Canadian Media Bury Banning Of DEI Training In United States

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Does Diversity, Equity and Inclusion(DEI) make the world a better place?

“There is no empirical evidence that it does any good. Clear evidence exists that it can do harm.” So say studies performed at American universities such as Harvard and Princeton.

“According to a new report, studies indicate that DEI training tends to reinforce existing biases rather than eliminate them, and its effectiveness in fostering inclusivity remains uncertain.”

Just don’t tell that to counterparts within Canadian academia. While you’re at it, add Canadian government and media to the mix. 

Once upon a time in our country, media’s role was to accurately portray trends within society, inclusive of a broader social context from beyond our borders. No more. Today, maintrain media pick and choose what is to be exposed based on desires of government, and the money flowing to them in order to keep their organizations in business.

 A focus on Liberal government pet-projects like LGBT, transgenderism, Euthanasia and abortion brings the larger picture into focus. In each case, CBC and corporate media downplay public derison, keeping Canadians in the dark in terms of anti-woke legislation being passed south of our border.

Backlash against LGBT in grade schools. Popularity of the pro-life movement. Now add to this growing push-back against DEI training in schools and corporations.

“A sizable backlash against DEI has recently been taking place on American campuses, as well as in corporations and elsewhere.”

In April 2023, North Dakota became the first state to enact an anti-DEI law – banning diversity statements and mandatory DEI training in educational institutions. Other states soon followed, including Florida, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas and Utah. 

To what extent has Canadian media reflected empirical evidence informing Americans that DEI training delivers an inversion of cultivation of racial harmony?

 Nothing is your answer.

“We have to look at other motivations,” says a Canadian professor interviewed on the topic by True North News in Canada.

 “One is financial. DEI exploded after the George Floyd incident. Consultants are making a ton of dough. A Toronto District School Board DEI consultant who berated Richard Blitzko(deceased, suicide) made $61,000 from a single source contract– that’s pretty good money.”

 “Then we come to people who, maybe they know it does harm and maybe they’re okay with that. Maybe they are motivated by revenge. Maybe they’re motivated by a desire to see society unravel so they can remake it in an image they like better.”

Upon which CAP drop the bomb on the entire mission, courtesy of the True North News report:

 “If you look from 1960-1980s there was a significant drop in racism. Even into the 2000’s, sociological data showed every measure was going down in terms of racism and acceptance was rising. These are real measurements that racism was going down.”

Talk about an “a-ha” moment, conveniently eschewed by establishment media in Canada. Racism within western society is at its most extreme in the past half-century. A major reason why is due to excessive immigration intake — a critical element of the equation which media conveniently choose to omit.

Yet, lingering in the shadows is what the professor alludes to during the interview. Some people want related social chaos to result. Nefarious goals motivate a segment of the woke warriors, who is basic terms, want white Canadians to walk-in-line toward second-class citizenship status.

 “All DEI needs to go,” says the Professor.

Right he is. But how will it go if general society remain unaware of proven ineffectiveness of diversity training? Extending the phenomenon beyond our academic environment, Cultural Action Party[est.2016] offer speculation:

Let’s say are elements within the movement who are utilizing DEI to exacerbate racism. Let us also state that media in Canada are covering up the negative fall-out. Let us preclude that, based on Liberal government funding, media chose to obfuscate the entire situation.

Does this not mean that government and media are themselves exacerbating racism within society? Why would they do such a thing? Could it be because these institutions prefer social chaos over social harmony?

Now why would they go and do something like this? Isn’t it a fact that both PM Justin Trudeau and New Democratic Party leader Jagmeet Singh espouse the very same social “philosophy?”

What are all these people after? CAP even developed a term for the phenomena: we call it Justin Trudeau’s “Woke Revolution.”

The indications of such a thing go back years now:  Justin calls Canada a “post-modern” society. Justin says our country has “no core identity.” We stand witness as government hollow-out Canada’s national identity, in lieu of a new one taking its place.

“Highlighted research showed DEI training can lead participants to perceive the majority population less sympathetically, noting that as a result, some Caucasian job applicants perceive companies that heavily promote messages of diversity and inclusion as potentially discriminatory work environments.”

Well, would you look at that? Martin Luther King would be rolling over in his grave, no? We stand witness as reports indicate that white Canadians fear walking into a work environment that would discriminate against them for being white.

Revenge, not equity– that’s what the entire DEI charade is really all about. Like academia, as with media, the true goal is a tacit inversion of Canada’s social order. Those who view white Canadians as oppressors of the “racialized” have no interest in social equality.

Domination– now that’s another story. Their true goal is social inversion, with whites transferred to the back of Canada’s social bus.

At the end of the day, this is the motivation driving the post-modern chariot of DEI in Canada.

3 thoughts on “Canadian Media Bury Banning Of DEI Training In United States”

  1. [Canada: 1867 to election day, 2015.] We lived in the “Dominion of Canada.” [Canada: Late 2015 to the “current year.”] We are now serfs in The “Domination” of Canada. The late PM Pierre Trudeau sowed the seeds of social engineering. Currently; Rosemary’s Baby has the (expanded) program on steroids.

  2. anyone here notice the states that banned DEI are republican? which means conservative in Canada, and that the media is democrat, meaning liberal?

    that might have something to do with it, wouldn’t you think?


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