet, has ever heard of “diversity.” Degree of diversity in MP Ahmed Hussen’s Somalia? Nothing– not a damn speck exits in this backwash 3rd World nation.

How could white Canadians not “control” society–when 98% of our citizenship at the time was white? Degree of possibility government could be populated with, for example, Sikh-Canadians?

Zero percent–because there were none. How could executive board rooms of corporate Canada in 1968 be filled with Muslim- Canadians when no citizens of Islamic extraction resided in Canada at the time?

Response From Trudeau’s “Multicult Warriors?” Simple as pie–they have none. Now, add this little “tid-bit” to the mix:

Fact is, human and civil rights as a concept were not a part of global society until at least the year 1949. Did you know? The United Nation’s “Universal Declaration of Human Rights” was a post-World War 2 development, established in the year 1950.

See what CAP is driving at here? The idea that Canada was somehow “unique” in treatment of minority communities in pre-WW2 society is a piece of Liberal-Globalist propaganda. How do we know?

Because NO COUNTRY on planet earth practiced human rights protection in 1948— that’s why.

Witness as Justin Trudeau throws all this context in a garbage pail for the purpose of branding Anglo-Canadians as a  racist, bigoted community? Watch as CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail and Toronto Star eschew every single point CAP has made here.

What a wicked game they play!  Witness a pre-medicated agenda of community demonization not only from our Prime Minister— but from every establishment organization within the dying Great White North.

HIDDEN BY MEDIA: Trudeau Family-Supported WE Charity Accused of CHILD LABOUR Exploitation

“But while mental health is just one aspect of overall health, Canadian health care is not immune to the systemic racism impacting the country’s police forces.”

— Love, Global News of Canada.

Guess what, fellow Canadian patriots– law enforcement in Canada is “systemically racist.” Health Care in Canada is “systemically racist.” Our legal, corporate and media institutions are– wait for it– systemically racist.

What the heck does all this mean, anyway? CAP has an answer: if ALL fundamental institutions in Canada are successfully branded racist in this capacity, this means those accusing have a right to CHANGE THE SYSTEM.

For CAP, this hits the bullseye on Canada’s social “dart-board.” We say “be prepared” for a major societal storm coming our way–the dissolution of political/social power for “Old Stock” Canadian society.

This is the end-game, folks. PM Justin Trudeau, MP Ahmed Hussen, MP Francois Philippe-Champagne and the rest of Canada’s Liberal-3rd World powerhouse figures are gunning for your nation.

What blows CAP’s mind is something we never truly anticipated: that Canadian media would be even more spiteful and infused with a desire for vengeance than– gasp– PM Justin Trudeau.

Not exactly sure which entity “takes the cake,” but the thought is rather chilling. From our observations, CBC and corporate media have “gone off the deep end.”

They must want the very same as what Liberal GTA power-player MP Ahmed Hussen wants–the dissolution of English Canada, combined with  Anglophone-Canadians as “second class” citizens.

One way to accomplish this is what has been described: if all institutions are racist, then it follows that our pending “new bosses”3rd World Canada and its various factions– have a right to “tear that sucka down.”

This is the true agenda within 2020 Canada as media morph into a motley crew of monolithic anti-Anglophone warriors. If factual, this means that the idea of actual Canadians being in control of media is one GIANT myth.

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder.





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