Canadian Media Defend “Wacko From Wokistan” Justin Trudeau

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Branding PM Justin Trudeau a “wacko,”  Conservative opposition leader Pierre Poilievre blamed Canada’s prime minister for “allowing British Columbia to decriminalize small amounts of hard drugs, a step B.C. is now seeking to roll back.

Ejected from the House of Commons by Liberal speaker of the house Greg Fergus, the move followed banishment of Conservative MP Rachael Thomas, who moments earlier was removed for refusing to apologize for saying Fergus was acting “in a disgraceful manner.”

On the subject of “disgrace,” little can top the retort made by PM Trudeau:

“Trudeau accused Poilievre of courting ‘white nationalist groups’ with his visit to an anti-carbon tax protest camp in the Maritimes earlier this month.”

Portraying the Conservatives as racist bigots is nothing new for Liberal strategists in Ottawa. Every time the whiff of a federal election arrives, Trudeau and the Liberals dig deep into these accusations.

A tired, pathetic romp it is. It also shows how politicians who exist outside the woke Liberal bubble must be careful when it comes to spontaneous behaviours in public.

“The Conservative leader is facing questions after [spontaneously] stopping to cheer on an anti-carbon tax convoy camp near the border between New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. Justin Trudeau accused Pierre Poilievre of welcoming the support of conspiracy theorists and extremists.”

Any opportunity to slam Mr. Poilievre as a “white supremacist,” and mainstream media are all over it like white on rice. CAP has said it before, and we will reiterate:

One of the greatest impediments to a Poilievre victory is found in the idea that our federal elections are not a matter of Conservatives versus Liberals. A major obstacle is found in the fact that in our “post-modern” society, an election is a matter of the Conservatives versus the Liberals and Canadian Media.

To gain victory, you must overcome both opponents. As in, the general voting public must come to believe that media are in the business of political deception. In this regard, validation is not difficult to come by.

Trudeau’s Liberals currently fund over one thousand media outlets in Canada, including major players like the CBC, CTV, Global News, Toronto Star and Globe & Mail. If elected, Poilievre says he will cut and/or scale back the billions that the Liberals hands to legacy media each year.

We draw a conclusion: establishment media are vehemently dedicated to the Liberal Party of Canada. It makes good sense– the very reason why the concept never covers any pages in the press.

While media deliver the “race-card” on myriad occasions, Trudeau plays this game in spades, as witnessed during a speech last week at a Khalsa Day celebration in downtown Toronto:

“We have to remember and get reminded on days such as this and every day, that Sikh values are Canadian values.”

This form of race-card should be called out for what it is: hyper-ethnocentricity on the part of a PM desperate to maintain his woke grip on society. At present, Sikh-Canadians represent a mere 2% of our demography.

While some of these values likely overlap with Canadian values, there is no reason on earth why 41 million citizens must remind themselves each day that Sikh values mirror Canadian values in totality. It’s a sad little ploy to cultivate votes from one of the few identifiable communities which support the Liberals.

On this basis, Cultural Action Party [est.2016] choose to coin a fresh new term:


Justin Trudeau is as woke as they come. He wants Canadians to honour and cherish values held in countries like India and Pakistan. Thus, the sardonic sentencing of our PM.

Trudeau is more a ‘King of Wokistan’ than prime minister of Canada. Apart from the special interest communities he has pandered to each and every day for eight-plus years, no one wants him to be our national leader.

One exception is found in New Democratic Party leader, Jagmeet Singh, siamese twin of Mr. Trudeau in terms of  cultivation of a “no core identity” society dubbed ‘Wokistan.’

Or perhaps we should break the whole thing down to caustic terms. Under the iron-clad control of PM Trudeau, Canada’s socio-political environment has degenerated into a three-ring circus:

Liberals-NDP-Media. In 2024, these are the institutions controlling the destiny of Canadian society. Sad, sad, sad it is, for the long-term implications spell the end of Canada as a democratic society.

“A search of House of Commons transcripts dating back to 2001 shows the word “wacko” has been uttered by Liberal, NDP and Conservative MPs in nine previous instances. But in each case, the qualifier was not directed at a specific individual, whereas Poilievre used it to qualify Trudeau.”

Big frackin’ deal. There are far more incriminating words to use to describe Canada’s most reviled political figure. We leave it to reader’s imagination to come up with the terms.

4 thoughts on “Canadian Media Defend “Wacko From Wokistan” Justin Trudeau”

  1. One thing must be constanstly highlighed is that Justin Trudeau does not pay the media. It’s the media’s family, the public and they themselves from whom justin takes billions to fund media for his own purpose. In fact they pay justin’s salary.

  2. He sure looks at home with his turban on. Any bets he will become a Muslim after us ” old stock ” Canadians boot him
    out ?

    • He already (clearly) is a proud Muslim.


      I agree with you that he may well come thundering “out of the closet”,

      in this regard (and others)

      very publicly as his fame dwindles.

      Oprah, “The View”, Ellen and RuPaul too will likely still lend him a platform

      (provided, of course that enough cameras are present in the stadium)


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