Canadian Media Covering Up Health Risks Of Transgender Surgery And Hormone Therapy

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In the year 2018, a study was completed that reviewed 5,000 transgender patients over the age of 18 who had received hormone injections for gender transition.

The conclusion delivered evidence that transgender women who take hormone therapy are at higher risk for cardiovascular problems, such as stroke, blood clots and heart attacks.

Interesting to note that media in Canada have not once delivered this form of messaging– or anything even close– to the citizens of our nation. Why not?

“This is the largest study of the health of transgender individuals on hormone therapy ever done,” Dr. Darios Getahun, an author of the study and research scientist at Kaiser Permanente, told NBC News.

“Doctors and patients need to be aware of the possibility for increased health risks for transgender women.”

This information seems straight forward enough. There is nothing nebulous about it, nor does it qualify as “transphobic.” The format of the study is no different than existing medical studies on cancer, diabetes, or any other leading health condition.

So why is it that establishment media in Canada hold back exposure of the negative aspects of sex-change surgery and hormone therapy? Is it not the duty of media– as well as our health industry–to make Canadians aware of the downside of transgender surgery?

And yet, media has never done so. Think this a curiousity? Consider the fact that within the entire spectrum of transgenderism, CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail and the rest have not issued a single sentence that speak of the dangers inherent in sex change surgery.

“The study found that transgender women, who are assigned the male sex at birth, were twice as likely as cisgender men or women[non-transitioned people] to have the blood clot condition venous thromboembolism.”

“Transgender women on hormone therapy were also found to be 80 to 90 percent more likely to have stroke or a heart attack than cisgender women.”

Now, let’s hear from the Liberal government of Canada:

“Although progress has been made, the COVID-19 pandemic has shown us that there is still much work to be done to protect Trans and gender-diverse people in Canada.”

So stated Liberal MP Bardish Chagger, Minister of Diversity and Inclusion and Youth, on Transgender Day of Remembrance in 2020.

Seems Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government are all for protecting the transgendered – after they have undergone surgery proven dangerous–or possibly fatal— to Canadian citizens.

Note the symbiotic relationship between government and media– both have nothing to say about the dangers of sex-change transition.

Since the day Trudeau became prime minister, he has backed the LGBT industry with aplomb. Many a pride parade has been held where he has been seen waving a transgender flag with glee while prancing through the crowd.

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While everything remains sunshine and pink roses for our PM, another side of the coin lurks in the shadows.

“In a 2018 through 2020 case, the child of two divorced parents pursued hormone therapy without the consent of the father. In April 2019, the BC Supreme Court issued an order that the father may not refer to his 14-year-old son as a girl or by his original name.”

In a B.C. court, Justice Francesca Marzari ruled that any attempt to persuade the child that he is a girl constitutes “family violence.” The father was subsequently held in jail while facing a contempt of court charge in relation to spreading information about his transgender child.

Talk about divergence between government, media and reality. Within Justin Trudeau’s Canada, transgenderism for both young and old is a socially sanctioned phenomenon.

All health risks are systemically withheld from media exposure. Despite myriad examples of trauma for Canadian families, sex change surgery and hormone therapy appear as natural as spring rain.

There are no physical risks according to Health Canada. No negative repercussions exist according to Canadian medical associations. No downside exists for the Union of Canadian Nurses.  Our federal government promote the practice without a single reservation. State-funded CBC advocate transgenderism for youth on a full time basis.

Obviously, there is a reason for this social dynamic. Alternate theories run the gamut from Big Pharma profits to a pre-conceived program of male sexual sterilization.

CAP cannot confirm any existing theory. We can, however, confirm that government and media have with intent buried the truth regarding Canada’s fully-functioning  transgender industry.

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder(2016)

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