Canadian Media BURY Government Terrorist Designation For Six Islamic Organizations

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February 4th, 2021: The government of Canada has listed Hizbul Mujahideen and twelve other militant outfits as ‘terrorist entities’ on its Criminal Code list.”

Other militant organizations added to the terrorist designation list include:

Islamic State West Africa Province, Islamic State in the Greater Sahara, Islamic State in Libya, Islamic State East Asia, and Islamic State – Bangladesh.

How entirely fascinating this is– but not for the reasons many may conclude. It seems fair to say a surprise is found in this example of the Trudeau government’s atypical behaviour regarding Middle Eastern terrorism.

But what really tugs at the brain cells of Cultural Action Party is found in the fact that thus far, not one word of this has been presented to the people of Canada by mainstream media.

To be reasonable, if one digs into the details of government press releases, this information can be uncovered. This is not the point. The issue at hand is why CTV, Toronto Star and the rest of media have refrained from explicit delivery of these Islamic-derived terrorist group designations.

This typical media practice can only stimulate a typical CAP response: we are forced to guess at the reason for this blatant obfuscation.

Our guesswork included what seems like a logical assumption: the information is buried because the Trudeau government has instructed media not to expose it. By why? What is it about general public knowledge that is so problematic in this regard?

Here’s a thought–what percentage of Canadian citizens would one estimate would be offended by reading a Globe & Mail headline that reveals this information?

Pretty small, one would presume. Only serious sympathizers would have difficultly digesting these facts. CAP will go with between 1-2% of citizens.

BURIED BY MEDIA: Convicted Canadian Bomb Plot Terrorist Shareef Abdelhaleem Granted Parole


Is this why the Liberals and media associates have chosen to thus far to refrain from exposing these details? CAP do not know. Yet one thing remains certain– there has to be a reason for the omission.

Working on behalf of those who voted the Liberals into power? Or working on behalf of external globalist forces?

The answer lies outside the scope of alternate media, as well as general public knowledge. And yet, based upon Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s perpetual placement of non-Canadian desires above the needs of the citizens of Canada, it appears anything is possible.

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder(est. 2016)






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