Canadian Media BURY Alexandre Trudeau’s Dedication To Despotic Islamic Governments

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In 2003, brother of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau  was one of the highest-profile Canadian journalists covering the 2003 invasion of Iraq, producing a documentary film for the CTV program W5Embedded In Baghdad

In  2005, younger brother attempted to intervene in a case where a Syrian refugee was accused of terrorist connections, as well as for his “reputation for obtaining false documents.” Subsequently, Alexandre attempted to prevent the accused terrorist’s scheduled deportation with a letter to the authorities.

The Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) has also alleged that Almrei has demonstrated a “devotion to Osama bin Laden and his ideals… by fighting in Afghanistan.

In 2012, he produced the film The New Great Game, for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation about the maritime geopolitics of the Middle-East.

What is less known–as in all but buried within establishment media– is that listed in Alexandre Trudeau’s documentary “The New Great Game” as producers in association,” but not acknowledged by the CBC, was Iran’s state-funded propaganda arm Press-TV, along with the broadcaster Al-Jazeera.

CAP Question: When making a film financed by the Iranian government, to what extend is one permitted to criticize or condemn any aspect of Iranian society?

Answer: No extent at all. Bingo–Brother Alex is a dedicated supporter of fundamentalist and militant Islamic regimes. How can this be denied? Simple–it can’t be –the very reason CBC,Globe & Mail, and the rest of the Trudeau-controlled media bury the entire affair.I

Additionally, in 2016, Trudeau published his first book with Harper Collins, Barbarian Lost, Travels in the New China, a number one Canadian best-seller.  About the book, Trudeau is quoted as saying: “My whole professional career has had a focus on geo-politics, and in this age, you cannot understand the world without understanding the massive role that China has grown to play.”

Alex Trudeau has also attracted controversy in August 2006 for an article he penned praising Fidel Castro‘s Cuba. What Alexandre “Sascha” Trudeau’s employment resume reveals is crystal clear– a full-on dedication to fundamentalist Islamic and communist nations. 

Salient CAP Question: Trudeau the younger claims that his “whole life has been dedicated to geo-politics.” Considering this statement, why would mainstream Canadian media entirely ignore his “whole life?”

It isn’t as though “Sascha” occasionally dabbles in these behaviours– his commitment is obvious, and blatant. Yet, media never take a close look at this fellow, and expose his personal political beliefs. Keep in mind this curious Canuck was the son of three-term PM Pierre Trudeau, as well as brother of the current prime minister.

Not exactly a position which would result in low–or zero— media scrutiny within a so-called “liberal democracy.” So, what’s up with this?

CAP will inform: There is a tacit agreement among Canadian media editors not to expose the truth regarding Alex Trudeau. Pouquoi? Because to inform 37.5 million Canadians that Justin Trudeau’s brother is a supporter of militant Islamic regimes would damage the reputation of King Justin, as well as that of the Trudeau family in general.

In other words, this would likely impede the chances of Justin winning the upcoming federal election. Therefore, it’s “say no-go” by way of CBC,Globe & Mail and the rest.

See the way these guys roll? And it’s not as though the “Justin-Alexandre” story is the only piece of dirt media are holding back for the benefit of PM Trudeau–there are myriad examples.

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CAP Conclusion: When government and media work hand-in-hand, communism is in the house. More salient questions: Based upon decades of commentary from the Trudeau Dynasty–Pierre on down to Alexandre— what is the Trudeau family’s preferred form of governance?

Communism. Just ask journalists Andrew Coyne or John Ivison, and they will tell you straight up–not!  Never,–not in a million years will these media people put the pieces of the puzzle together for Canadian voters.

What a state-of-affairs. A virtual three-ring circus of Trudeau-brand “democracy”— which, in reality, is communism dressed up in a multicultural flag.

What CAP  and our followers– Old Stock Canada, Social Conservatives,Patriots and Nationalists want is simple in theory– no Trudeau family members to become elected political leaders ever again. No Alex. No Little Emperor Hadrian(pagan, Anti-Christian name).

Trudeau’s are trouble–not for gays, transgendered, Sikh and Muslim folk. Not for illegal refugees, or convicted ISIS terrorists. Certainly not for despotic Middle Eastern nations.

These folks have done just swell by the Trudeau boys– Justin hands billions of Canadian tax-dollars to Iraq, Syria, Somalia, Jordan, Afghanistan, Ethiopia and Iran.

Alexandre Trudeau makes films glorifying the Nation of Islam. No–the true suffers here are Anglophone and Christian Canadians– the exact people accused of causing suffering for all non-Anglo peoples of Canada. Ironic, eh?

This is how Liberal-Trudeau-Globalism operates:“Accuse the other of that which you yourself indulge in.”

Dump the Trudeau family for life. Your children will thank you for it, and perhaps, their children after them–if there are any.






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