Canadian Media Bury Sweeping Anti-Trans For Minors Legislation In America

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March 16th, 2o23: “Florida joined seven other states Thursday in restricting transition-related medical care for minors.”

As published by NBC News in the United States. As buried by CBC News in Canada.

March 21st, 2023: Missouri Senate grants approval for a pair of bills that would limit medical procedures for transgender children. The legislation that would ban puberty blockers, hormone therapy and surgeries for individuals younger than 18.

Kansas, South Carolina, Oklahoma and Texas have bills moving through their legislatures to ban care for people under 21. Texas, Wyoming and New Hampshire have bills that also categorize gender-affirming care as child abuse under state law.

Arkansas:  SB199 makes it easier to sue health providers who provide gender-affirming care to a minor, effectively bringing back the state’s blocked ban.

Mississippi: HB 1125  states that health providers cannot offer gender-affirming surgeries, puberty blockers or hormone therapy to trans youth under 18.

A run of anti-transgender for minors legislation has come to the United States. This development stands as a watershed moment within the contentious transgender revolution that has engulfed North American society.

Thus rendering the situation worthy of comprehensive exposure throughout North America, including Canada. And what, pray-tell, does the CBC have to say about it?

One should begin at nothing, and graduate toward complete silence. In no manner are government-funded media, as well as corporate media in Canada, exposing this “revolutionary” development.

Why not?

World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab residing:

“A new analysis of economic resilience offers a potential clue to which economies may be able to recover faster: LGBT+ inclusion is correlated to the resilience of a country’s economy.”

“A strong positive correlation exists between LGBT+ inclusion and economic resilience. In particular, cities that embrace diversity may reap an ‘inclusion dividend’ as they begin to rebuild their economies.”

WEF are unabashedly pro-LGBT and pro-transgender. Their propaganda is so thick as to promote a nebulous connection between human sexuality and national economy.

“June is the start of Pride month that recognizes and affirms LGBTQ people. Diversity drives innovation and success in business. Beyond the economic arguments, diversity makes life for everyone richer.”

The Liberal government of Canada follow suit. For nearly eight years running, “rainbow politics” have been a core component of PM Justin Trudeau’s political brand.

“With a disturbing recent rise in anti-transgender hate here in Canada, we reiterate today that trans women are women, stated Trudeau on International Women’s Day.”

For those who care, much can be learned from this specious pronouncement. Common sense Canadians understand that Transgenderism is anything but a clear-cut black and white issue. The subject is shot through with nuances, complexities and ambiguities.

Just not for Justin Trudeau. “Trans women are women”— end of story. Yet, the situation is so much deeper and insidious than our PM would state, as well as personally comprehend. Is his message nothing more than a regurgitation sent from on high? We note how Mr. Trudeau cannot get through his statement without playing what has become woke Canada’s most powerful political move: the victim card.

As with so-called “Islamophobia,” LGBT is positioned by the PM as a persecuted, oppressed community. This way, the messaging digs so much deeper. Another move of premeditation it is– likely sourced from World Economic Forum propaganda efforts.

Liberal MP Marci Ien, Minister of Women and Gender Equality:

“It is important to highlight the struggle, the courage, and the resilience of trans people, as well as to remember those who have been lost in the fight against hatred and discrimination.”

We witness the victim card replication– integral to victim politics as advanced by the Trudeau government.

“We strongly encourage everyone in Canada to support 2SLGBTQI+ communities, and especially trans people, in order to end the systemic discrimination that occurs based on sexual orientation, sex characteristics, and gender identity and expression.” 

“Work is underway on the Government’s recently launched Federal 2SLGBTQI+ Action Plan, the first such strategy in Canada.”

Perfectly in line with WEF policy it is. After which we pick up on the media angle. For one thing, there is none. Certainly not in terms of what is currently happening in the United States of America.

Tennessee: SB1 says that a health provider cannot “perform or offer to perform” any sort of gender-affirming care to trans minors. Doing so puts a provider at risk of lawsuits from the minor, their guardian or the state attorney general.

Utah: SB16  prohibits health care providers in the state from performing gender-affirming surgeries on trans youth, and places an indefinite moratorium on their access to hormone therapy and puberty blockers.

Degree of exposure from Globe & Mail, Toronto Star and CTV? Blink, and you missed it– because it hasn’t occurred. What can Canadians glean from such a situation? Does this stand as a microcosm for the entire Liberal Government-mainstream media dynamic within our society?

Is there a tangible “bloodline” to be discovered here? From WEF to the Trudeau government, from government to establishment media.

No wonder Justin Trudeau is about to transition the internet in Canada to a woke globalist bubble. This way, a development such as push-back against trans-for-youth in America would remain largely out of sight for Canadian internet users.

This is the format of internet dissemination in communist China. With Bill C-18, the Feds plan to emulate what the Chinese government call their “Great Internet Firewall.”

For the World Economic Forum, transgenderism is one prayer shy of a religion. Trudeau and the Liberals emulate their thinking, while legacy media work the will of our federal government.

Of course, talk like this is an act in teasing our government to ban the Cultural Action Party website from the internet. Time will tell if it actually occurs. In the meantime, trans-for-youth continues to roll within all controlling institutions in Canada.

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