Canadian Media Brand Opposition Leader Scheer A Racist No Matter What He Says

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On Tuesday, in a banquet hall in North York, Conservative Party Leader Andrew Scheer used a speech on immigration policy to do something no other leader of a mainstream party will have to do during this election cycle: stand in front of the TV cameras and assure the country his party isn’t racist.

“I find the notion that one’s race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation would make them in any way superior to anybody else absolutely repugnant,” Scheer told the crowd at the party-organized event. “And if there’s anyone who disagrees with that, there’s the door.”

A direct, no curve ball statement from Andrew Scheer. Unfortunately, it appears no matter what Mr.  Scheer says, CBC, Globe & Mail, Global and Toronto Star journalists will not stop the racist rhetoric they are serving up in advance of the October, 2019 federal election.

Why? There is a simple reason– so that Justin Trudeau will be elected for a second four-year term. In a recent speech, Scheer said that there is no room in the Conservative party for racists and bigots.

His pronouncement would be tested, just days later, when Conservative MP Michael Cooper, a member of the Commons Justice Committee, berated a Muslim witness at the committee. Cooper said the witness should be ashamed to link some conservative commentators with the online history of convicted Quebec City mosque murderer Alexandre Bissonette.

This is not racism. It’s a condemnation of the behaviour of one individual citizen. There is no defamation of character, slander or libel in the statement. His words do not breach the criminal code, or Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

But of course, none of this means a flying fig to establishment media in Canada. What they posit is that if the person being criticized is Muslim, it is by default a racist act. What PRIVILEGE.

How Justin Trudeau. How pit-bull MP Ahmed Hussen. These powerful political players have carte blanche to refer to ANY ACT as one of racism and bigotry. The law is irrelevant. and so IS TRUTH. What incredible bias and favouritism.

So, how did Andrew Scheer respond to this reprehensible behaviour by one his MPs? “Not well,” says the snowflake journalist Bill Kelly.  “Cooper has been removed from his position on the justice committee, but he retains his role as deputy justice critic, and more importantly, he remains in the Conservative caucus.”

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Not good enough–but for liberal henchman journalists, what ever is? Like our plethora of social justice warrior groups and multicultural non-profits, nothing ever is. Kelly continues:

“His tepid response to Cooper’s behaviour renders his commitment to racial intolerance as nothing more than hollow political rhetoric.” What a BALD-FACED LIE. See mainstream media slam the non-Liberal, while granting the our sketchy, Islamic-infused Liberal government all benefits of the doubt. How incredibly TYPICAL. 

Expect this and more as the federal election nears. As CAP have expressed ad nauseum, when government and media function as a single unit it is a sign communism has been advanced within society. This is exactly what Justin Trudeau and his gang of cultural assassins have brought to a nation founded upon principles of freedom and democracy.

And to think Trudeau could actually win the election on this basis. It’s downright sick.


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