Canadian Media BURY Trudeau’s Silence On Mass Murder In Pakistan

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The Chairperson of largest student organisation of Balochistan BSO-Azad has presented a memorandum to the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau asking him to play his role in stopping Baloch massacre at the hands of Pakistani Army.

Karima Baloch demanded that Canadian prime minister, as the head of a responsible country, should play his role for the stoppage of Pakistani forces’ operations in Balochistan.

What has transpired since this request was made in 2017? Why, nothing at all. From what CAP can see, Trudeau has said nothing and done nothing regarding this agenda of mass murder and persecution.

As it happens, The Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA), one of the Baloch militant organisations fighting in the region, has been classified as a global terrorist group by the US State Department.

Justin Trudeau’s response? “A Canadian is a Canadian is a Canadian.”  It is most fascinating to witness the selective manner in which Trudeau responds to mass murder in foreign nations. China has interned millions of Muslims. Justin remains silent.

On the other hand, the treatment of aboriginals is an act of genocide, says King Trudeau. In other words, when crimes against humanity occur around the world, Mr. Virtue-Signal does not base public condemnation on the HUMAN element of the human rights equation.

Rather, the decision is based upon political optics, and selective community support. Meaning, of course, that Justin Trudeau is superficial hypocrite. His goal is to maximize the Liberal Party voter-base, and nothing more.

Yes, it seems when King Justin is caught in a dilemma of choosing between his two favourite social entities–Islam and China, he simply shuts up. This is the case with China’s mass murder of Muslims, and it is the case here with the Chinese in Pakistan.

Yet, if the culprits are Canadians–WATCH OUT! Justin will thrash you to no end. Anglophones are genocidal. White Christians are bigots. Anti-immigration sentiment is racism, and questioning refugee intake quotas is xenophobia.

However, when the culprits are non-Canadians of the Chinese or Muslim variety, suddenly Trudeau is silent as the lambs. CAP cannot think of any political or public figure who is such a pandering disgrace as Justin Trudeau.

In the past few months, there has been a form of resistance, mostly directed against Chinese presence – considered a ‘colonial’ invasion carried out in the name of CPEC. And China here might be the key word. China and, of course, Afghanistan. According to some analysts, the designation of BLA as a terrorist group could be China’s pound of flesh for allowing the designation of Masood Azhar as a global terrorist.

All this goes on beyond the purview of the Canadian public. Government and media synched up, and buried the story. This should come as no surprise. After all, Justin Trudeau and Somali side-kick, MP Ahmed Hussen, ADORE colonial invasions. How do we know? Because they are perpetuating  a colonial invasion in Canada as we speak.

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Within Canada, democracy and freedom of speech/press are earmarked for destruction. In their stead, the Liberals have cooked up an agenda of “pseudo-democracy” designed to overtake true democracy. Government control of media is one sure-fire sign of the progress the globalists are making.

It is obvious that to speak out or against the social oppression in Pakistan would be a lose-lose situation for the King of Canada. Therefore, media are instructed NOT to write about it. This in turn benefits Justin Trudeau, and assists in his quest to establish himself as an ersatz dictator within our nation.

Naturally, establishment media are there to help Trudeau achieve his personal ambitions.




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